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Today I'm finally answering my most asked questions! R E C E N T S What I got for Christmas- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6tHyOu04uk PRODUCTS MENTIONED 7 Lessons From Heaven book- http://bit.ly/2CQkW5A C O N N E C T BLOG: http://www.sweetemelynes.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/sweetemelynes TWITTER: https://twitter.com/sweetemelynes PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/sweetemelynes In today's video I will be addressing my most asked questions! I will talk about chopping my long hair, the reality of/what it's like being a pastors kid, when I'm getting engaged, how to keep a long healthy relationship, moving to Charleston South Carolina and SO much more!! FTC: This video is not sponsored. The description may contain affiliate links, if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos. Thank you for the support!
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Renata (7 months ago)
You're so sweet and pure! I'm sixteen and teenagers are just a bit lost this days... I wish I hadn't acted like them to fit in. Watching your videos encourage me to wear the vintage clother I love. Do the things I love no matter what other people will think. Thanks for being such an amazing role model. Lots of love from Brazil ❤
Mary Mclocke (10 months ago)
+SweetEmelyne's - 2nd video I've watched and I subbed. I felt it and I prayed, and you *are* a Christian..Praise God! Hearing that made an "old" -ish lady VERY happy.. Really neat video. Honesty is so refreshing to see in these days. YES, communication in any relationship is SO important! Take your time and get married only when you're both ready, you'll be happy you waited...You know the center of marriage, I know there's no need to tell you that! Your priorities are obviously straight, you're really know what you want in life. Having 5 daughters, that was always a worry for me, but all are doing well too. Your parents should be so proud of you, and no doubt, they are! God bless you and know that you'll both be in my prayers, always!
Andrea Ryan (10 months ago)
I’ve also been with my fiance for 8 years!
Sarlando Briseno (11 months ago)
I love your videos so much you make me want to be a better person & Christian.
ma. jocelyn orbista (1 year ago)
I pray that American girls will be like you because you honor your parents . I pray that you keep your marriage bed pure.
jackie nicole (1 year ago)
we are so similar, i just discovered your channel and i’m obsessed! i’ve also visited south carolina when i was 13 and reaaally want to move there when i’m older. hopefully one day i’ll be living there and i’ll be able to visit your cupcake shop ❤️
Red hood (1 year ago)
K Rob1n (1 year ago)
You could do getting ready on my wedding day... show clips were he is out of focus and looks unidentifiable for your wedding.
Do It Hannah (1 year ago)
I am 13 and I really want to move to Washington state around the Seattle area, in between the city and the farm land, get a farm, etc. But I am not sure if I can do that because I have lived In CA my whole life and can't imagine living anywhere else
Do It Hannah (1 year ago)
Your new hair looks really nice!
BizzyToyKids (1 year ago)
Nancy Drew books :)
ElaineDi (1 year ago)
Pastor’s kid 🙋🏻‍♀️
JoJoBeautifullyMe (1 year ago)
Hello! I just found your channel and I am so glad that I did because girl you are inspiring! My dad is a teacher and we moved around a lot when I was growing up because my dad felt called by God to teach at smaller schools. Also love the Nancy Drew books. I actually have some WWII era copies myself. For the longest time I felt like I was one of the few people my age (early 20's) who really liked vintage and retro stuff.
Zora Ruen (1 year ago)
I'm also a pastor's kid ♥️
Just Me (1 year ago)
Emelyne!! You look gorgeous with shorter hair!!....Now will be easier to make vintage hairstyles!! I love your videos!!
Bloom Looms (1 year ago)
Omg I live in SC!!!
Bloom Looms (1 year ago)
Charleston is beautiful especially this pizza place in downtown.. I'll have to think of the name! I think its in the "Rainbow Cove"?
Amie Gamble (1 year ago)
He can be in a video...at the breakfast table. Behind a newspaper. Get creative w what he hides behind. (Like Wilson)
SweetEmelyne's (1 year ago)
yes!! that's what I've been thinking!
