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Disturbed - Prayer (Guitar Cover)

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Another Disturbed re-do. Sorry about the ending, a couple friends of mine knew I was recording so they were purposely trying to screw me up, lol. Enjoy! I'm also working on new covers of System Of A Down, 10 Years, and Deftones. Coming soon!
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Text Comments (17)
project10bball (3 years ago)
turn off the background cd
project10bball (3 years ago)
+MysticGuitar77 good fuck 'em lol :)
MysticGuitar77 (3 years ago)
+project10bball Then people would complain that I don't have the backing track lol.
Wings Of Darkness (3 years ago)
Brilliant cover man :) Can you please tell me how is this type of guitar called?
MysticGuitar77 (3 years ago)
@Martin Barn Thanks! It's a Schecter Hellraiser C-1.
David Christ (5 years ago)
Lol at the end. "Dinner!!!"
12DisturbedGuy93 (6 years ago)
Looks really fun to play. Great job man, I'm gonna learn this now
MysticGuitar77 (6 years ago)
Drop C sharp.
12DisturbedGuy93 (6 years ago)
Drop c or drop C sharp?
MysticGuitar77 (6 years ago)
Thanks. I use a Line 6 Spider III HD150.
ghata (6 years ago)
great cover man, what amp did you use for this?
WaheedQc (6 years ago)
Well man u nail those Disturbed songs, great vids, keep up the good work.
Derek Hubbard (6 years ago)
Jason Miner (7 years ago)
Ryan Cinch (7 years ago)
Rock On!
CONFINEDroyalty07 (7 years ago)
This song is epic! Great cover man.
Glowingsweet (7 years ago)
Great job!;D

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