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Naked Ape: Fashion Freak

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Sexy zombie chicks at a carwash.
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Lord Sanguis (4 years ago)
This album is an import and can be bought thru amazon. For the sAke of the naked ape is the album title and it has othe r cool songs like undo redo. I hope this helpz u guys find it.
Xavier Garrido (7 years ago)
...I think I'm a necrophiliac...
HaustoriaPith (8 years ago)
I haven't been able to find either this song, or this artist anywhere. If I could, I'd buy everything they owned.
SuperBursa16 (9 years ago)
Erinnert mich an meinen urlaub in der türkei :D^^
DrWhiggs (9 years ago)
Colin M (9 years ago)
Wicked video!
hAzArDoUsZoMb (9 years ago)
its important to use condoms...for those chix!! xD
Just Lars (10 years ago)
This has got to be the best music video ever.
Nick Jacobs (10 years ago)
What in Gods name inspired this video... this is by far the freakiest shit on youtube....
johnnyxcasanova (11 years ago)
dirk they're zombies... i feel sorry for you....
Xerzzel Ul'Xeresy (11 years ago)
they do a damned good job, gratz to them...
Grantitos Muchachos (11 years ago)
Hot Heroin Chic, I wish I knew where that carwash was!!!
Spank Meyer (12 years ago)
Genius! Love it!

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