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In this video I’m showing you some super cute vintage shirts I got! I Hope you enjoyed this. Subscribe for more videos every Friday! Love you guys. Stay confident. XOXO- Kenz Lurk my other social medias: Instagram: @ballerinamackenzie Twitter: @mackenziedav1s Snapchat: @kenzers247 Musical.ly: @raddestredhead Younow: @RaddestRedHead
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Text Comments (503)
AJ EUDY (2 months ago)
Trying to hard to show your ass n twat!!🙄
rozza (5 months ago)
omg that make up...so hot!!!!!!
Sallian Jill (7 months ago)
Your taste is 👌😏
work of art (7 months ago)
my name is Mackenzie too! Lol
Alondra Perez (7 months ago)
Guys can you subscribe to me ill be posting clothing hauls blogs challenges and what ever u recommend <3
Alondra Perez (7 months ago)
Guys can you subscribe to me ill be posting clothing hauls blogs challenges and what ever u recommend <3
Bo van zadelhoff (8 months ago)
Love your hair
Princess Atira (8 months ago)
U got the cutest things ever! 😍
taekookk _bts (9 months ago)
5:01 if you cut your hair and dye it blonde you’ll be Alyssa from The end of the f*cking world
Mia Delavin (9 months ago)
Youre the cutest thing on the internet ❤️❤️❤️
Amelia Culley (9 months ago)
Go thrifting if you want authentic vintage...
Peach Guts (9 months ago)
*everything is everything*
jess (10 months ago)
youre not 13...
Mireya Edmunds (10 months ago)
She realizes thar "thrift" isnt a word that describes clothes right?
It's Britney Bitch (10 months ago)
what the hell what's the point of the video if you don't say where you got the clothes
Nina Bean (11 months ago)
Oh my god where did you get that pink colorful sweater?!?
Nina Bean (11 months ago)
What I meant was, what brand is the sweater😂
Sienna Crippen (11 months ago)
Tbh love your style! That’s how I wanna dress 😍
F.Y.E. Closet (11 months ago)
You can great retro clothes at F.Y.E. Closet! https://www.etsy.com/shop/FYECloset?ref=l2-shopheader-name
arxiellamae (1 year ago)
be careful simply kenna might come for younsayig you stole "her" looks 😂
Elena Zarzuela (1 year ago)
She is so fucking pretty. Everything would look amazing on her
criminon (1 year ago)
Random, but you look like the love child of Velma and daphne???
Laney (1 year ago)
Omg I want the sweater at 5:46 where would I be able to get it?
Evie Sherman (1 year ago)
Oh my gosh 5:00😂😂😂
Evie Sherman (1 year ago)
Awww I have that pillow pet!😂😍
Marta Gonzalez (1 year ago)
thanks for describing every single color. seems like i am BLIND now ha he hbwqdchja
Rebella (1 year ago)
OMFG you look like Dove Cameron
Kenia's Place (1 year ago)
😂awww she said fila instead of fils around 4:00
Amy (1 year ago)
Your dog just wanted attention =,(
Catherine Morgan (1 year ago)
Oh my god that Toronto tshirt let me buy it off you
Inderjit Kainth (1 year ago)
Omg you are soo annoying
Autumn Mcever (1 year ago)
Does anyone else want her to say welcome to chili’s when she does that hand thing 😂😂
Kate Boyle (1 year ago)
Bish have you ever been in Canada?
Chloe Trottier (1 year ago)
Please do more of these!!!!!!!!
anoifu (1 year ago)
this is just pastel but ok queen
ᅵC가 (1 year ago)
This is not vintage...
Hurricane Ann (1 year ago)
was the windbreaker a mens small
lena void (1 year ago)
She doesn't look like a pastel/colorful person at first but when she put the shirt on it just fit her?
Emma Simons (1 year ago)
Love your hair like this (+ur style)❤
hi hi (1 year ago)
your fucking face structure bitch fuck me up
Alex Tegonya (1 year ago)
80s and 90s are retro, not vintage.. vintage is the 50s and 60s
molly platts (1 year ago)
Audrina Audrina (1 year ago)
0:20 I saw underwear
Ava Limcaoco (1 year ago)
U look good in everything!! I love how u don't care about what u wear
c l a i r e (1 year ago)
Rylie Robertson (1 year ago)
Rylie Robertson (1 year ago)
At like 16 seconds you can her underwear
leafhead hen (1 year ago)
I didn't think any of the clothes looked good on her.....
Nora Lienhard (1 year ago)
where do you got this file jacket ooommmgggg pls tell me
Cherry (1 year ago)
Omfg I have the exact same wall tapestry, and dog as u omfg
Juliana Leo (1 year ago)
lol...vintage - have you even checked out 40's and 50's clothing. THAT is true vintage, and the styles are killer...if you could even afford it. The Faux Chateau and I used to have a pair of glasses like that when I was 30.
Juliana Leo (1 year ago)
And the pink and blue sweater... you need to check out my ETSY shop - The Faux Chateau - I sold sweaters like that... oh well.
valentina (1 year ago)
Ari Bordon (1 year ago)
valentina uwu holaa si te pudieras pasar por mis videos te lo súper agradecería! ❤️
Breathe Natalie (1 year ago)
please date me
Shannon & Lexie (1 year ago)
Can you buy my clothes for me cause you have such a amazing style 😂💓XX
Anna (1 year ago)
Which Shop?
