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Textured Bead Cluster Tutorial For Jewelry Making

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**SHOP TUTORIAL MATERIALS BELOW** Learn to make the quintessential statement piece for one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets using headpins, beads and chain to create texture and movement for your jewelry pieces. A fun technique for bead stringers who are ready to take their skills to the next level. For more about headpins: https://youtu.be/j-PHT2eMEMI Materials: -Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/bead-strands -Headpins: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/24-gauge-headpins-gold-color-package-of-144-pieces -Round Nose Pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/round-nose-pliers-zebra-handle -Chain: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/chains/products/brushed-gold-round-chain -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter
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Text Comments (28)
brittney trayah (2 months ago)
Christine calls them her babies if I’m not mistaken lol to cute! I love the ones with the color variations like the black and white beads and the neon ones are so cool!
christine white (2 months ago)
brittney trayah haha! You are correct!! I had to come up with a fancier name for them for a video & sharing them with the world. But yes, we still call these “babies” around the shop 😂 thank you for watching!!
Nancy M (4 months ago)
Thanks for the information... is it possible to get closer shots to your jewelry... can't see any detail that far away
christine white (4 months ago)
Nancy M we are definitely focusing on slower, closer shots in upcoming videos. You can also check out my social media for more detailed pics! Thank you so much for watching!
Lidia McCulley (6 months ago)
Beautiful & so easy to make it! Thanks for sharing your designs and knowledge! I just subscribed to continue receiving your videos. Greetings from MN
christine white (6 months ago)
Lidia McCulley thank you for your kind feedback and thank you so much for watching!
Ahmad AR2 (6 months ago)
عزيزتي حاولي توضحي التصوير عالقطعة التصوير مو واضح
Ahmad AR2 (6 months ago)
واااااو رائعة جدآ
Helga Ma (7 months ago)
Great technique! Congratulations! I will try it right away.❤️👍🏻
christine white (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for your kind feedback! And thank you for watching! 😊🌸
Cherelyn (7 months ago)
Wow! Very gorgeous! Where can I get those beautiful beads? Thank you for the great tutorial. I'm new to beading jewelry, and i find your videos very helpful. You are very gorgeous!
Cherelyn (7 months ago)
Thank you for your response Ms Christine. I appreciate it. I'm looking forward to see those kits in your online store. I love all the beading supplies that you use in your videos! 😍
christine white (7 months ago)
Cherelyn thank you so much for watching and your kind comment! I can put together a kit with the beads and findings for you if you like. I hope to have all kits available on my site in time. Feel free to email me at : Christine (@) christinewhitestyle.com 😊🌸
Julie Botkis (8 months ago)
I loved the tutorial, but don’t know if I’m that industrious! Lol!
christine white (8 months ago)
Julie Botkis you make so many gorgeous pieces! 😊👍🏻
Margaret Gray (8 months ago)
Love “caterpillars”... such a cool, funky technique❣️
christine white (8 months ago)
Margaret Gray my favorite! So glad you like! 😊🌸
Sarah Pettijohn (8 months ago)
I should have asked you this the other day. Does it matter what gauge the headpin wire is? Any recommendations on what size beads to use...or what the size difference between the two beads should be?! I just want to have mine turn out as great as yours!!!
Sarah Pettijohn (8 months ago)
+christine white thanks!!!!
christine white (8 months ago)
Sarah Pettijohn great question! I’m using 24 gauge in the video! They are thin and great for beginners because the don’t require as much elbow grease to turn. BUT- thinner headpins tend to have smaller heads, something to consider based on your bead and hole size. So usually when I make a larger cluster, I go up to 22 or 20 gauge. There’s no formula for size difference between the beads- you can have a lot of fun experimenting here. 🤗
Mishele Smoak (8 months ago)
That's beautiful! You make it look so easy!
christine white (8 months ago)
Mishele Smoak thank you! And thank you for watching! It can be easy, it’s just a little more time consuming 🤗👍🏻
Zoskia Ayala (8 months ago)
Love it
christine white (8 months ago)
Zoskia Ayala thank you!! 😊🌸
Jane McLean (8 months ago)
So cute! You could have a lot of fun with colour and placement.
christine white (8 months ago)
Jane McLean yes! Absolutely you could! 👍🏻
D & G Jewelry Handmade (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing! You’re an artist.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
christine white (8 months ago)
D y G Jewelry Handmade thank you so much! And thank you for watching! ☺️🤗💕

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