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$15.99 Jewelry Jar unjarring

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Donna Wallace (1 month ago)
Breast Cancer survivor over here!! The pins are not junk......they are a great reminder to take care of the ta-tas!! Spread the word Carol!!
bargainshopping (1 month ago)
I donated them to cancer center
Trudy Herring (2 months ago)
Don't stress about heat noises....would rather know you were warm than getting sick again
Trudy Herring (2 months ago)
I guess a crappy jar isbetter than no jar, at least to some
Sunny Scott (3 months ago)
Junky, crap, broken trash. Your words. Just not very encouraging to watch . Kinda depressing actually .
Trudy Herring (2 months ago)
I would rather hear her true thoughts than listen to fake lollipop enthusiasm some people adopt
Liz F (3 months ago)
Hi found u thru STephn7 am in UK so my comment may be useless. I am a paused jewellery maker (wire wrapping and real gems ). Now loving mixed media projects. Think a lot of this may sell to mixed media starters. If you break pieces up and sell as mixed media junk may work. Message to self .... must try this too!!
Faye Roberson (3 months ago)
You are so funny but you found gold, I am so happy for you. Great video! You got some good piece I think!
Chip Coffroth (3 months ago)
Don't worry about g=umpy
Creative Lauri (3 months ago)
I'd like the teal and gold chain necklace at 25:28 if available and the matte gold and teal necklace at 10:40.
Lorie Mediina (3 months ago)
Why don’t you give what you seem to think is junk or the RELIGIOUS items to a church or a shelter. I am sure some one would love to have it, instead of throwing it in the trash.
Sunny Scott (3 months ago)
Also could have taken one of the crucifixes and put it on the rosary beads .
ThisnThat (4 months ago)
Not a total loss Carol!! Thanks for sharing💝🌴
Seaathy (4 months ago)
You should take a handful of $2 pop up jewelry and throw that stuff in and make a jewerly lot and charge twice as much. That stuff is still better then what I have been finding in jars. It would get rid of most of your inventory.
Mist Ollie Vintage (4 months ago)
Turned out to be OK! I’m glad. 😻😻😻
FaeryVixen (4 months ago)
that little purse magnet made into a pin is adorable! Very kitsch! also, the hair ornaments sell fine if you lot them up and they are in good condition. I don't know why everyone hates those lol. Granted they aren't jewelry but they are still sellable. I have a lot of things I wouldn't list online, but I put out at yard sale day in our town, for stupid cheap. GREAT way to make back some cash!
Susan Gill (4 months ago)
Ok send bill remember me I’d heart is not silver.
Diane Huttunen (4 months ago)
Let me know if you’re selling the tigers eye necklace. 😀
Diane Huttunen (4 months ago)
Love the things I got from your last pop up in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much! 😃😃
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
Im glad :)
Diane Huttunen (4 months ago)
Nice stuff carol. I love your shirt
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
Yup from my inexpensive Kmart haul video I made lol
Sanjauna Gonzales (4 months ago)
Mary-Anne Swanson (4 months ago)
I use thin bangles to make dream catchers and as for the heat thing you aught to hear the noises my building makes :) If you have a test kit check that chain with the tiger's eye on it it may be silver :) I hope it proves to be silver for you :)ps love the shirt. I like the wider sleeves :)
Creative Lauri (4 months ago)
don't you dare throw that burlap rose away!!!! No!!
Creative Lauri (4 months ago)
I'll buy it from you Carol. Just let me know how much. Or...did you already throw it away? lol
Chrome Girl (4 months ago)
Didn't that silver-tone fan pendant near the end have something marked on the back?????
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
said 2009 MV
Watched while cooking 👀💖
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
Best way to do it lol
Nancy Candela (4 months ago)
where's your dish ? lol
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
Still have the dish just used my cardboard I use for photo taking for a change lol
Great video Carol thanks for sharing
@bargainshopping 😁😂
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
Thanks Dave cant wait until car boot season so we can see what Northern Ireland has lol
Nancy Reed (4 months ago)
You found gold on St. Patrick's day 🌈🍀💚👕😊
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
thank goodness that jar wasnt good
Kathryn Kay (4 months ago)
You see junk ... I see projects! You've more than made you money back on the jar.
Bella Boo (3 months ago)
me too
Barbara Cleri (4 months ago)
That noise isn't bad Carol don't worry about lol. ❤️
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
It drives me crazy
Maria Linares (4 months ago)
Muchas prendas traen él kilateo son falsas
I like the noise of your heater! Don’t apologize! It’s neat! ❤️ your lighting looks great in this video! 😘
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
No its not supposed to clunk like it is and its drives me crazy lmao. But then again what doesnt drive me crazy.
Susan Gill (4 months ago)
How come we have not seen Toby lately, we all love him! There are several things from this jar I would like to buy please: 5:40 the bow brooch, 8:50 the silver tone heart pendant, and 12:25 blue and gold chain necklace?
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
Just the bow and necklace are available at this time. That big heart needs to be tested for silver so that is not available
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
Okay Susan $2.00 each. Oh and I sent request for payment for the mouse brooch. Waiting to send out the other stuff as I put it in the same package :)
Gerry Nickerson (4 months ago)
WTG on the gold...and even though that stuff on the left is junky I’m sure someone will buy to repurpose or recycle. I’ve also heard of crafters gluing the thin bangles together so you might consider adding the craft bags to your pop ups. You need to do the foil, warm water & salt got the silver bracelet
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
Adena Jacob (4 months ago)
Got gold so it was not that bad.
bargainshopping (4 months ago)
Yeah that gold charm paid for the jar. Wish the necklace was gold and not gold filled but its ok. Its fun looking
Sofia dober (4 months ago)
Carol, that little pin looked vintage and that other bracelet might still be silver. It might just need cleaning. The other side is great for crafters. I deconstruct jewelry and reuse all the time. Have you been to the bins lately? Or the jewelry store near your house? As for the heater, I’m use to that sound. How is Toby? ❤️😁

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