Shaunalea Archer (1 year ago)
Until I read the comments I never would've thought that there were humans out there so rude and vile that they would shit on someones fashion for being retro I'm dead asf, y'all who do that are shit tho
RoseRonove 666 (1 year ago)
Lmao that first try on she looked like a damn predator
Lovi (1 year ago)
Your laughing is so cute!
naudia l. (1 year ago)
your so pretty😭😍 also your clothes are so cuteee 💓
elii (1 year ago)
Where's the first from
My Name Lilith (1 year ago)
i would look like a lil 7 years old kid who is wearing sweater knitted by her grandma xDDD
Chloé Talbot (1 year ago)
where could I find the last red shirt??
Safar Leon (1 year ago)
Rain drop drop top get this comment to the top top
ella dietz (1 year ago)
**this is a joke but** When your style says 80s and 90s but your slang words say 2017
Savannah Garcia (1 year ago)
You’re so nice for saying “this is a joke”.
jester kth (1 year ago)
ella dietz best of both worlds
Evelyn Griffin (1 year ago)
you make everything look so cute ahhh
Cassandra Tuck (2 years ago)
That v neck looks so good on you! Love your style!
sam silverman (2 years ago)
that fila windbreaker is so fire
what in tarnation (2 years ago)
abbiemegannn (2 years ago)
Ahhhh I can't find her windbreaker on Mercari
vidmantė (2 years ago)
Stop acting so much what the helll
Zephyr Teens (2 years ago)
More like our dated shit
Tuna Ate (2 years ago)
where is this windbraker from ? <3
Amiyah Chaney (2 years ago)
I like the first shirt except for the wrinkles like why couldn't you have ironed it🤔🤔
Eimear Coyle (2 years ago)
Selling vintage adidas trainers on my depop @eimearcoyle24 ! You would love them!
okay sxnna (2 years ago)
What lipstick are u wearing That nude kind of colour lol
lake effect kid (2 years ago)
I literally love you so much we have the exact same taste wtf our hair is the same?? marry me pls
Kayleen Ramos (2 years ago)
also make a closet tour! and maybe tag where ur clothes was from in ur closet
Kayleen Ramos (2 years ago)
MORE HAULS PLEASE!!! also please tag where u got all those clothes and also your glasses
MiyaI x (2 years ago)
What is the website you got most of the things from
Yun ho (2 years ago)
I saw a similar top to the "los Angeles" top you have except it said "California" totally regret not buying it now 😭
liz coats (2 years ago)
Where did she get the fila jacket 😭💕
Pewdie pie (2 years ago)
you slay my entire exsistence💕😩
Miranda H (2 years ago)
I heard her say "the thing back then" and I thought "not really that far back in time" the I realized 1999 was 18 years ago😕 DANG
Aesthetic Hylie (2 years ago)
Is it just me but when your fucking wifi is fucking BEING A BITCH AND BEING SLOW you read the comments while it loads?
Emilie Reidun (2 years ago)
only you can pull these outfits off help me!!!! you're so hot wtf!!!
Giovi Londos (2 years ago)
bitch this is not vintage this is from the 80's get your shit right and vintage is from 1960 and above
Fredricka Apple tree (1 year ago)
Shaunalea Archer...... eBay are not experts on Vintage this guide is more for their listing and is only a rough guide.....
Vicks Vapor Rub (1 year ago)
Vintage isn't just 60s and above idiot.
girlyspiit (1 year ago)
"1960 and above" So you just proved her point that it IS vintage LMAOOOO, Sad you contradicted yourself
Shaunalea Archer (1 year ago)
Clothing & accessories are generally considered to be vintage when they are at least 20 years old. Source: http://www.ebay.com/gds/What-is-vintage-clothing-and-how-old-is-vintage-/10000000178151003/g.html
Aina Pola (2 years ago)
OMFG i loooved aaaall of the clothes!! I really waqnt vintage clothes now...
LOVE SICK (2 years ago)
can someone tell me where she bought her glasses case I'm in love
D E E (2 years ago)
i love 90's style clothes
Molly Moo (2 years ago)
can someone pls send me the link to polo or whatever it is that she got the orange sweater from?. thx
Clariccy (2 years ago)
eh why are people imitating our generation lol fucking what
Abbie Acott (2 years ago)
oh my god someone tell me where are glasses are from
Hanoka Ahmed (2 years ago)
4:34 "you might think this is ugly but that is what makes it cute " luv u and ur words and ur style and the way u talk you are just the best and you are totally real and not like other youtubers luv ya
ania (2 years ago)
omg you're just so cool, I just wanna be friends with you
LollieOllie (2 years ago)
I cried throughout the whole video 😭💖 everything here is so beautiful
Denise Pascual (2 years ago)
matty at the end kills me ah
ellie witham (2 years ago)
are u barb from the stranger things?
ネコちゃん (2 years ago)
omg, that windbreaker is just.. ahhh i need it!!
Skyler Schaible (2 years ago)
Where did you get it though?
Baby Bunch (2 years ago)
Im an 80s baby and even in the 80s i mever wore that ugly crap,the weird al yankovich dork crew wore those kinds of clothes
T Spears (2 years ago)
Did she just say vintage like 90's?! Wow I feel old now.

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