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Prayer - Disturbed Drum Cover

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Drum cover of Prayer by Disturbed. Halfway through the vid is the same cover with just the drums. Theres a shitty warm up at the beginning. Thanks for watching. By angusfuzz
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RCAXX37 (6 years ago)
there is zero feeling going into this lol sound sucks, squeal is annoying, and you just look like somebody is forcing you to play this...not impressed
TobixD123 (6 years ago)
Rigon Sierra (7 years ago)
Here is some constructive criticism. It appears as though you are more focused with your camera angle than your drum playing. The cover was weak and sloppy.
Joaquin Annun (8 years ago)
no me gustó
Stav Dueiv (8 years ago)
rly bad cover i dont care about your solo your drumming style is horrible you look like a weird drummer that try to boast im sorry... rly bad cover
Chris Isaacs (8 years ago)
I had to turn this off due to the HIGH PITCH SQUEAL! Agree wit Zilduk. The drum arrangement is more focused than metal. You can lmost play this song with a single pedal. The pattern is riffed with the guitar strokes. If you watch Mike Wengren play this, his left kick rarely gets used. Sometimes... many times, less is better.
Josiah Holte (8 years ago)
lame cover almost the whole cover is wrong lol
pokeones (8 years ago)
100%, 5 stars, awesome, great druming
c1anserv (8 years ago)
shugularity (9 years ago)
ah eventually you get used to the high pitch thing.... i haven't seen one of your vids in a while, stuff to do lol... i've got my double bass now (mapex one) and i will get round to uploading something. nice cover of the song even if there is a noise that seems to be ever so un-appealing to some people :P its really not that bad...
23Fists (9 years ago)
lol, you replied 23 hrs ago. what luck xD
23Fists (9 years ago)
lol, small world, eh, JG?
monkeypusher1 (9 years ago)
dude whats up with high pitch
ihateduke15 (9 years ago)
dude that was fuckin perfect i loved that cover man i cant tell you how awesome that was
angusfuzz (9 years ago)
thanks bro. im not going to take this video down though its got too many views..that would be like aborting a 9 month pregnancy lol. thanks again for the offer and comment.
angusfuzz (9 years ago)
nah..thank YOU man! =)
JacobStupify3 (9 years ago)
oh ok now i c thanks man
angusfuzz (9 years ago)
thanks man! no i just saw them on youtube performing at rock am ring..i was suggesting ruffino15 watches that video too
JacobStupify3 (9 years ago)
u were at rock am ring? in germany wasnt it? oh and awesome cover i love the band
AMFXLI (9 years ago)
great effort!,10/10. my only complaint is the camera over your left shoulder is crap, should've just used the one on the right.
MeetMalice (9 years ago)
not sure why this has so few views and comments, liked the drum cover alot :]
angusfuzz (9 years ago)
thank you. but he doesn't use the ride cymbal in the chorus he uses the crash..watch them live at rock am ring. post a cover of this song i would like to see how you play it. post it as a response to this vid. keep drummin man. rock on!
leafblade (9 years ago)
steve nice drummin (Sheriff)
angusfuzz (9 years ago)
fuck you

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