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I’m Interviewing My Sister!

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Find out what it’s like to run a bead store together, and get to know my big sister, Anne! Get a sense of our day-to-day lives both personally and professionally and take a look back at how we get started. For more info check out @beadsinccharlotte on Instagram or our website https://beadsinc.com/
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marie chianca (2 months ago)
That was awesome. So nice to see and hear what and who are behind the scenes. Such a pleasure hearing how close both of you are. My sisters and I are in our sixties and we meet every few months to create jewelry and have sisters night. Thank you for sharing your sister with us
christine white (2 months ago)
marie chianca thank you!! We are very close, and I feel so lucky that we can work together! Sisters are such a gift. I love hearing that you make jewelry together!
Margaret Gray (9 months ago)
Love this! #sistersister ! Y’all are so lovely!
Mishele Smoak (9 months ago)
You two make a great team!
Sarah Pettijohn (9 months ago)
Anne, I didn't know you went to the OTHER UT! I feel bad making you write UT orange on my receipt! Loved getting to see a more personal side to you both!!!
Maryellen Siegel (9 months ago)
Love this!
christine white (9 months ago)
Thank you!
Kiersten Hogan (9 months ago)
This is great!! Y'all are so fun! And I enjoyed learning more about you!
christine white (9 months ago)
Kiersten Hogan thank you so much!! Thanks for watching! 🤗💓

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