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eBay Reseller Haul #16 | Charity Shop | Glasses, Shoes, Dresses and VINTAGE Galore!

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Hi everyone I’m an online reseller on eBay and Etsy and if you’ve stopped by then WELCOME TO SPARROWS END!! I put out weekly charity shop hauls and monthly sales reports so if you enjoy any of my videos then please hit the like button and make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell. Mel x Here’s my Haul Playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeverlDjiZE&list=PL2XvDyjgPxblFCgrHLCf1vvinD6gsSu0D Here’s my Sales Report Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2XvDyjgPxblvhYT6UYBQJdepJPgTVKa6 Here’s the Sparrows End Vlog playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIaLyyZX75k&list=PL2XvDyjgPxbnertu9DNRJJiglerwVJGLQ If you want to follow more of my entrepreneurial antics then go and follow me on Instagram and Twitter https://www.instagram.com/sparrowsend/ https://www.instagram.com/sparrowsendemporium/ https://twitter.com/sparrowsend Affiliate Links to Items I Use to Run my Online Business: De-bobbler/Fabric Shaver https://amzn.to/2BdCjQw 50 SMALL clear polythene bags 10x12 for shorts, skirts, tops: https://amzn.to/2K95RlN 50 MEDIUM clear polythene bags 12x15 for jumpers, dresses, trousers: https://amzn.to/2K2JBdn 50 LARGE clear polythene bags 14x17 for blazers, jackets, coats: https://amzn.to/2lmkvIt Mykal Sticky Stuff Remover 250ml https://amzn.to/2vMTfbC Magic Sponges for cleaning shoes https://amzn.to/2ODH4oE Kiwi Trainer Whitener https://amzn.to/2MS9KcR #eBayreseller #sparrowsendhaulvideo #onlineentrepreneur
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Text Comments (65)
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
Hello my gorgeous sparrows! I've been buying up a storm - let me know what you think of this little lot in the comments below! Mel xxx
Jsjdn Ksm (3 months ago)
Hi to get them clean especial converse if you use nail polish remover it takes all the dirt off
Holly Huber (10 months ago)
Haven't read comments but shove shoes in washing machine if not leather or suede. Canvas comes up lovely and soles are spanking.
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
I did - I took the risk! I even put them on a 30 wash instead of cold and they came out fine. So much easier than scrubbing by hand!
Peter Wray's Adventure's (10 months ago)
You picked up some good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
Thanks Peter- I keep trying!
Sammie Strawberry (10 months ago)
Furniture polish cleaned up my white Paintent Leather dr martins really well and i had huge black stains on them
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
Again that’s an easy one to try too. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂
Sammie Strawberry (10 months ago)
Hand sanitizer will sort grubby rubber xx
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
I tried it! It’s amazing! It’s like Turtle Wax in cars in that it removes a tiny layer of the rubber and leaves it really bright and white. Amazing tip!!
Sammie Strawberry (10 months ago)
Sparrows End That stuff is amazing. The guys in “Schu” in Oxford street taught me that trick after I moaned about grubby converse. Its also great for removing paint off clothes, although you need to be patient and try a good few times.
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
What a great idea - will definitely give that a try!
Lawra Stubbs (10 months ago)
those bags are so sweet! x
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
Lawra Stubbs I know! I felt like such a granny when I stacked them up on the counter 🙈😂 And I still don’t know if I can actually sell my favourite one!
bettina tucker (10 months ago)
Hello Your blog is really great the advise you are giving is so helpful I have only started selling properly for four months as well. I find relisting every 10 days on eBay does keep my site active and I have more sales but I wish eBay could do a 20 day listing as 30 day is just a big gap. You are doing amazing.
Hope springs (10 months ago)
That tray with Newquay brought back such memories - we used to go in the seventies and my mum would sunbathe on 'the rock' all day.
Iain Fairley (10 months ago)
Put them bags up for £30 a pop you know it makes sense
Jane Doig (10 months ago)
The House on the Tray is known as Towan Island in Cornwall.
