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Neoprene vs Breathable Waders

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Neoprene vs Breathable Waders - With some of the latest waders out on the market the debate between breathable and neoprene waders is heating up. We discuss situations where both shine and some things to consider before you make your next wader purchase.
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Dave Prill (18 days ago)
Great video, thank you
Patrick Anlauf (1 month ago)
I have a question. The breathable waders with no boots attached. Do you buy boots which somehow attach to the waders to keep dry?
Steve Evans (4 months ago)
COLD FEET >>>> If You are like me and You are ultra sensitive to cold water, any water below 55 degrees especially if any gets into your wading boots then get a wader with a built-in boot foot....Do NOT buy just a soft stocking foot pair of waders make sure they are the rubber boot foot that has a "felt" wading sole NOT just a rubber called calld "duck hunters" boot ...... You can buy the most expensive Simms G4 Guide waders and boots and still get ice cold water into Your boots on Your feet and most guys don't mind and they get used to it but NOT me.....I only use breathable waders and typical wading boots in very late spring & summer.....cheers
Robert Cameron (5 months ago)
I bought three pair of Cadis for me and my boys couple years ago. We use them for jr duck hunts a couple times a year only. Two of the three waders failed at the crotch and are unrepairable. The tape on the seams were 1/2 inch wide and clearly not enough to hold them together. If you buy breathable waders look for a wide tape joint at the seams. The other problem with cadis is the boots cut through your skin and give a hell of an infection at the ankles with scars to prove it. Take your time to find the right wader .
Rais Saini (8 months ago)
Wich one its though for facing spiky things like thorn,needle or other object that can damage the wears,answer please
Dan L (9 months ago)
I appreciate it very much this was helpful
Jasper Edwards (11 months ago)
can i drown in it if i fall over.i had a chemical war suit but it damaged in the water as soon as my foot went through the schlam or mud with small stones it wripped it a npart i clean lakes
Terrilynnmyron (1 year ago)
Glad I watched this before buying any wader. Video explained everything you ever wanted to know about different waders making wader selection more informed. Learned a lot. Thanks for doing the video.
Joe Pedro (1 year ago)
Outstanding video...I was on the fence on neoprene vs. breathable and your detailed video helped make up my mind to buy breathable! Thanks!
Joe Coppola (1 year ago)
Can you recommend a company that makes custom fit waders? thanks
benny rosado (1 year ago)
What surf jacket do you recommend? with the breathable waders! Thank you for the great information...
Danny Mc (1 year ago)
I live and fish in western Washington, and neoprene works well from Oct-Apr. My first set was used neoprene, but they were heavy, and hot when the temp is above 50. Also, neoprene needs to dry out over night with a heater or the next morning they will be very cold putting on.
lujon (2 years ago)
I live in Alaska and would never go back to neoprene for fishing. Only people I see wearing them anymore are tourists and duck hunters.
John Rolis (2 years ago)
Brilliant video great advice, i only wish i watched this first before buying neoprene, ... time for a re think on what type of wader Im after, i really like the breathable trouser option, as i never wade higher than my thighs, and would be more comfy .....
One point about waders with built in boots: they are never even close to as sure footed as a dedicated wading boot. Safety first!
Train Bennett (2 years ago)
Great video thanks
POLYZENIDAS (2 years ago)
excellent video!
John Athanassion (2 years ago)
Great video. I'm still using my 5mm Cabela's Neoprene Waders that are 30+ years old with no problems. But after watching this video, I think I'll make the change to breathable waders since with neoprene, there tight and form fitting and to add extra layers of clothing for more warmth from the water, it can get very tight and uncomfortable.
StormLaker1975 (3 years ago)
I own a thick pear of Neoprene waders that I wear when duck hunting. They are great early and late in the season...and actually right on through winter for wading. I've worn them standing in water with an ambient temperature hovering around zero degrees and never got cold. Just the same, I wouldn't wear those same waders during the warm weather months, and I keep a pair of breathable waders. Like fishing poles and golf clubs...each wader has it's purpose!
Freedom of movement keeps me in breathables even through winter. Plus I get to wear as many layers of fleece as needed for the conditions.
Charles Sifuentez (3 years ago)
Very good video thanks for the info!
Russ Lee (3 years ago)
I'm glad I watched this prior to buying neoprene
Mike Bromelow (2 years ago)
I wish I WOULD have seen this video prior to buying my neoprene waders! My God they get hot to fish in!!!
world b free (3 years ago)
Neo is a great choice for those who like to shed some weight. Lol

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