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What Waders Do I Recommend? | Waterfowl Wednesday

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Follow me on my social media! Snapchat: KSfisherman Instagram: @Kansas_Fisherman Twitter: @KS_Fisherman Send fan mail to: Kansas Fisherman P.O Box 402 Emporia, KS 66801 My sponsors: MallyWackerOutfitters www.MallyWackerOutfitters.com Instagram: @MallyWackerOutfitters Facebook: MallyWackerOutfitters Cameras: Nikon D5200 DSLR GoPro Hero 3 white GoPro Hero 5 Black Editing software: Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Hunting Gear: Cabellas 1600 gram waders Benelli supernova 12 ga Kicks High Flyer Modified Choke 3 inch 2 or 4 shot for ducks 3 1/2 inch BB for geese Drake LST EQWADER 3-IN-1 PLUS 2 WADER COAT 2.0 "There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot." -Steven Wright "No, I'm not a good shot, but I shoot often." -Teddy Roosevelt.
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Orion M42 (4 months ago)
Wear wool socks, pull your socks over your pants, it's easier to put your waders on.
axeman33333 (5 months ago)
Got my Lacrosse Aero Elite waders today. Look great, feel great, fit great! As long as no leaks, very pleased in every way. Compared to my son’s Banded waders, so glad I waited and got these. Features well thought out and boots very comfortable. Probably more comfortable than my bibs and knee boots. May wear them instead, time will tell. First chest waders I’ve ever been able to actually move and climb around wearing. Thumbs up Lacrosse!
Nick O (6 months ago)
Set straps where you want and use electric tape to hold in place
Austyn Ipock (7 months ago)
Alternative to waders is a fishing pole and any lure with treble hooks. Just don’t take long shots and keep your spread small lol
Jimmy H (7 months ago)
Cabelas Ultimate Waders
Texas Tackle (7 months ago)
Get a boat
Joe Ellis (8 months ago)
Boat blind
Clayton Burch (9 months ago)
I sit on the bank and i get in my kayak to retrieve
Kenneth Tork (9 months ago)
I prefer the canvas waiters just because of I'm hunting in a lot of sticks and rocks and stuff very easy to poke a hole if you have neoprene
Paul Teifer (10 months ago)
Duck hunting isn’t just shallow water, later season I spend a lot of time hunting divers, put all my decoys out with the boat on main lines, bibs are the way to go in that situation
Cesar Lopez (10 months ago)
Can you send me some waders?😭
Ethan Wood (11 months ago)
Nothern Mississippi river duck hunting in a blind and setting decoys and retrieving birds with a dog or a boat.
Dillan Luker (1 year ago)
Cabelas northern flight nice but too small
Ian McNair (1 year ago)
What does 1600 grams of thinsulate mean? 1600 grams is close to 4 pounds. Can you explain?
Creighton Burgess (8 months ago)
It's the way they measure heat in the boots. Like insulation in a house higher the number the warmer you stay. So for summer hunting/fishing you'd want the littlest possible 200-400 or just a reeeaally thin pair of fishing waders, early fall you might use 600-800 and in the coldest weather you'd want 1000-1600
If your shoulder straps keep loosening up you can adjust them to fit and then clip them together with bigger safety pins. Just make sure the metal of the pins is of a thicker gauge. That way if you need to adjust them later it is easy to remove the safety pin and place it in the new spot. Otherwise if you don't plan on adjusting them ever once they are set to size you can either sew the straps together, clamp them together with a grommet, or just use the universal tool...duct tape. I hope this helps.
Jonathan Wilkinson (1 year ago)
Hodgemen 1200 grain for me
Ben Dillon (1 year ago)
This dude apparently has never used breathables haha
Rob Fife (1 year ago)
A boat to set out decoys and dog to retrieve the ducks
Kaden Betts (1 year ago)
I use macks prairie wings big ditch waders
adam charles (1 year ago)
Air mattress works best. Floats is shallow water and can hold a bunch of decoys or down birds
rhymeandreasoning (1 year ago)
I love rubber boots and rubber waders/hunting boots...hope/ would like more fishermen/hunters to do videos of their boots.- A dude in Canada
Bryan Carter (1 year ago)
I use the Magellan Hybrid 800’s. Work great and keep me warm.
Matt Herrmann (1 year ago)
lacrosse swamp max
Cajun Outdoors (1 year ago)
Hey I'm in south Louisiana and it's 19 degrees right now
TimberMadMan (1 year ago)
Cajun Outdoors im in tennessee and its 5 degrees at the moment but its also 2 in the mornin to
Slater Watkins (1 year ago)
Banded Redzone 1600 for life never going back to neoprene
Zack Spainhouer (1 year ago)
chase sprouse (1 year ago)
Zack Spainhouer they are like $400 tho
Brad Hill vlogs (1 year ago)
I love lacrosse waders I’ve tried drake and I wasn’t that impressed then I tried lacrosse and I’ve had them for a year and I love them
Nathan Bloor (1 year ago)
Brad Hill vlogs I just bought lacrosse waders. Never had a pair but I know their boots are freaking awesome!
