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Most popular and trend's retro men's style 1970's. 70's vintage clothing style

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It's complication you see best 70's men's style and fashion. Most popular men's clothing in 1970. Music: John Deley and the 41 Players = Hear the Noise Thanks for watching ;-) My partner - http://bcd-urbex.com - Best exploring abandoned places
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paperchain 123 (5 months ago)
70s real men real life real Britain
70s TRUCK FAN (5 months ago)
I still wear some of the big collar shirts. Even though people look at be weird.
Sig (6 months ago)
Personally am a huge fan of 1970s suits. And I'm 24 myself. I own several that have patterns on them that are like nothing you see even today, some are almost digital looking! Not to mention the wide lapels are awesome and really underrated.
sandrow661 (2 months ago)
I'm 23 years old, and I like you too, I love clothes from the 60s and 70s, today's fashion makes me sick ... The jackets of the past transformed you into a perfect mannequin even if you didn't have a perfect physical conformation, this thanks to the fact that they were very reinforced, structured and with stems and rigid canvases. Another detail of the jackets of the time were the important lapels, a bit wide, not like now that they are so thin and narrow that they are almost invisible, and the other feature I love was the gathered shoulders of the right size, padded from thick and high shoulder straps that made the figure of those who wore them rise. Another detail of the 70s clothes was the perfect fit, neither too wide, nor too narrow, which made the dress look made to measure even if it was not ... I also love the wide, slightly flared trousers, which fell soft and soared the figure, without doing all those folds like the tight trousers that now go that always seem crumpled and not ironed, also highlighting the defects of the person who wear them. I also find the gilet coordinated with the dress very nice, offering even more elegance and refinement. These characteristics that I have listed are not related to fashion but simply to dress well ... I do not follow fashion, I dress as I like and like it, and I am happy not to follow the mass that follows bad fashion, just for don't be upstream and be ridiculed, set aside and out of the group ...
Jack Twist (7 months ago)
One thing about the late 60's and 70's was that most people were thin. Check out the rock concerts form those times.
Big Huge (7 months ago)
The 70s fashion was definitely bold and cheezy by today's standards but the way the modern jackets and trousers drape on men today is bad; looking more like someone's botched up home made clothing.
Xperia Zip (10 months ago)
1:09 Mick dick
Jello ollej (1 year ago)
This music 👌
Comrade Starsky (1 year ago)
My parents were so dressed in those years, just think how will we look at our children when they grow up, fashion changes quickly.
Alexander Skudrev (2 years ago)
fashion then was like that at all, no, at that time all too poorly dressed, now it looks funny.
A cool compilation, I really liked, never seen the entire collection of stylish clothes 70s, great respect for the author of an interesting video.
in part, this fashion a little funny but in something very similar to fashion today. good time, good era!
I really enjoyed this collection primarily to the fact that it shows what seems to be quite recently it was very cool and fashion now looks like something strange.
Юрий Раев (2 years ago)
Cool clothing style, I like, I wish I lived at the time, I would definitely such hang out, and now I have the same must not happen.
Inessa Grace (2 years ago)
It was then fashionable is now so dress grandfathers, now everything has changed and after so many years does not look much.
Oh, fashion does not stand still, what once seemed all the rage and why everyone wanted to buy it now seems somehow unusual, thanks to the author for the nice and interesting video.
Katya Shukhina (2 years ago)
It's a litle bit funny but somehow still icredibly elegant.
It is interesting and fun to look at these clothes present time, it is a pity I did not see it then, and not participated in this fashion.

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