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Today's video is a huge vintage clothing unboxing/haul. Let me know your favourite item. Full of loads of Tommy Hilifger, Polo Sport, Guess, Nautica Be sure to Download BUMP & Check out what I'm selling! https://sobump.app.link/paydayyt Bump Username - @domhadley FOLLOW ME Instagram - @domhadley_ - https://www.instagram.com/domhadley_/ Depop - @domhadley - https://www.depop.com/domhadley/ GO CHECK OUT MY ONLINE SHOP Website - https://paydayvintage.com/ Instagram - @paydayvintage_ - https://www.instagram.com/paydayvinta... #vintageclothinghaul #vintageunboxing #£500unboxing #streetwear #vintagehaul #bump #bumpofficial
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Text Comments (22)
Joe Hilton (1 month ago)
If you like vintage clothing check out my depop depop.com/joethebro183
Kariem Bullock Effect (1 month ago)
5 streetwear brands from the 90s https://youtu.be/-yMarPVCX74
Djinn_RD (1 month ago)
2:57 This is not Russia, it was probably meant to be Russia or Yugoslavia, but now it's just th eonly possible variant - princedom of Schaumburg-Lippe (no longer existing). The other one (red-white-yellow) really is German flag. Due to uniting of West and East Germany, one of proposed Alemannic flags was like this.
Rap Bst to wst (3 months ago)
All heat
Magnus Houmann Soerensen (3 months ago)
I Think Its boring when 80% of all the items are just Tommy. How is that interesting?
x x (6 months ago)
Where did you bought all this stuff? In the UK or in de USA?
Joe Dowle (6 months ago)
Are you selling the burgundy adidas eqt sweat?
Boop Bop (6 months ago)
Where do you go to university? Drexel? Temple?
trvth (6 months ago)
are you selling the yellow hilfiger sweatshirt 5:59
trvth (6 months ago)
+Payday Pickups sound bro will for sure look to pick that up
Payday Pickups (6 months ago)
yeah all of the items will be dropping on Payday Vintage this month man!
2k19 - Fade (6 months ago)
Where do you find these clothes?
Pretty_boy_jello 123 (6 months ago)
Seth Stankich (6 months ago)
Please Payday WHERE have you gotten all this. Bulk purchase? You'll be making some huuge profits from these.
NizKer (6 months ago)
Where did you buy it all from?
Sam Cheswick (6 months ago)
YOUR TELLING ME YOU GOT ALL THAT FOR 500!?!!!??! nice work
Sam Cheswick (6 months ago)
Also I just copped a Tommy sweater off your website👍👍
Josh (6 months ago)
Where do you buy that. I think there was about 26 items that you showed and due to the fact the title says £500 that is dirt cheap for extremely nice vintage clothing. I could be wrong but that should be around £19.2 per item🤑huge profits well done🤙🏻
Mike (6 months ago)
Absolute gold there mate. Top quality gear.
Will Hart (6 months ago)
Where did you get this?
viktor 1 (6 months ago)
Where did you get it? Did you buy it in bulk?
XNYX (6 months ago)
yeah he didn’t tell us anything

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