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clothing haul 👖🌟 // thrifted + vintage-styled

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hello everyone! my wardrobe has grown, for many reasons: so, every time I'm stressed I have this bad habit of shopping for clothes I don't need but you know what, it's fiNE, and plus some lovely companies have sent me their pieces to style (big thank you to them!). I've been trying to only buy things I truly love, so here are some of those shirts, dresses, and accessories. tell me what's your favorite piece of clothing below (mine is the green skirt hehe). signing off, linh companies that were featured in this video: mott & bow - https://www.mottandbow.com princess highway - http://princesshighway.com.au thanks for watching! 🌻 m u s i c https://aekasora.bandcamp.com http://inlovewithaghost.bandcamp.com (outro) s o c i a l m e d i a instagram: http://www.instagram.com/withlovelinh twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wideeyedstars spotify: woodlandspirits business inquiries: [email protected]
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ItsMitchGanon (1 day ago)
Your voice is my new therapy. I'm glad I found your channel.
Gyla Jane Nismal (2 days ago)
unique salonga
Sophia Dominique (2 days ago)
Low-key trying to find vintage clothing cheap and don't know where
Chloe Leal (2 days ago)
the sabrina fit................. I'm deceased
eva rcenciel (2 days ago)
you're cute. your wall is cute. luv it
roch (2 days ago)
you're so cute!! 💚
muy atrevida (3 days ago)
“Just a little bit, little bit of money” What she means is her whole paycheck.
Jordan Vasquez (4 days ago)
What camera do you use? :)
Ella Hadfield (4 days ago)
your voice is so soothing wtf
Me Girl (4 days ago)
You have a great personality for TV...keep up the vintage style.
sya lala (5 days ago)
Paula Koppe (5 days ago)
I love your videos . Please do more 😍😍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌
True RomanticMind87 (5 days ago)
Seriously adorable!!💃❤ Love n support!😘 Good that you love vintage apparel! Your butt is cute in them red shorts!😏🍑👍 Enjoy your Summer!
Wonderful Wicca (5 days ago)
Oh my lord
Ria (5 days ago)
I’ve been on Instagram&tiktok sm that I literally tried to db tap this video
Paige B (5 days ago)
Omg I love hozier
Raz Zarif (6 days ago)
You are so pretty.
Min Sugaa (6 days ago)
you are da most adorable person i have seen,u have a calming voice ily😭❤❤
Ms RISE (6 days ago)
Great that I found your channel, No one in my house relates on what I really love which is retro and vintage. ALL I CAN SAY TO YOU IS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LINH U REALLY MADE MY DAY
M E M O R I E S (6 days ago)
U are from vietnam ??
c h u b s (6 days ago)
Kaya ka pala umalis sa IV of spades unique ha.
Mai Đỗ (6 days ago)
I really like yo' style in this video Are u VNese?
isamanda pariat. (6 days ago)
you're the literal definition of a vintage-esque teen girl. *l i t e r a l l y* ✨🌚
Lihuén alfaro (6 days ago)
subtitles in Spanish please, I LOV YOU!✨💜
Nobody Care (6 days ago)
I'm Brazilian and I really love your videos 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Jorg K. (7 days ago)
4:38 Edna Mod? Is that you? hahah loved the video <3
I LIKE BUTTER (7 days ago)
why do you look like my teacher, ANNA OU-
Cedy Rosa (7 days ago)
Tbh right now I must go to the store and get some clothes that look the same from this video cause if I don’t I will cry inside and outside I don’t care if it’s 3:46 AM I don’t care if all stores are close I will camp outside! Near the trash can and wake up and run inside!
Ashlyn Pedersen (7 days ago)
Her room is just books books and more books... and I love it😂
Nayara Gabrielle (7 days ago)
I loved your style sooooo much, i wish we had the same here in Brasil without pay with our eyes. And you're so cute c:
Ayden Jenkins (7 days ago)
Girl u seriously need to be a model
jadey lane (7 days ago)
What kind of camera do you have in the video, do you use the same one now?
Zimbay :D (7 days ago)
5:54 "long sleeve white t shirt"
Lilly Lou (7 days ago)
how old are you? ur so pretty and talented omg
Nemo Nemi (8 days ago)
Rhyla K (9 days ago)
Omg I love your style girlll! Your such and inspiration to me! ❤️
Mai Thùy (9 days ago)
Love u from Vietnam 💓
jjk moonlight (10 days ago)
8:00 Velma who?
sabrina sunhã (10 days ago)
where are your glasses from please?
