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Tokyo Diiva: NonChalant

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Tokyo Diiva
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Tally Bae (3 years ago)
I'm still waiting on the full version and download too a remix or something! lol Aso this was SUCH a look and it is STILL a look
Shanaye Glover (6 years ago)
I'm still waiting for a full version & a download !!!!!! lol my favorite tokyo diva song
theNAYpandemic (7 years ago)
i spy dai burger
Rheeyan (9 years ago)
F L Y S H ! T
stigmaticaura (9 years ago)
This is really good. Make sure you release a longer version!
-- (9 years ago)
Snoop Lion (9 years ago)
I would SOOOOOOOOOO buy those crystal glasses at 00:05! I love them!!!!!!!!!
HSBK (9 years ago)
yo this song is FIRE!! i wanna hear the full version
chantrese Janae (9 years ago)
T M (10 years ago)
love dis one 2!
Kotic Couture (10 years ago)
one of your best songs love you tok tok
Karenga Anderson (10 years ago)
omfg, thank u for making this clip, this is my favorite interlude, LMAOO!!
reeyah726 (10 years ago)
07cw23569 (10 years ago)
cool song...feeling the beat and lyrics

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