Karin The Sewing Thrifter (10 months ago)
Hi Mel, you’re making me blush again lol 😆 you got some lovely stuff there and well done on picking up some shoes I use toothbrush and soapy water first then I use cleaning wipes and then last resort on tough stains is sticky stuff remover it usually does the trick you’ve got to buy what you like I think I have all the cameras still not listed as I’m not interested in them it’s bad I know 😬
crap in the attic (10 months ago)
the picture at 18.40 is a picture of towan island on towan beach in central newquay, (where i live lol!) the feet underneath look like they could be bakelite
Claire Estelle Bennett (10 months ago)
love your videos :) i've been spending a few hours giving reselling a go on and off the past three months, not made much at all but trying to do things much more seriously this month, your tips are really useful :)
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
Thanks Claire! Glad you enjoy the videos. I really priced things picking up when I got to about 100 buy it now listings and tried to list at least one thing everyday. The summer has been rough for everyone though so don’t give up and also there’s no rush, build it up bit at a time. Let me know how you’re getting on in the future x
Emma Wilsdon (10 months ago)
Great haul Mel. I've spent the last 2 evenings binge watching your vids. You are so easy to watch and great behind the camera. I'm just starting out part time ebaying. I'm learning so much from you. Thank you x
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
Awww 😊😊😊 Thank you! Glad you’ve found my channel and glad you’re enjoying it. Be careful with some of the earlier finds, most are okay and I do try to highlight where I’ve made a mistake, but my sourcing is a lot better in the more recent ones. I’m still very new to it and I’m learning so much myself! I hope I’m showing people that actually it doesn’t really matter if you make a mistake, you just go right back out there and try and find something better. Good luck with your reselling and be sure to leave me another comment letting me know how you’re getting on!!
Julie Poshtotty (10 months ago)
Hi I use a old tooth brush and fairy liquid or Ciff xx
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
Think I am going to tackle some shoe soles next week with a toothbrush and Cif - it seems to be the most popular solution!! Thanks so much for leaving a comment and for watching the video 😊
Victoria Peach (10 months ago)
I love your videos! I always get excited when I get the notification for a new video. I'm not sure how to clean leather unless those leather sofa wipes are any good? But I always get soles sparkling by using magic erasers.... Poundland sell their own version of them which would be a bit cheaper. And if the treads are hard to get too, I use Cif and a nail brush, goodluck x
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
Do you?! That’s so lovely to hear 😃 Will definitely be trying magic erasers and Cif - both come highly recommended and seem the most popular and cheapest solutions!
chelsal (10 months ago)
Another enjoyable video Mel . Totally agree with you when you say don't be afraid to experiment - it is probably the best way to learn.
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
I think I’m learning so much my brain will explode 🤯😂
Clare Plant (10 months ago)
As everyone saying, the photo on the tray is in Newquay. The house itself is a holiday let, so could be quite popular, even if vintage. As for cleaning leather shoes, you could try 'saddle soap' I've used it to clean a leather handbag. You can find it on amazon.
Sparrows End (10 months ago)
Goodness, I really need to look into that tray in more detail. A holiday let... so it must be a well known spot. And actually saddle soap makes perfect sense for leather shoes. Thanks for the helpful info and tips and thanks for watching the video 🙂
DM E (11 months ago)
It’s Towan Island on Towan Beach in Newquay. Love your videos 😀
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
DM E Oh my goodness!! Really?! That’s brilliant- I’ll be able to use that in the key words and description. I’m wondering if there’s a way I could take the picture out and clean it up a little....? I will have to investigate tomorrow. Thanks SO much for leaving a comment 😊
Sue's Piles Of Shame (11 months ago)
Ooh. I'm in favour of the old scrubber method. X
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
😂😂😂 That was one of my first thoughts for cleaning them - not sure what that says about us both though 😱😂😂 Thanks for continuing to watch my videos - you’ve been right there since the beginning and I appreciate the support xx
Bobby Billington (11 months ago)
CIF or diluted sugar-soap liquid for your shoes are good cleaners and friendly to fabric. Uses an old tooth brush on them to get into nooks and crannies.
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
Yes, Cif was mentioned over on Instagram too so I might have to get some. It’s slightly abrasive isn’t it, so I can see why it might be good for cleaning rubber-soles shoes. Thanks so much for the advice!! Hope you enjoyed the video 😊
michelle newland (11 months ago)
Hi lovely, baby lotion on leather shoes works wonders x
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
That’s interesting as someone also suggested handcream - Same principle I suppose... This could be a really cheap solution and well worth a try. Thanks so much for watching my video and making the effort to comment - I really appreciate it! 😊
The Ginger Witch (11 months ago)
Get some of those magic eraser sponges - they clean up soles really well. A toothbrush and washing up liquid works well too
The Ginger Witch (11 months ago)
You can get the magic sponges really cheaply from places like poundland or bmbargains, home bargains etc
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
I finally ordered some magic sponges so will try those out next week and I’m going to buy a pack of toothbrushes from Poundland as loads of people have recommended using one!! Thanks for watching, commenting and leaving me some handy tips 😊
Andrea's Attic (11 months ago)
Nice haul always love seeing what you pick up
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
Thanks Andrea! I think my pick-ups are getting better in terms of generating a profit. I’m still learning loads though!