Heather Bushman (1 year ago)
My family is all in the Charleston area. It's my favorite place. We are moving this summer from Utah to Georgia because we need a bit of space from my family, but I'm so excited to be close to them again. Glad you are having a better time now! I love your videos and your positivity.
Maria Quinn Greene (1 year ago)
Sweet girl... you are my first YouTube channel I ever watched/subscribed to. Thank you for being so open and honest. I appreciate your values and I just want to say thank you for being you! Blessings from NC (close to SC!)
Honey Rose (1 year ago)
I love this new haircut on u. It really brings out your eye😊
My Name (1 year ago)
Just found your channel. What a breath of fresh air. Keep it up. :)
j ville (1 year ago)
You are such a beautiful person. I wish you the best in everything you do. Happy New Year!!
amyb (1 year ago)
I love your new hair! I feel like it would be so cute with bangs! But it looks lovely as is as well.
Amanda Lindsay (1 year ago)
Your hair looks great!! Love it
MissCassieCherie (1 year ago)
lmao that is the cutest thing in the world that you and Connor waited until you were 16 to date
geraldine becher (1 year ago)
Nope, don't ever smoke. Too hard to quit and too costly. After 55 years of smoking I did quit. Now I can smell the smoke on others. Not too bad, but stale smell gags me. I love cupcakes! Do you have videos on that? Best wishes. Some years are bad. We had a really bad year too. But this year will be better. I feel it.
Southern By Grace (1 year ago)
I love your channel even though I'm 38, married with kids. I find your videos very inspiring. My 6 year old daughter also loves your channel! Thanks for making clean, inspiring, quality videos! God bless!
Bryn Bailey (1 year ago)
Love your hair!!
aa as (1 year ago)
Do a 1950s house wife video
Sweetly Madeline (1 year ago)
Aww I love seeing videos like this!!
hailey rae (1 year ago)
I love your new haircut so much!! The length is so timeless and always makes your hair look super healthy
Elizabeth O’Neill (1 year ago)
I live in South Carolina! It’s beautiful here.
Princess (1 year ago)
Your hair looks so cute omg you look so adorable ♡
eliza lyday (1 year ago)
I'm so glad I found such a great youtuber who is so open about about her faith, especially one who makes such great videos with such a good aesthetic. God bless!!
Muna Al Thani (1 year ago)
love ur outfit
stevie (1 year ago)
I also watched the tiny house documentary and really want to live in one but my boyfriend would also never do that haha. Also the cat probably wouldn't be pleased with the idea
Unda (1 year ago)
“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” right Em? ☺️ I’m so happy I found your channel, I love seeing you grow!
Kamira Okita (1 year ago)
Love your Hair Emelyne! and your my new favorite youtuber
R0995 (1 year ago)
I love your new hair!
KittyCatRosie (1 year ago)
Has Em ever addressed her veganism/what made her want to be vegan? Or how long she has done it for?
Elsa Agðarsdotter (1 year ago)
KittyCatRosie Omg I didn’t know. :P I’m so happy lol
Taylor Swift Fandom!! (1 year ago)
your dogs are so cute!! i love your videos! :D
I completely agree with you on the smoking and alchol. I do a lot of theatre and choir, and even second hand smoke for a free minutes is enough to mess with my voice that day.
Reka L (1 year ago)
You look so happy and beautiful! And your hair is amazing! :)
WestEndActress (1 year ago)
it was nice to hear a bit more of your story, Em! & my fiançé kept saying soon like a month before he proposed, I'm super excited to see you guys get to plan and go through that time in your lives, also! & it's so funny you wanna move to SC because even though I'm from the UK I've always wanted to move to North Carolina, it just seems like it has my pace of life and it's so beautiful so I completely understand why you'd wanna move down South, also! You honestly do seem way happier and I hope 2018 continues to bring that for you! xo
chillitz (1 year ago)
your relationship is so cute omg. i wish the best for you two!
