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Disturbed-Prayer Vocal cover

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i believe this is a reboot if not well here u go this is a Disturbed, vocal cover and this songs called Prayer off of their Believe album, enjoy, plz rate and komment, thanx for watching
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Text Comments (74)
Darin Hansen (10 months ago)
where did you get that shirt
Demonic Records (3 years ago)
That was sick man! Check out my covers and tell me what you think
Gabriel Talbot (3 years ago)
i dont know why that video has so much views...
anrrina sánchez (3 years ago)
Stephen (4 years ago)
just a tip for doing the "dirty" vocals: this works for me, idk if it will work for everyone tho. tense up your abdomen so that it also tenses up your throat. for me this gives me a very consistent dirty sound and you can change how intense it is by tightening or loosening your stomach and throat muscles. i can match David's voice almost exactly when doing this. a good song to practice this with is Head Crusher by Megadeth. it's the same principle except the whole song is sung like that. other than that, good cover.
Steven Copice (3 years ago)
teach me your ways
1159303josie (4 years ago)
get it! lol I get down when this song plays on my phone. Love this DAMN SONG!
Bassgod 365 (5 years ago)
One of ur best
rocio cuevas (5 years ago)
Trinity Elmore (5 years ago)
this song omfg <3 you should do a cover of rise if you havent already :3 <3
Isaiah Mallory (5 years ago)
Thumbs up your at least way better than me:)
Devilish Queen (5 years ago)
i have one theres holes in the ears mouths and bottom of it its fucking awesome
Whitedude (5 years ago)
FUCK I'm illiterate
mike sangalang (5 years ago)
yeah burn you alive..
Mattinghas (5 years ago)
It sounds good as a cover but the higher pitches seem harder for you but over all it's a really good cover it would do great for a cover in a music festival if you performed
John Auer (6 years ago)
You stry to much in the higher octaves. Try to stay in the mid octaves and that guy below me was right. Same reason I cant sing it perfect. But my voice is too deep and smooth
Katie Gremlin (6 years ago)
i like your vocal range. your voice does not have the gruffness {if thats right word to use} as davids but still own unique quality. Nice One
Thurlbs (6 years ago)
dat air guitar
metallica001 (6 years ago)
very good man!
Jason Jackson (6 years ago)
his is almost the same as David on Prayer
Teszo locs (6 years ago)
On the wall.. Is this Joker?:DDD
DJecho4 (6 years ago)
You can deffinatly sing man. That was great!!! I love Disturbed and that is one of my favorites too :)
gpesano (7 years ago)
Good job man. I'm not a "true vocalist" but I'm leaning on Raiden4019's comment. This can't be an easy song to sing. I think you did a fantastic job. Keep rockin.
Raiden4019 (7 years ago)
This is a very difficult song to do, because the perfect sound experienced in the song is only possible through artificial harmony and some minor editing. Done solo the notes are VERY hard on your voice, as evidenced by both this guy and david draiman live. Cudos to this guy. You did a great job muzikgod88.
J Laine (7 years ago)
Pretty good, I like the shirt too but you need to clean up your room :-)
UltimateDragonBallFan (7 years ago)
bigpandaman (7 years ago)
@muzikgod88 my mom says your friends at your karaoke clubs are lying to you.
khloe Hamilton (7 years ago)
i love this song and you rock !!!!!!!!
Tia Kay (7 years ago)
I want that picture on your wall.
khloe Hamilton (7 years ago)
love it !!!!!!! it's a good song!!!
muzikgod88 (7 years ago)
@yanivyack not my lamp
yanivyack (7 years ago)
My mom says you have a girl's lamp
Jaden Bass (7 years ago)
muzikgod88 (7 years ago)
@kilalahi hell yes it is i love it too :)
Cody Herndon (7 years ago)
That poster above the shelf.....who is that of?
xSHADOWVAMPIREx (7 years ago)
Check out my cover to Prayer!
Multiliam93 (7 years ago)
21 dislikes and I fail to understand why. This is sounds like a pretty hard song to cover vocally, especially with the chorus and I think you did a pretty good job at it! :)
DescoWars (7 years ago)
Dude it's great :)
Oghren Kondrat (7 years ago)
@Otidios its a cover you idiot -.-
Noah Yates (7 years ago)
Great cover man...I love how you can almost do his voice, I wish I could xD. But its really good and keep it up
Bub bles (7 years ago)
i wish i had two more thumbs so i could give you four thumbs down. lol , just playin bro!!!
GucciBurr1996 (7 years ago)
i like how u can do daves kinda roar its awesome
Hazash (7 years ago)
whoa your 2 favourite bands are the same as mine :)
james nite (7 years ago)
i like it awsome!!
Shounak S (7 years ago)
How did you record yourself? What's that microphone you are using? Good cover btw :D
JGPrankcalls (7 years ago)
belive it or not this is my fav disturbed song so underrated i like alot of disturbed tho
Jules Cox (7 years ago)
@DaBassSlapa actually he does, he sings the tones right, that his vioce doesn't sound like the one from david has nothing to do with talent
Andrew F (7 years ago)
cocky bitch...you dont even have any talent
Real shit vocal xD
acer4139 (8 years ago)
Aaron Meacham (8 years ago)
pretty good after all Davids voice is hard to cover
zZTrickShotZz (8 years ago)
Dude, get out of my room!! oh nevermind
Martin J (8 years ago)
Pretty awesome job, one of the best covers of this song ive actually heard so good job!
babyswithrabies (8 years ago)
wow you got a new sub great voice
KaptinFathead (8 years ago)
Dam, that was good.... one of the best I've heard.
Ari Cogswell (8 years ago)
Not bad. :D
Dizzy Marrow (8 years ago)
Mate you did great, its so hard to sing music from disturbed just cos of the tone of david's voice but you did really well! :D *subbed*
Clorox Bleach (8 years ago)
the syrup in a monster energy drink will help with the low end. plus you'll be hyped as fuck and may break the camera, so though we may not see it, you'll be hitting the same notes with that chorus rasp. keep it up man.
Luka Subotic (8 years ago)
make some vid with linkin park or 30 seconds to mars!!! :P and nice voice! ;)
Sarrgas Music (8 years ago)
Your clean voice sounds AWESOME! You could however work a bit more with the rasp/distortion parts. You could check out CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) if you haven't already, for a more healthy way of producing the aggressive sounds :)
UpsettingTooth1 (8 years ago)
your a very talented peerson
takensquidly (8 years ago)
u do a great voice! better than alot of people. :-]
jamesodinson (8 years ago)
i got that same dragon statue thingy =]
IHAVENOLEGSftw (8 years ago)
1:22 who texted haha
James Wright (8 years ago)
yes,i did enj-
1992DisturbeD (8 years ago)
that was awesome dude
Matt Self (8 years ago)
fucking sweet
Shounak S (9 years ago)
Nice cover man. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first but, you did quite well. You matched David's range most of the song. But yeah your voice lost its power a bit in the bridge and the ending.
Beautiful :,)
Jazzywalker92 (9 years ago)
Sevendustlover4life (9 years ago)
@muzikgod88 Oh Yea! Hahaha...but yea maybe because they have seen you in Person :D But yup, definitely the brown for me :]]
muzikgod88 (9 years ago)
@Sevendustlover4life really? a lot of my friends like the black hair must be the camera quality
Sevendustlover4life (9 years ago)
Aw you dyed your hair.. :( I like the brown better :D
Sevendustlover4life (9 years ago)
YESS!!! <333333 DISTURBED!!! OMG!!

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