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Vintage clothing style in 1970's. Most popular fashion style 70's. Retro style 70s

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70's fashion: clothes, dresses, shoes and accessory. 1970's popular women style. Fashion trends in history Music: Silent Partner - Believer Thanks for watching ;-) My partner - http://bcd-urbex.com - Best exploring abandoned places
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Иван Гранд (2 years ago)
All new - is well forgotten old. The fashion for these things back again. Jeans and boots, colorful short dresses and loose tunics - in fact in all of this is convenient to walk.
cool! something new. now, many similarly dressed. all unstable. here and fashion is back. in General, I like!)
Юрий Раев (2 years ago)
Cool clothes, unfortunately I have not lived in the 70s and did not try on, but if all of a sudden I get a chance I will certainly try on the style.
Cool style clothes, I liked, I wish I did not live in the 70's and has not seen live, but to the party in this style, I would have gone.
I look at the present fashion little different from fashion 70s. The young people are looking for individuality, as currently sold in stores are often one and the same and not very good quality. Many of the climbs in Granny's chest and find there's enough original stuff that look impressive and now!
For the first half of the 70-ies of the characteristic narrow, tight waist silhouettes. Pants and skirt is very fashionable to wear with fitted shirts the most incredible colors, called in the USSR a batch file. Shirts of this style are worn by both men and women.

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