Biba La poupée (1 year ago)
Sweety Love you so muchhhh
Daniah Tareq (1 year ago)
He might be working in the government maybe
Melody Main (1 year ago)
Your shorter hair looks fantastic! ☺️ It’s always good to reflect and realize how much you’ve grown - you do seem more content. 💕
Felisha Gray (1 year ago)
You look so beautiful and glowing Emelyne! Thank you for posting this video, I am going through a tough time and you poured a little more positivity in my life. I will definitely try to pamper myself and make choices that helps me feel better on the inside. And I am so happy for you and Connor! God is truly amazing for blessing you with your true love. I can’t wait for the future engagement video! 💕
Adrian Spade (1 year ago)
I always hear about girls' adventures about cutting their hair and how terrifying/exhilarating it was. Then there's me, who lopped off all of their hair that used to go to the small of my back into a full-blown pixie cut because "I felt like it" (" ^ ^) I worry about my own recklessness sometimes... Also i'm really happy that you seem happier now! 2017 was a really hard year for a lot of people so let's all help to build each other up in 2018! <3
hotcris3 (1 year ago)
Is Connor camera shy?
Princess Ki (1 year ago)
When you can... when you guys get engaged can you do a housewife video as an actual housewife? And omg your like so amazing and awesome and ☺️ love you
My husbands father is a church deacon. His mom teaches sunday school. My hubby was raised on a farm old fashioned he has 11 siblings. He was adopted from korea at age 3. His brother Ricky & Tina were adopted to. Congrats on the engagement. Your family reminds me of my hubbys family I am Christian but my family is not it is hard I am glad I married into this family to. But thanks for sharing this
Daisy Paisies (1 year ago)
I totally understand your stance about alcohol and cigarettes. I hope to find someone similar !
Daisy Paisies (1 year ago)
Also, I love your new hair. I was secretly hoping you would cut your hair shorter and hey!! It looks great!
Thank you for sharing happy new year 💖
liv5776 (1 year ago)
Your hair looks really good 😍💕
Jackie Phongmai (1 year ago)
I love you and your videos you're so cute and I'm so happy to hear that your doing better! Happy New Year!
Lia J (1 year ago)
Emm I was the one who asked you about your hair, I cut my hair on new years day because Ive always had long hair, and now were twinning!
Anna Banana (1 year ago)
For the wedding video u should just blur his face....!
Hayley Myers (1 year ago)
Love this Q&A! So excited to see those engagement vlogs! 😍 I think you dream of opening up a cupcake shop is so cool. God has great things for you coming in 2018! 😍
Elspeth Awake (1 year ago)
Nice to get to know you - good video!
Charlotte Wahlert (1 year ago)
Charlotte Wahlert (1 year ago)
I️ love you!
Jasmine P (1 year ago)
i love your q&a's !!
N R (1 year ago)
Blurr his face when you get married
Priscilla C (1 year ago)
Hope you get engaged soon so I can watch your wedding planning videos! I just got engaged a couple of weeks ago and I need inspiration! 💗💍
Priscilla C Congratulations!!
cute (1 year ago)
Your new hair looks amazing 😍😍🤤
Maddi Henderson (1 year ago)
so wonderful to hear you are doing well!💕 i love your videos, please keep them coming!
Jasmine P (1 year ago)
you look so beautiful with your short hair !
Alexandra Alberti (1 year ago)
I am right there with you I was one of those girls that wanted to get married and have kids
Isabella Rose (1 year ago)
Alexandra Alberti (1 year ago)
I am a Christian too! I am strict on smoking I do not like it . My Pop smoked a lot then he stopped for a long time, but he got lung cancer and had one lung removed. But the Lord called him home July 2017....Happy New Year I hope and pray God Blesses you abundantly this year....
Alexandra Alberti (1 year ago)
lbbh a thank you and yes he is in a better place and God Bless You too!!
Alexandra Alberti (1 year ago)
Do you accept fan mail?