Reselling Polly (11 months ago)
Thanks for sharing, Mel. You could try Dr Martens wonder balm on the leather shoes it helps even out colours and scratches.
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
Ahhh, that’s an interesting idea. The blemish in the show is very faint so something that just helps it blend in more would be good. Thanks for the tip! And thanks for watching the vid x
Milly Hope (11 months ago)
Please will you do a video on your Etsy. Site please x
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
Yes definitely- once I’ve resurrected it!!
Julie Scollick (11 months ago)
Lovely things Mel great idea to put the vintage in Etsy I love vintage my self and I have an Etsy shop nothing in it at moment Idea your doing great taking it more seriously than me 😊💕
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
Yes, I’d really like to get some items listed on Etsy before the end of the month. It will be really interesting to compare it to eBay.... Thanks for watching the video - hope you enjoyed it 😊
Selena Scott (11 months ago)
I could be wrong but that looks like a picture of Newquay :] (on the tray)
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
Really?!! I’ll look into that. If it is that’s brilliant because it’s such a popular location 😊
AmyLou (11 months ago)
Hi Mel, I love those knitting bags, they remind me of my mum. Everything vintage reminds me of my parents, which is why I love it. Regarding shoes, I have been known to put trainers/ pumps in the wash with biological powder! This may be wrong but if they are not too bad and the soles just need cleaning I use a toothbrush and washing up liquid. Again I don’t know that this is the best method! The pillow cases are gorgeous. Also, I wouldn’t be without baby wipes, as they don’t wet items too much. Anne
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
I am so sorry to sell them, but then I have a habit of wanting to keep things I buy! The one with the wooden handles has stolen my heart but as it’s the best one I think I’ll have to sell it 😕. I washed some Converse recently on a 30degree wash and they came out really well. Def need to try the toothbrush idea on the soles. Thanks for watching and supporting my channel 😊 Hope you’re enjoying the videos 😊
Lisa Tat Seeker (11 months ago)
Great haul again. You really have picked up some lovely pieces. I struggle to stick to the "can I make £10 on this?" strategy. I am working on it though. You are doing amazing! Look forward to the next haul video xx
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
Lisa Currie That’s exactly why I thought I’d focus on the £10 - trying to make sure the return equals my effort - easier said than done though! 😬
Lisa Tat Seeker (11 months ago)
I keep trying to remind myself of the effort it takes with clothing for the return. Sometimes I have had to wash them, iron them or steam them, then the photographs (I definately need to up my photography game). When all is said and done £10 is really the minimum I guess to make it worth the effort! Looking forward to the next haul video and no worries with the supporting you. You are putting out really interesting content and it is lovely to watch your reselling journey xxx
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
Thank you so much Lisa!! Sometimes I feel like I’m doing okay and other times I feel like I’m REALLY not 😂 I have to say the £10 profit strategy is definitely improving my sourcing- I’m leaving weaker items behind and really trying to only pick up things where I am pretty confident of getting a tenner for my efforts. I already have the next haul video ready so hopefully next Friday for that one. Thanks so much for all your support for my channel - I really appreciate it xxx
M B (11 months ago)
Cool stuff - love the tray! 😍😍😍
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
I think it’s one of my favourite pieces from the haul 😍
The Treasure Pirate (11 months ago)
BTW the tray is most likely 1930s got art deco handles and feet - could they be bakolite?
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
I was thinking 20s or 30s too. I LOVE those handles 😍😍😍 Think bakelite smells chemically so will give the handles a rub and see if I think it could be bakelite...
The Treasure Pirate (11 months ago)
Lovely haul there - glad you're learning so much! I love that too about reselling... you never stop learning. Great re starting up your etsy shop- I need to do the same as like you I am severely attracted to vintage stuff!
Sparrows End (11 months ago)
I’m trying to absorb as much as possible and try as many different things as possible! I’m creating my own crash course in reselling 😱 I couldn’t believe I got such an out of the blue Etsy sale and I really believe the market there will be more geared up for vintage items, plus the fees are half that of eBay’s 😁 Will cross-lost though, at least to start with...

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