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Hellbender Chest Waders by Frogg Toggs: Review

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Hey guys in this Tackle Tuesday Review video I am reviewing my Frogg Toggs Hellbender chest waders. I bought these a few months ago and love them. I gave around $140.00 for them at Gander Mountain. They are thin and you can move in them very easy. They are lightweight and they keep me dry. The cheap Walmart shoes I bought are the AVIA brand shoes. Very lightweight and they let all the water driain out very well. Caution, don't use these in cold water with out some layers to keep you warm cause these are not insulated at all. Thanks for watching if liked the video please "LIKE" the video and if your new to my channel hit that "SUBSCRIBE" button to catch all my upcoming videos. I try my best to post every Tuesday for a Tackle Tuesday video and Friday for a fishing video. Please leave me a "COMMENT" for a future video you would like to see and what you thought about this video. Thanks for ALL the support everyone!! Music by: Disfigure - Hollah! [NCS Release] https://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsou... Also, be sure to check out all the links below!! **Links to my Sponsors** Link to Lucky Tackle Box Website: http://www.luckytacklebox.com/ Link to Lucky Tackle Box YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUdF... Link to Joe Reynolds Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JoereynoldsL... **Be sure to tell Joe that Thomas from Southern Outdoors NC sent you to get 10% off your order!! Link to Bayou Baits: http://www.bayoubait.net/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-gh2... Be sure to leave a Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!! Thanks for Watching and for your Support!! Tight Lines and God Bless!! *Links to my Social Media: Follow or Add me for new weekly upcoming content and announcements!! Twitter: https://twitter.com/SouthernFishNC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Southern-Out... Instagram: https://instagram.com/southernoutdoor... Periscope: SouthernFishNC Snapchat: @southernfishnc GooglePlus: https://plus.google.com/b/10898911048... *Contains royalty-free music from YouTube Content Creator Audio Library and music from AudioMicro.com
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Text Comments (44)
Pacific NorthWest (2 months ago)
excellent info thanks for sharing.
Thanks for watching!!
SCOTT JOSEPH BRANDT (3 months ago)
Great job in your video. Very informative and well done.
Thanks for watching and the comment I really appreciate it!!
23NB (6 months ago)
If I get these and I were a nine and a half would they fit in 11 size boots
I think I had to buy a 13 not sure if an 11 sized boot would fit or not you would just have to try it and see.
Italian Troutaholic (10 months ago)
I have these and are going on year3 . I use them all year .Hot and Cold weather. When its cold I layer up and when its hot I wear shorts under them as for the Pockets I like the zipper pocket .Velcro after a while will loosen and you will replace the Velcro just to have it on the waders pocket . I always put My camera and phone in a Ziploc bag regardless. When they saw the zipper is leak free . I wonder so i always cover my ass with a ziplock bag . Out side that I love the waders and will get another pair when these are done!!!
Southern Outdoors Fishing (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching!! Yeah, I still have mine and use them kayak fishing when its cold.
Italian Troutaholic (2 years ago)
I have a pair I Purchased last year from Wadersusa.com and Got a great deal for under 100.00. I did the tennis show wading shoe bit. Its better to get real wading boots that Cheap Walmart shoes because when you fall and break a leg or an ankle . you will wish you wading wading boots that are made for fishing . as for the wader . I gotta medium Stout with a size 8-11 shoe boot , I will get a large stout because the booty is a bit tight and will be able to take of the waders off without having to fight the booty section. In all I love the ones i have and will get the new Ones that came out in 2017 in a different Grey color than the Old brown colored waders In all you have a lot of Pockets and good quality waders for less than 100.00. with free shipping at www.waderusa.com
Henry (1 year ago)
Troutaholic flo I got mine for $56 at gander mountain for their closing sale
Rhys31 (2 years ago)
Hi, great review. I'm looking into buying waders and found your review helpful, just one question. Are the stocking foot part of the waders waterproof or are they like a diving boot?
Thanks for watching and the bootie's or stocking foot parts are waterproof.
Jonathan datlag (2 years ago)
Thank you for the info and i will buy this to try on salmon fishing in Sacramento river
Thanks for watching!! They work, and I love them!!