Ellyse Heycott (1 year ago)
Love the hair em 💕 I feel like we had a similar experience... last year was one of the worst years of my life I honestly didn’t think I would make it through but right at the end I got a job and sure it hasn’t solved all my problems but just being able to get out of the house 5 days a week and focus on something else helps so much... also I can’t wait for all your wedding planning videos 🎀💕
Gretchen. C (1 year ago)
I’m from South Carolina (a very very small town) but I feel that you would LOVE Charleston or Folly beach!!!! Also you should do a video on all your Nancy Drew books and which ones you don’t have so people can send you more 😜
R. H. (1 year ago)
I've know my fiancé for 3 and a half years and we have been together for 3
KryslersCommonRoom (1 year ago)
I can't wait for you to get engaged!! I also love your new haircut ^_^
HowCaseySeesIt (1 year ago)
I’m totally right there with you about the smoking thing.
Prettylittlemindx (1 year ago)
Yeah a Q and A I’m so excited to watch this 💖💖💖😭
yeyifashion (1 year ago)
Love you hair like that!
1987 2018 (1 year ago)
I’m obsessed with your hair 😍
Valerie Bartz (1 year ago)
I love watching your videos! oh andI am also a Christian!
xo_cassi (1 year ago)
My Grandfather is a Pastor
Cassidy Dorinda (1 year ago)
Gabi 24 hour closet challage lead me to this and im so glad to have find this channel i love it
Izzabella Dieteman (1 year ago)
❤️ I really love your Chanel Em ! Thanks for sharing some of this with us I love getting to know you better
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
yayayayaayayay i was the one who asked about a religion! I'm Catholic i like it but i want change my church because i don't agree on praying to saints. thats the one thing i would like my church to change
Abigail Grace (1 year ago)
Ashley LeBlanc Hey! Just a thought, God never said to pray to saints. He made it very clear in the Bible to pray to Him through Jesus Christ. So it's actually not a biblical concept, and you'll find a close relationship with God through Jesus, and not humans. :)
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
geraldine becher yea i do that I just dont pray 👍
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
Ashley LeBlanc hi my grandama told me that but im just not into that thank you for the blessings God bless you to 😀!
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
Aleuiiz Gue yea its nice ive been sometimes, what i like is the upbeat music!
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
Lea Lou yea ive considerd trying a non denominations church thank you! I just think ima feel wierd after so many years of going to a Catholic church.
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
i want to move to a small town i live in city that 10 years ago was still a town but its not the same to much traffic more crime ughhhhh i love loving in the south but not in a city!
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
when I'm scared or feel lost i ask God to help me or talk to him in my mind
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
that is true getting little things done to your body makes you feel happy because you feel more confident
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
girl I'm on the same page as you because i want a husband who will be a good ex for my kids because kids are sponges if they see you do something then they will think its ok but if you catch them one day they will just say ohh but why did you do it so i don't get why you don't want me to do it so i want to set a good ex for my kids and i want my husband to be on the same pg as me to
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
are u an adventist? a jehovah witness? etc...
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
congrats on your 8 yrs!!!! Thats a true blessing will you marry him through the church?
pinkice13 (1 year ago)
we have the same hair length! tbh i wish i had long hair but its not because i don't like the short hair if not that my hair doesn't grow much since its been through so much i started dying it since i was 11 and i would flat iron it every week for a year i would get these keratins that would only fry my hair so thats why its hard for my hair to grow merppppp
rebekah lundin (1 year ago)
Your hair is awesome and i am so happy to are brave enough to share about your faith!
Ann K (1 year ago)
Love your hair :)
Mnrusty1 (1 year ago)
What a wonderful Christian witness you are! What a lovely, warm person you are! Thank you for sharing the book you’ve enjoyed...will definitely check it out. Love all your sweet videos. Happy New Year Emelyne!💐
McKenzie Armstrong (1 year ago)
Your hair looks beautiful, it's very flattering! And don't give up on your dreams of having a cupcake shop, you seem very capable and you could do it!
Kylee Grace (1 year ago)
emelyne, you are so beyond beautiful, real and inspiring :) we love you
abi (1 year ago)
Hi it’s @thevintagediner from instagram!! I love how you are so open about your religion! Not many people are. And when you were talking about teaching cupcake classes I remembered that I’m taking a dance class very soon! So I’m so happy that I can get my mind off stressful things!xxx🤗

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