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Jewelry wins from Justsandi & Make up Zombie

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Just Sandi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdYwJbkuMifmXx7oATU0kKw Makeup Zombie https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZwmE128u0f1kNXjb2o6pJQ
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Text Comments (25)
Stephanie Richard (8 months ago)
Are you could you that and I purchase it from you by paying shipping and everything
Stephanie Richard (8 months ago)
How do I go about buying stuff like this
Swag Maven (10 months ago)
Trying to catch up on my videos especially yours Carol. I loved the pieces by Sandi😁
2115virgo13 (10 months ago)
Do you sell on eBay?
bargainshopping (10 months ago)
Yes and poshmark
Bianca (10 months ago)
That are some beautiful pieces Carol. You have a good taste and I love the heart bracelet and the statement necklace the most. Buying jewelry is really an addiction . Hard to stop buying it, there is so much beautiful stuff out there lol
Bianca (10 months ago)
bargainshopping I've just started , so I haven't bought as much as you have, but I think I've found some good pieces. You have a lot of amazing jewelry in US and I'm not sure if I will find that much beautiful stuff here, but we will see. I wish I could buy from you all and bring your gorgeous jewelry here to Germany. I think the people would love it. What I find is that the research like brands, stones, worth and such takes much longer than research for other items, but it's definitely fun and I like that it's small things. So much easier to store and it takes much less space. OK not if someone's constantly buying more than selling lol
bargainshopping (10 months ago)
I know Bianca it's addicting. Do you get cool items in germany
Wendy-UK (10 months ago)
Beautiful collection , ty for showing us .
bargainshopping (10 months ago)
Thanks Wendy
Dawn Mazarati (10 months ago)
Cute stuff Miss Thang!
Princess Casserole (10 months ago)
I hear ya about buying. I buy WAY too much.
bargainshopping (10 months ago)
I know if I sold it fast I wouldn't mind lol.
Debs Treasurez (10 months ago)
"PD" Premier Designs ~ You make me laugh... "yeah, i'm just gonna get everything listed" and to that I say Amen
bargainshopping (10 months ago)
Lol I keep telling myself that ilk get it all listed and then i get more lol
martha posey (10 months ago)
Lovely items.
bargainshopping (10 months ago)
autumn grace (10 months ago)
Awesome haul...TFS..
JSRF RTN (10 months ago)
Nice video
Sanjauna Gonzales (10 months ago)
You've got some nice pieces Carol
bargainshopping (10 months ago)
Thanks sanjauna
Bambi Forslund (10 months ago)
nice things
Kathryn Kay (10 months ago)
Nice haul there my friend!
JewelryNurse (10 months ago)
is it PD for premier designs
bargainshopping (10 months ago)
yes thats it lol. I keep forgetting lol

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