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selling jewelry online; 3 tips for marketing jewelry on Facebook It’s important to remember that Facebook users are there to socialize and check up on what’s going on in the world. It’s a modern day personalized newspaper! Therefore it’s important that your jewelry marketing strategy reflects this. 1. Since people are on Facebook to socialize these people are not in the best mindset to try and generate direct sales. Often it might be better to send your Facebook traffic to a social or news article related to jewelry. This helps to spread your brand around and once they are on your site they may sign up to your email list, click on your Adsense ads. But remember that not only are people more likely to go from Facebook to a short news article, they are also more likely to share that link rather than a link to your product. Market to their current mindset. 2. Another crucial part of your strategy is your use of imagery. A large amount of Facebook users are browsing from their mobiles so make sure that your jewelry photos are sized appropriately. The images you use should convey the message that you want and should also be relevant to your audience. So if you’re advertising a jewelry video you’ll probably want to use a jewelry photo of a new collection, rather than an old jewelry styles. This may seem obvious but you should look deeper into your audience and use images which are more relevant to them. 3. Most Facebook users will have a couple hundred friends, like a few dozen jewelry pages and be a member of a handful of jewelry groups. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that their newsfeeds are packed with a load of jewelry related content from different sources. This is one of the main reasons why people say that each post you create will only reach an estimated 1% of your audience, because they have so much other content to consume. This makes it even more important to time your marketing effectively. Test out a few different posting schedules and see which perform best. Often it can be good to post first thing in the morning around 7am, just before people eat lunch and late in the evening. These are times when people are actively on Facebook and constantly refreshing for new content. These tips should help to push you in the right direction but the most important thing you can do is to test and try and understand your audience. Every niche is different and you’ll need to find out what works best in your niche.For more Free tips join our privtae jewelery community : www.yarivgai.com places to sell jewelry online best place to sell jewelry online best way to sell jewelry online sell used jewelry online sell my jewelry online selling jewelry online 01.Sell Jewelry : How to start your jewelry business?-Online Course- http://bit.ly/2czhP99 02. Selling Jewelry using YouTube- http://amzn.to/2cHNOkk 03. Facebook For Jewelers: How to market your jewelry business?-Online Course- http://bit.ly/2aCqeF5 04. Selling Your Jewelry Guide Using Pinterest- Online Kindle Edition- http://amzn.to/2d1Tkkr 05. How To Market Your Jewelry Business On Facebook?-Online Kindle Edition- http://amzn.to/2dYJLOW 06. Sell Jewelry : How To Start Your Jewelry Business?-Online Kindle Edition- http://amzn.to/2dpJPr8 07. Jewelry Selling Secrets: How I Bring Paying Customers To My Jewelry Business?-Online Kindle Edition- http://amzn.to/2dN4uHc 08. Sell Jewelry and Jumpstart Your Business With Shopify?-Online Kindle Edition- http://amzn.to/2ei1W6O 09. Video Jewelry Marketing: Creating Jewelry Videos Using Mobile Phone-Online Course- http://bit.ly/2d20163 10. Worldwide Jewelry Suppliers-http://www.yarivgai.com/product/worldwide-jewelry-suppliers 11. Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry in Thailand? http://www.yarivgai.com/product/where-to-buy-wholesale-jewelry-in-thailand 12. Worldwide Jewelry Companies and Fashion Accessories-Index http://www.yarivgai.com/product/world-wide-jewellery-companies-and-buyers 13. Jewelry Suppliers the FULL Index- http://www.yarivgai.com/product/jewelry-show-leads 14. Special Package 3 Ebooks- http://www.yarivgai.com/product/special-package-3-ebooks
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