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Wader Safety

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Learn how to use waders safely and turn them into an asset rather than a liability.
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James Cockerham (1 month ago)
Richard Todd (2 months ago)
Is this a troll? Lol
Specific Spectre (5 months ago)
That’s stupid because wadersftrap air below your hip and makes your feet float and your head goes under them you drown
Terrilynnmyron (9 months ago)
Very good information that can save your life. Thanks Tasmania
rhymeandreasoning (1 year ago)
I only ever grew up with guys in my area wearing the rubbers waders...I was happy as heck when I got my first pair of waders- and since then have always had a huge love of waders..
Jake Allen (1 year ago)
this was when he lost his wallet at the pool and my sister found it and rang him up and returned it and was a bit of a smart ass to her!!!!!!!!
knight * (1 year ago)
Too bad they dont show what happens when they do fill up
email16v (2 years ago)
elton herrera (2 years ago)
I knew about noeprene waders, but wasn't sure about regular plastic waders.. great video, air is not the enemy, thanks for the lesson and your video.
John Athanassion (2 years ago)
I guess this won't work with neoprene waders?
elton herrera (2 years ago)
Thank you! Best wishes to you for the new year to come, health and wellness as well.
John Athanassion (2 years ago)
Thanks for getting back to me on this. Health and wellness to you this New 2017 Year.
elton herrera (2 years ago)
John Athanassion.... it totally does, you will float way better because of the material it self. you use the same technique as the intructors in the video.
Keith Lapere (3 years ago)
neoprene are the best ones for buoyancy
underwaterbubbles (3 years ago)
A very good safety video.

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