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Waders Sizing

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Juan Winner (3 months ago)
5'4" size 13.5 foot.. what type of wader should I get. ?
John Mediate (4 months ago)
5'7" size 12 boot.....
fernando abad (5 months ago)
6.1".....12......270 lbs
Terrilynnmyron (9 months ago)
Excellent info. Thanks
Ekkarath Sommath (1 year ago)
what about 5"3 tall and size 7 what should i order correctly and no return.please help me out
MAKEANGELS4GOD (1 year ago)
What size would be best for me, I'm 6'0 size 12 foot 300lb
Archer Lambeth (1 year ago)
MAKEANGELS4GOD no way your 12 foot!!
Thank you very much !!
I'm honest. Just call me a size 10 fat, you won't hurt my feelings.
John Timm (2 years ago)
Nice job with the explanation, a question I had which you did not explore is,: the boot/sock size of the wader fits to the persons shoe size, however how much bigger on an average does the external outer shoe size need to be. I.E. inner boot size 8, what size outer size shoe is needed to fit the inner boot and your foot, size 9.5? Thank you
TheXJthatCould (2 years ago)
I'm screwed.... 6'4 size 15......289.....
Fly Oz (1 year ago)
With feet that big you dont need waders your a duck :D

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