GG31ethan boi (1 year ago)
A boat
Cole Tousignant (1 year ago)
Magellan super tuff 120$
332FILMS (1 year ago)
Do they make em in youth? I'm trying to start out.
Colby S. (1 year ago)
can't find you on insta
ALL I D0 IS W1N (1 year ago)
Those cabellas waders are lifetime warranty now
Angel Palacios (1 year ago)
What kind of academy waders did you have? I have the Magellan super tuff 1200
TheFixation (1 year ago)
I take a fishing pole with a big treble hook to get the ducks out of the water.
Camdyn McElroy (1 year ago)
I use game winner 1200 waders and have had no problems with them have been using them for the past 2 years even in the summer
Daren Rife (1 year ago)
basspro canvsback extreme waders best bang for the buck at 250
Holy crap 1600! I only have 200 lol I dont have the money to buy good ones lol. Also my friend has banded waders and they are pretty sweet...banded, frog toggs and ... maybe pro line are pretty good.
Anonymous Kirk (1 year ago)
The way that I don't get in the water is not duck hunt... which for most of us that is pretty hard so get some waders
George Scott (1 year ago)
How not to have to go in the water while duck hunting. Go with your 17 and 21 year old sons!!!
downsouthfishing (1 year ago)
Frogg togg grand refuge 2.0
Idaho k9Trapper (1 year ago)
downsouthfishing Do the boot sizes run true ? I wear a size 9 shoe but thought of getting a size 10 so I could wear layering socks to keep my feet warm . Thanks
downsouthfishing (1 year ago)
Idaho k9Trapper they are good waders. I love the fact they have a removable liner. I've had em 2yrs and they hold up. I found mine on eBay for 160. Defiantly recommend them
Idaho k9Trapper (1 year ago)
downsouthfishing was looking on the Rodgers site and they look pretty nice , How long have you had yours and what are your thoughts on them ? Been wanting to go Breathable for hunting but haven't taken the plunge yet .
Montana Smith (1 year ago)
We have a duck blind on the bank over the slu and then we have a paddle boat to go out and get the duck
Maxwell Collier (1 year ago)
Look at the llbean camo waders there pricey but worth it
Ali Shorty (1 year ago)
Kayak duck hunting that’s the way to not get in the water
Savannah (1 year ago)
Used to use a lacrosse 1600 neoprene wader but I couldn't move, barely even walk, but I just bought banded MICRO Breathable Insulated Wader for women and Im so excited for it, $400 bucks but I'm sure it'll be worth it.
Matthew Kennedy (1 year ago)
I used Duck Commander waders for two seasons and got tired of being cold because there was no insulation. I bought them because they were on sale for the low low and that was my lesson on going cheap.
chase schulzetenberg (1 year ago)
my waders have 800 thinsilate and they do fine
William Pohlmann (1 year ago)
What is your opinion on breathable waders? For example the banded redzones insulated
Gabe Lopez (1 year ago)
I use Shield Series Waders by Gator Waders! A little pricey, but definitely worth every penny!
CornyCreek BottomBoys (1 year ago)
The Dr. Duck Gator Waders are awesome! They came out with some new waders this year that are even better. I plan on getting some this season, i'll let you know how good they are.
The Farm Productions (1 year ago)
I know how not to get wet.....levitate.
John Hunter (1 year ago)
Redhead dry bone rubber waders 125 last for years
Christopher Hannah (2 years ago)
Have you ever smoked weed before?
Paul A. Witmer (8 months ago)
Wtf XD
Chris Harpster (2 years ago)
I use Lacrosse waders for duck hunting. I just bought a new pair last year after using Cabela's waders for a good amount of years
how to hunt without getting in the water first step u have to have to have land land.second have lots of wood.third find a spot for ur blind u will be a few feet above the ground think about that.fourth if u have to get to it with a boat make a boat thing.fith make 3 stakes in the under the water make that come up to where how high u want to be up next to the boat thingy.sixth make the floor above the stakes u put earlier.seventh make ur walls and ur roof.8th add chairs. nine add food nesisitys if y stay there for a long time last kill nem ducks boys
Bushwhack'd (2 years ago)
Cabela's are my favorite waders too
Oakpark Dipper (2 years ago)
I hunt with drake waders but I've hunted with Allen waders before and they were pretty good
Jordan Potts (2 years ago)
I have a set of itaska 1200 and they worked for me and they are not all that expensive.
chewgrizzly 12 (2 years ago)
ok cool thanks dude I'm gonna check them out. I appreciate it
Jordan Potts (2 years ago)
chewgrizzly 12 mine were on sale at the time for 175 or cheaper normally 200
chewgrizzly 12 (2 years ago)
Jordan Potts how much?
Lilabortion33 (2 years ago)
Brendan Neuman (2 years ago)
Same waders bro!!!