Pamela Girlfish (3 years ago)
I'll have to see if they have them for ladys. "Fish On"
+Pamela Girlfish They may not real sure, but I love them. Thanks for watching!!
I have some Im not that happy with. I cant move around in them when Im on my yak. Good Video
+Stubbs Kayak Fishing Oh wow sorry bud!! Thanks for watching!!
Fragalicous gaming (3 years ago)
If you get a chance and or are willing too could you review the biospawn exostick?
+Fishin flippin Fool Thanks for watching I really appreciate it!! Well, to be honest don't have any of the Biospawn baits at all right now. But I tell you what, go over to TackleJunkie81 Jim probly can help you out on that video he is sponsored by them. Tell his Thomas from Southern Outdoors NC sent you over. :) If their is anything else I can help you with please don't hesitate to ask!! Thanks Bud!!
Hooked Fishing (3 years ago)
Look likes some great wadersThomas! Can't wait to see them in action
+Hooked Fishing Haha Yeah I sure hope so!! Thanks guys!!
Wyatt Wimberley (3 years ago)
Bradley Wilson (3 years ago)
what is that building you were fishing next too?
Bradley Wilson (3 years ago)
No problem thanks for the reply! It almost looked like a raised duck blind
+Bradley Wilson It's actually an old fishing cabin. When the pond was built back in the 60's they built that little cabin to stay in and fish in over night. Now it is in such bad shape it needs to be torn down, cause it is falling in. Thanks for watching!
Wyatt Wimberley (3 years ago)
Can they be used as bibs
+Wyatt Wimberley Hmm I guess for like kayak or bank use, but I wouldn't really want to wear them all day just to stand on dry land with these on. I would invest in a rain suit with bibs and a nice coat. Simms makes very high quality rain gear, but yeah it is expensive. I can't afford it. lol Their are plenty of other companies out their as well. These bibs were around $140.00, but very work it in my opinion!! Thanks
Wyatt Wimberley (3 years ago)
Rain gear
+Wyatt Wimberley Hmm, not exactly know what you mean. Can you explain more please? Thanks
Gaige Jacobs (3 years ago)
Good job, quick question um... MTB, or LTB, and why?
Gaige Jacobs (3 years ago)
Thanks,After asking this question , I actually compared both channels,(btw LTB was better)
+Gaige Jacobs Thanks!! Well first off yes, I am sponsored by LTB, but that isn't the reason I like them the best or think they have the best box cause some months MTB may have a bait you like better than LTB or vice versa. They have the best box because they put out videos every month that show you how to rig and use the baits that come in the bass, panfish and inshore boxes. They just don't just send you a box of baits and expect you to know how and when to use them. Also, Team Lucky which I am apart of, we make videos as well showing you how to rig, work, and use the baits as well. Check out Lucky Tackle Boxes YouTube channel to see for yourself how they help their customers every month and also the have pro's share their knowledge about the baits in a LIVE unboxing on the 20th every month. I hope this helps you decide which box you like better. Thanks!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUdFiH18WS5n6i-YmuA1QAw
PGH Bottom Feeders (3 years ago)
awesome video and we just picked up a pair of chest waders. Not this brand but work great.
PGH Bottom Feeders (3 years ago)
not a problem
+TheMDOutdoors Thanks bud I appreciate that!!
Alex Rudd Fishing (3 years ago)
Good review buddy.
+Alex Rudd Fishing Thanks bud I appreciate that!!
James McIntyre (3 years ago)
Would those hip waders work for a float tub set up
+James McIntyre Thanks for watching!!! I would say so, I would use them for that for sure. Thanks again!!
Adventure Outdoors (3 years ago)
I can attest that these are awesome waders.
+Adventure Outdoors Haha, yes sir they are the stuff!! I love them. I am trying to get a trout fishing trip planned for sometime in April to fish the North Toe River near Grandfather Mtn. These will work great!!
RodrgSV (3 years ago)
Nice Vid!!
+RSV VILLA Thanks I appreciate you watching and leaving me a comment!!

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