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I paid $49.99 for this jewelry jar

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Amy Minie (2 months ago)
I love how you don’t edit keep up the great work. I’m addicted to watching these videos and see what you find. And I like that lucky 🍀 necklace. I’m 30 and that Lucky chevron necklace is so hot right now ! Great 👍🏼 find
connie acuna (3 months ago)
I would b happy to take ur trash jewelry would appreciate it n new hear but i,'ll watching ur vedios ty BLESSING'S
Stone Ryder (4 months ago)
Hi Carol. What do you do with rosaries you get in jars? I would purchase. Let me know.
Boomstick99 (4 months ago)
Is any one here really familiar with Monet items? I came across a bracelet that was signed Monet but after the t instead of the little copyright insignia there is a diamond (assuming diamond, could be rhinestone) chip in the tiny circle. Has anyone else come across this marking and happens to know what it is about? Was not sure if it was normal or something special.
Creative Lauri (5 months ago)
I think those glass rings were originally from Pier One. I bought two of them years ago and they're suppose to be reminiscent of the Venetian glass. I love mine.
Creative Lauri (5 months ago)
Oh my gosh! I need that faux turquoise necklace. Your Goodwill stores have good jars. Mine only has mardi gras beads...lol.
carmel gang (5 months ago)
I went to value village visiting and looked for a jewelry jar but they didn’t have on and no grab bags so how do you purchase yours on good will cause bidding is out the question for me they are to expensive for costume jewelry.
Michele Cronin (5 months ago)
What sites do yo you sell on
edward mahony (5 months ago)
Some pile of stuff you got there!!! Wow!
Starlit Wayman (5 months ago)
My apologies my keyboardiactingcrazy sea bead and streach.emailis [email protected] THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
not sure what you are asking about lol
Starlit Wayman (5 months ago)
I wanted toknow if you would sell me all your long sad bad and glass bead necklaces and pins and brouches and sreach braclets? my zip is 95901 im making small jeelery for People In Rest homes and chlldrens shelters. i am asubscriber HOPE TO HEAR FROM USOON
Babsy1316 (5 months ago)
You got some really great things...lots of pretty earring. Great video...editing not needed. Thanks for sharing Carol.
Annie Garcia (5 months ago)
I bought one from goodwill mostly all was necklace, i way so disappointed.
Eman Khan (5 months ago)
Hay I'm interested in the broaches and the bracelet with moon and star are Muslim jewelry i am also interested in the malty colored stone bracelet please hit me back and let me know how much you would sell them for. The broaches I wear with my hejab and the muslum braclet well I'm muslum so you can understand my interest. The green broach was very pretty and looked like my birthstone color and if you are having a hard time selling your broaches ask me about that to I can find a market with the sisters at my mesjed thanks hope to here from you soon
Sanjauna Gonzales (5 months ago)
Hi Carol you think getting a lot of those glass Rings wow thanks for sharing
Sassy Cat (5 months ago)
Wow you got quite a few of the glass rings. They are very nice and believe it or not they will sell if you choose to put them on your site. They are Murano glass made in Italy.😊😊😊 Not my cup of tea but there is a nice market for those and they get good money for them. You have so many you could make a good bit from them. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Thanks for sharing your jar. I love watching your videos you have a very relaxing voice.😊😊😊😊
judedirect (5 months ago)
I’ve got a $100 Jewelry jar going up for sale tomorrow morning at 10 am on GranieJosie’s Shop on Facebook. It’s full of gold and sterling- worth way more than my asking price if interested 😊
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
I do have facebook. Yup probably the only person in the US who doesnt
MySkywatch2 (5 months ago)
👍enjoyed the unjarring. And I see owl earrings in the earring jar you've yet to unjar!
shari applegate (5 months ago)
Do you ever get all silvertone jars or goldtone jars? Best jars
BlackSun (5 months ago)
You are too fast for me.
Laurell Scholz (5 months ago)
That glass ring, (if it's glass) may be Murano and I just sold one for $30.00.
Gerardine Mcgarrity (5 months ago)
Thanks Carol not bad jar. Some nice rings I do like the glass one's 👌
Faith Seidel (5 months ago)
Don't edit love your videos 😊
Faith Seidel (5 months ago)
The bracelet.... roach clip clasp 😁
Blue Raspberry (5 months ago)
That strand of beads that you said has a glittery thing in it warrants closer examination. That glittery thing is known as goldstone which is manmade and frequently used with genuine gemstones in chip necklaces. Hope for you that is the case.
