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Embellished Chain Tassel Tutorial

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**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Texture abounds in this simple statement pendant. Using chain remnants or scraps and cut lengths of leather, crystals, charms and more, I'll show you how to create a stunning piece of jewelry with tons of movement! Wear it on a simple cord or design a necklace or earrings around this style. Materials: -chain: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/chains -beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads -caps: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/cones-and-caps -22 gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-22-gauge-wire -headpins: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/24-gauge-headpins-gold-color-package-of-144-pieces -3-Piece Tool Kit: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/3-piece-tool-set
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Text Comments (16)
Louise Roberts (2 months ago)
This is a great tassel design! Did you make your ring on your right hand?
marie chianca (2 months ago)
christine white (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Jaime Patrice Designs (4 months ago)
Could you please show up close photos at the end of your videos. The camera never showed the final project up close. I think this is a wonderful project, wil attempt it today. I just wanted to enjoy this as well.
christine white (4 months ago)
Jaime Patrice Designs thank you so much for watching! I’m working on new tutorials that will focus on better, slower close-ups! 😊📿
Ahmad AR2 (6 months ago)
الشغل جميل جدآ و دقيق لكن التصوير سيء جدآ جدآ
Laurie E (6 months ago)
Thank you! Another great one! Do u ever take video topic requests? I am fairly good at most of the techniques I use to make my jewelry, except for typing knots!!! Like the kind of knot that sorta looks like a hangmans knot...I often make necklaces where the front 1/2 is chain or beads or whatever& the back half is leather...I just CANNOT seem to tie good knots where the chain & leather meet OR at the furthest back point, where I am wanting to attach a clasp! I have used sliding knots in the past, but that’s not what I’m referring to in this comment. Or have u seen any good videos on tying leather with the hangmans knot (for lack of a better name to call it...Im not sure what its actually called)...I have watched a ton if Youtube videos, but none of them have really been the type I’m talking about...& u are such a great teacher so I thought I’d just ask!...u make it very easy to understand!! I wish I could post a pic of the knots with my comment!!!
christine white (6 months ago)
Laurie E thanks for the recommendation! I do know what you are speaking of. I’ll see what I can do 😊 Thanks so much for watching and following along!
Olga Turnage (6 months ago)
Love it! What size of the bead cone did you use?
christine white (6 months ago)
Olga Turnage thank you! Mine are approximately 15mm-18mm but you could try different sizes, for sure! 🤗🌸
Margaret Gray (6 months ago)
So cool! Love the options to change up my tassel game! Thank you ❣️
christine white (6 months ago)
Margaret Gray awesome! Thanks for watching! 🤗🌸
morikyss (6 months ago)
muy bonito!!....podrias enseñarnos a hacer el collar que traes puesto....gracias por conpartir
christine white (6 months ago)
morikyss thank you for watching!
Jane McLean (6 months ago)
I think you gave me a Secret Santa idea! This would be appreciated by any age, and I can use up some ends of chain that I have. Good tutorial...thank you.
christine white (6 months ago)
Jane McLean thank you so much for watching! And yes, these are the perfect gift! 😊

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