Jonathan Sommerfeld (2 years ago)
What kind of fishing rods do you use? I'm looking for a new rod I have a reel but I need a rod
Jonathan Sommerfeld (2 years ago)
Holy shit reading through these comments you spend so much in waders. I bought mine from academy on Black Friday for 90 bucks and they are a slick pair of waders. And before that I used a pair that someone left at Bennett springs and it was my favorite pair ofnwaders
Timmy Normand (6 months ago)
I want my waders back dude
Craig Davenport (1 year ago)
Jonathan Sommerfeld u from missouri
walleye444 (2 years ago)
I am a big boy, 300 lbs, but cabellas bug man wanders are the way to go. 3rd kind of waders and these are the best so far.
Maj0rPayn32 ! (2 years ago)
I believe the 1600 on the boot is the insulation in the boots not the entire waders. the thickness in the waders is .3 mm to .5mm that determine how warm they are... I could be wrong though
jared molden (2 years ago)
Banded black labels suit me perfectly. Found them for $420 and couldn't pass them up
Mason Morris (2 years ago)
Cabelas instinct waders ! They're $345 but the best there is
Drake Valley Outdoors (2 years ago)
I just did a review of my Drake waders. Honestly wasn't that impressed with them. I'll also never buy another pair of waders that only has a one year warranty. Poking a hole in your waders is one thing, but I feel like companies should have better warranties on their seams. I'm trying LL Bean breathables this season. Insulated boots and proper layering should keep me warm. If not I have neoprenes to fall back on. The LL Beans also have a lifetime warranty/guarantee.
Ethan Burmeister (4 months ago)
I bought a jacket from Drake last year. It lasted me three hunts before all the seams started falling apart. Went and left a review on Drake, they didn't approve and they still only have all their 5-star reviews on their website. Needless to say, I will never be buying another thing from Drake.
Idaho k9Trapper (1 year ago)
Drake Valley Outdoors Everyone on duckhuntingchat.com all agree that Drake waders are shit . Only thing Drake makes that are somewhat good are there gloves .
Me Clay (2 years ago)
just bought same ones here in Ohio $ 277 after tax at Cabela's I hope I get at least 3 years use from them, yours didn't come with the bullet belt bag
Cj Mesler (2 years ago)
banded redzone 1600 waders here. I have a season on them and so far so good.
Blake Gordon (2 years ago)
Hey dude what's up I've watched all your videos and I really enjoy how you produce content and I watching your videos make me want to go hunt. Thanks for all you've done and can you please follow me on Instagram @its_just_blake__
PBond Fishing (2 years ago)
In my opinion. If you are looking for youth waders Mack Prairie wings has the best selection for kids. You can just go on their website and order them from there.
PBond Fishing (2 years ago)
Also take care of your waders and they will last you a long time. Put them inside when it isn't duck season. Hang them up with a clothes hanger.
Bret Vancil (2 years ago)
I use the Rogers Toughguy series 1600 waders. They are warm!!
Justin Howlett (2 years ago)
I rock a pair of waders from gander mnt. not buying another my first pair ripped in a seam in like 3 hunts then got another pair and the lasted about a season
Frank Torrissi (2 years ago)
Bro like new dope logo
Greg Perez (2 years ago)
I'll be a first time duck Hunter this season, and was wondering if a waterproof jacket is an absolute necessity or can I get away with a hoodie and waterproof gloves to retrieve decoys and ducks?
Greg Perez (2 years ago)
Bushwhack'd I'll be hunting in Alaska, season starts in September amd ends in December, fall isn't too cold and winters can get pretty frigid.
Bushwhack'd (2 years ago)
You can get away with a hoodie and gloves mate, but where are you going to hunt?
Greg Perez (2 years ago)
Jonathan Sommerfeld thank you, I plan on spending a good bit on gloves, my hands are pretty important lol
Greg Perez (2 years ago)
FREESTONE thank you!!!
Jonathan Sommerfeld (2 years ago)
Greg Perez depending on what point in the season you are, early season you can get away with a hoodie however late season I would wear a heavy coat and multiple layers underneath water proof is not necessary. I would suggest buying a nice pair of gloves. They are one thing you can not go cheap on because you will hate your decision.
BEARDed Outdoors (2 years ago)
Cabela's SuperMag 1600 for me.
WA outdoorsman (2 years ago)
I use the same waders! There great. And I do use a boat but still wear waders
Ryan (2 years ago)
We use a boat
tsturgis13 (2 years ago)
I do use waders but you said let you know if I found a way. I take a boat to my blind on the lake
chris brown (2 years ago)
It's easier to turn around and sit on the ice to break it then to try and bust it with your shin and foot. Less chance of the cutting up your waders as well.
Staton (1 year ago)
Why wouldn’t you just throw your decoys in front of you to break the ice? It’s what I do
Justin Howlett (2 years ago)
chris brown it depends on how deep the water is

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