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How to Sell Your Jewellery On Instagram (Jewelry Business)

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Instagram is an amazing platform for jewellers - learn how to make the most of it in this free online course with Jessica Rose (Founder of Jewellers Academy & London Jewellery School). This is video one of a two-part course. To get the full course, downloadable notes, bonus content and updates visit: https://learn.jewelleryschoolonline.com/p/instagram-for-jewellers-free-online-course Please note if you already have an account with us you need to login before accessing the course. Thanks so much for being here - I appreciate you guys and look forward to seeing you over on instagram at @jewellersacademy https://www.instagram.com/jewellersacademy/
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Jewerly Flowers (22 days ago)
thank for your video. #bacrose store is my brand on instagram about dried flowers bead for pandora, trollbead and OMH bracelet. i would like to build full information on instagram soon
Rosa Gutierrez (24 days ago)
Thanks for the tips! here's my ig jewelry account https://www.instagram.com/rozeanne.ca/
fiona R (1 month ago)
Thank you very much. Could you please also do a video on, "How to Sell Your Jewellery on Facebook" please ?
Joana MLo (2 months ago)
Stories are actually very very important since the Instagram algorithm keeps on changing, when you post a picture it is not shown to people's feed chronolically. So to have more view, you post your picture and then send it to your story, so at least people will see your picture profile in the stories when they will open instagram. Thank you for your video
Christian Castillo (4 months ago)
amazing content. very accurate and also easy to process and give just a fabulous tips about our world.
Christian Castillo (4 months ago)
you need to check out @Langloisdesigns on instagram. we are about to upload an amazing content about Susana Langlois, a talented salvadorian artist who's been working with jewelry over 20 years. we are about to take over this beautiful and unique market.
Elle K Morris (5 months ago)
Check out @crownedjewellery on IG - I will follow back and like back.
Delores Mitchell (7 months ago)
I joined and haven't heard anything
Jewellers Academy (7 months ago)
Hi Delores, did you join the Instagram course? If so you should have access to all the videos and course notes in your login area. If you are having any trouble feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]
Gorgeous Kumarie (7 months ago)
Other then the sound being pretty low She did an amazing Job and information was very helpful looove it !
Jewellers Academy (7 months ago)
Thank you - that's lovely of you to say. Happy Instagramming, Jess x
Elias Newman (7 months ago)
Great video!
Elias Newman (7 months ago)
Great video!
Veronica Tovar (7 months ago)
Paparazzi Jewerly @Vero's way www.paparazziaccessories.com/225267
keke 89 (9 months ago)
Thanks for your help, it's really helping my brand https://www.boujeejewels.co.uk/blog
joie gahum (10 months ago)
Good jewellery hashtags in hashatory.
Tameeka Agbotse (10 months ago)
My business is Tamee's Jewelry Collection on IG
에이프릴제주댁 (11 months ago)
Thanks~ I started jewelry business is hira in jeju. This is a name of our brand.I love your video💕😅
Apotheca Beadery (1 year ago)
This is actually really helpful. I learned some new things. Thank you for sharing <3
Jewellers Academy (1 year ago)
Great to hear, thanks for the lovely comment
Tracey Randell (1 year ago)
Volume is too low to hear you.
Krystina (15 days ago)
@Midnight Wolfie exactly was about to say this.
Midnight Wolfie (26 days ago)
You control how loud your video is... just turn up the volume....
Patricia Hunter (1 month ago)
Question you mention to engage with my ideal customer How do I do this my Customers are people come to my store I’ve been there fir 49 yaears
Jewellers Academy (10 months ago)
Hello thanks for stopping by, unfortunately, youtube doesn't have a function for increasing sound on already uploaded videos. I know this one is a bit quiet so we have increased the volume of all recent videos. If you turn the sound up to max it may work (is quite loud for me but every computer is different I suppose). Another option is to turn on captions/ subtitles. You can also catch the full course on our site (link is in description) and hopefully, it plays louder on there. Happy instagramming!
Magdala & Donald (1 year ago)
Thank you for all these good ideas.
Jewellers Academy (1 year ago)
Thanks Magda, glad they are helpful, Jess x

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