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Frogg togg waders review

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summerdying111 (1 month ago)
Dino bought them for you ? Dino is gay bro.
Erick Torregroza (4 months ago)
So I did enjoy these waders. The foot area is alittle loose, I have taken these waders to the ocean for fishing no leaks and easy to wear. I give them a 7 out 10 for comfort. I like the little pocket I keep my phone inside fits my note 8 no problem.
Travis Butler (5 months ago)
How the fuck are you going to do a review without actually using them?
Chris Cook (6 months ago)
Doesn't sound like you used waders before, you need wading boots. They have vents to let water flow in and out
Italian Troutaholic (8 months ago)
any update????? on the waders???
downsouthfishing (1 year ago)
Get you some wadeing boots from academy
Terry Thomas (2 years ago)
good review. thanks
Italian Troutaholic (2 years ago)
try www.waderusa.com

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