Taylor Fayth (11 days ago)
you are very adorable
Little Weirdo (12 days ago)
I just love your style wksksksl
Potato Chips (14 days ago)
I just found out your channel, and I feel so relaxed watching this video. Love it <3
Hannah Is dumb (15 days ago)
Your so lucky u look hella good in vintage style clothes I look like a rat😩😭
Sister Snatched (15 days ago)
Not my kind of style but if it was I would say this video was AWESOME
flying foot (15 days ago)
omg im wearing that turtleneck top rn how wack
D. R. (16 days ago)
I don't usually comment on things but I just have to say, you have such a wonderful personality🌻💕
Mikuhologram AJ (16 days ago)
The lorax im sorry
sophia (17 days ago)
you are so adORABLE whenever i've had a badish day i just turn on ur cute little face and bam all my problems are gone
Annaleice Adams (17 days ago)
Female conan gray? I think -yes-
Rebekah Brunner (18 days ago)
you're so gorgeous oh my god😍😭😭
Haley Mizer (19 days ago)
Of all the girls on YouTube she is possibly the tiniest and cutest I’ve ever seen, I love her.
Taltzi (19 days ago)
u look like a mix between my online friend and me
Anti-Candy (20 days ago)
Subscribes immediately*
Lavender ASMR (20 days ago)
7:40 I can’t believe you managed to thrift my favourite brand of clothing; Princess Highway/Dangerfield. Their clothes are soooo good but I bet you got them for a great deal since it’s quite pricey. Princess Highway/Dangerfield/Revival is my favourite brand because I love their styles which more often than not fits my personality style and they fit my body so perfectly, not to mention their dresses and skirts have pockets!!!
Carolina Pinglo (20 days ago)
Totally agreee about vintage clothing I love the historical part of it more !
Angela Kown (20 days ago)
ahhhh this reminds me so much of bestdressed 😆😆😆
Genevieve (21 days ago)
Omg the dress is just so..... pretty. Can you give me the name of the website you got it from?
Ashlele (21 days ago)
subscribed just because how cute you are
Maya Symonds (22 days ago)
Omg I love ur style can I have ur life
Thủy Thị (22 days ago)
Vô tình gặp một cô gái việt nam so ciu. Chị rất thích style của e. Hãy luôn giữ tinh thần vintage này nhé cô gái ;))
Klara Radomska (23 days ago)
Were is she from?
a name you don't have (23 days ago)
i love you, for loving vintage
I love the way you talk
I think I have a crush on you
natasha (23 days ago)
I just found your channel and I can safely say that I'm in love. <3
I don't know but I see your name that in Vietnamese is" linh trương " and u have black hair just like asian ;)
Are u Vietnamese?
I saw thumbnail I like title I saw face I get crush *I click*
Kookie Sun (24 days ago)
How do I get to do clothing haul?
myla beau (25 days ago)
i just found your channel and instantly subscribed. also your room is so cute!! :)
Lorr (25 days ago)
You look so pretty like wOaH
JasmineDuthie (25 days ago)
Just found ur channel— your personality is so lovely and this video makes me feel so at peace which is so weird to say but idc. Love this! Subscribing! Also LOVE what you’ve thrifted 😍😍
nichiiri (26 days ago)
oh my god i love your room <333
megan KNKpop (26 days ago)
I love thrifted and vintage clothes thats why Im here but man, you have such a relaxing voice it’s lovely and you’re very likeable. Thanks for this great video☺️
whydoilive huh (26 days ago)
This is the first vid of urs that im watching and Im only in the first 2 minutes and I love you already. You are soo cuteee and sweeettt.
Kitty Zuzu (27 days ago)
I used to get most of my clothes from the Kmart near my home
shrekerino69 (27 days ago)
You are the actual only *gurl* that can rock vintage (in my opinion).
Riley Jane (28 days ago)
your voice is so calming
Sophia Cummins (29 days ago)
im really shook because im wearing a necklace that is very similar to the one she got from UO and _everyone_ told me it looked like the infinity gauntlet ssksk
Kylee Webster (29 days ago)
I spy Mortal Instruments, quality books, mediocre movie, cheesy Netflix show. Also the video reminds me of North West as i Kanye West's kid..anyways great video!
Teresa Llano (29 days ago)
I love it all! You have an excellent taster
Woww. Love your style.
sweetpea (30 days ago)
i have a similar green velvet skirt and i always pair it with a cream short sleeve turtleneck :)
Stephanie Smith (1 month ago)
You looked like Velma in the Orange shirt and red shirts especially with your haircut and glasses! And the scarf xD
Fite Me (1 month ago)
the whole time i was watching you flex in ur outfits i felt like you were trying to cover a bts song
you are darn cute
Cutie Kimie (1 month ago)
Chị là người Việt à??
Karen (1 month ago)
I just want to put you in my pocket
Julia J (1 month ago)
Je suis française
LilCuti LPS (1 month ago)
I love your hair style 💓😘
Melanie Panik (1 month ago)
can you film a video where you show how you style outfits and tips to style?!!
Meme Otaku (1 month ago)
wait is she flat?
Nil Ouille (1 month ago)
u so fluffy and cutee goddehh
Ginger Dudley (1 month ago)
I think you have the mostest bestest amazingest style ever (sorry for my horrible grammar)
Little Rainbow (1 month ago)
Ugh I love this video so much 😍😍😍
Mexicanaenelmundo (1 month ago)
<3 amooo
Alex_ G (1 month ago)
you sound like jaiden animations!
qamar 'v (1 month ago)
You're so cute And I love the video so much 💞💞

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