Kathy Prusak (5 months ago)
Ring a ding😘
Maria Linares (5 months ago)
Pura basura
Debs Treasurez (5 months ago)
Chippies. Yup the bracelet was up your alley. Very interesting items.
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Lol debs. I need help with brighton stuff once I get it together I'll email you ok
Maria Alvarez (5 months ago)
Were Shop jewelry please
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
I get this at savers thruft store
Bella perlina are worth some $$ decent $$
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
@Raven At R Treasure Chest and here I thought those were great $2.00 lol
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
The bella petlina looked rusty put in craft lot
The abolone earrings you can get from WISH for $2 , I actually bought some and like them alot. There's a matching pendant too on the app.
Posh them Carol
Faye Roberson (5 months ago)
Great video..... I saw some great pieces and I would say you scored here with this jar. You are so funny about losing things... ha Jesus came back! Ha ha
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Faye I am not on speaking terms right now with Jesus
Poplar Picker (5 months ago)
Don't edit they are great just the way they are :) that lucky you bracelet reminded me of 80s where anything goes including roach clips haha. That green brooch also reminded me of 80s the way we used to button all the way up and wear those pins on it. Reminded me of Molly ringwald :)
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
LOL roachclip Nikki.
Chrome Girl (5 months ago)
Jesus is in the house! LOL
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Jesus and I are not speaking right now 😐
SoGitThis (5 months ago)
Great haul!! TFS!!:0)
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Thanks Angie. In glad we met on YouTube 😊
Eileen Lois (5 months ago)
I watched a YouTube of a lady teaching on what to watch for in used jewelry and she said Robert Rose is a good one.
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Thanks for the heads up. In more if a reseller then a jewelry expert so all advice is helpful to me and others
martha posey (5 months ago)
Nice jar. I love all the rings. TFS
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
peace3601 (5 months ago)
Nice! Do you clean the verdigris from your finds, or put in crafters lot?
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Usually crafters but I may have to learn lol
Louise Lewis (5 months ago)
Yeah lean how to subscribe to your channel love all you do Louise From Texas God bless girl
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Thanks Louise welcome
Robin Daigneault (5 months ago)
thank you for sharing. love the glass rings.
Sue Hewett (5 months ago)
I like the roach clip bracelet! LOL
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
It's a lucky brand saw tag after lol
Vicki Paczesny (5 months ago)
One of my favorite things about your videos is that you don't edit, I feel like it makes your videos so much more natural and authentic. Some great things in this jar!, thanks Carol!!
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Vicki I have to learn to edit just so I know how lol but at this point Im not lol
Sofia dober (5 months ago)
Oh hi Carol, this was fun. Really some great things. I had the same reaction when I saw the Jesus earnings. The other shopper wanted them too! Wow, she was meant to have them. 😀
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
LOL right gotta look back and find out who it was she was meant to have them lol
NChant101 (5 months ago)
Thanks Carol! Perhaps you can lot all of those glass rings together. That would be good for someone who sells at the flea market
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Good idea
sevenbells96 (5 months ago)
Love Lia Sophia, all rings, and the brown cross.
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Yeah I gotta get to listing
Karensatthebeach (5 months ago)
Pretty pieces, thanks for sharing!
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Not that great for the price but i'll make my money back
Kathryn Kay (5 months ago)
Not the greatest jar you've had but think you can still make your money back. Looks like I am going to be another day before doing my part 2 video of your items. Having issues with the phone but going to have it checked tomorrow after my appointments. lol
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Yeah the higher priced ones were worse than the cheap one
Ta ta (5 months ago)
Lucky You, looks like a roach clip
Sherri Harrison (5 months ago)
Ta ta dual purpose!
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
that was a lucky brand bracelet lol
Violet Brown (5 months ago)
The silver swirl ring is a toe ring.
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
oh lol
Ta ta (5 months ago)
Loove the glass rings
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
I have alot of those glass rings lol
Wendy-UK (5 months ago)
Hi Carol, again some pretty pieces in that jar x
bargainshopping (5 months ago)
Not the greatest jar but its fun to search through them lol
Adena Jacob (5 months ago)
A lot of nice items in this jar

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