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Do Chest Waders Pull You Under or Float? (Full of Water)

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Its common knowledge to duck hunters that chest wading is dangerous but will they actually pull you under when they fill with water causing you to drown? In this video I fall into a marsh wearing my neoprene waders and put that myth to the test. Watch to the end for a few good laughs. Connect with us on Social media! Instagram: @the_quack_addicts. Faceboook: The Quack Addicts Gator-Tail Outboards: http://gator-tail.com/ Discount codes: • ShotKam: “QUACK50” https://shotkam.com/ • HTR Gun Stand: “Quack” is https://www.htrinnovations.com/ Camera Gear: Nikon D7500 with 18-300mm Nikkor lens Go Pro Hero 5 Black Go Pro Hero 6 Black 2 ShotKam 2018 models Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 Duck Hunting Gear: Gator-Tail Savage Series Boat Gator-Tail GTR 40 XD Surface Drive Motor Benelli M2 12ga Browning A-5 12ga Drake Waterfowl lst eqwader 2.0 Mud River Lanyard Co Custom Lanyards Rob Roberts T2 and T3 chokes Hevi Metal 3 inch 3 shot My go to call: Critter Done timber double reed
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The Quack Addicts (7 months ago)
How's your duck season going? Hopefully its been better than ours has been thus far. We've been holding onto this video for hard times so we figured it'd be a good time to put it up. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Salvador Luciano (2 months ago)
mhodson5 (2 months ago)
Great video. However I feel like the drowning or getting sucked under would be more so if you were say fishing in a river and there was current added to the equation . However it's good to know that there is no real risk in the situation you just showed! . Which is great for me and my buddies who go out wheeling and get in some deep holes .
The Quack Addicts (2 months ago)
Appreciate it bub.
Glenn Rogers (3 months ago)
Ok, so I fish from a kayak during warm weather, and I duck hunt but never from a kayak for this EXACT reason. Thank you!
The Quack Addicts (2 months ago)
Yessir! Thanks for watching.
Paul Suntrup (6 months ago)
How y’all been? Haven’t seen you post for a while? Tough season?
The Quack Addicts (6 months ago)
We actually have a new hunting video that's going up tomorrow! But yeah man its been the worst start to a season that we have seen in a long time here in KY. Hopefully January will be better, its usually the best part of the year for us.
TheeLobStar (7 months ago)
I’m glad you did this video. I was always curious.
Cody Travis (7 months ago)
Cool video! I’ve always heard the same. This makes me feel a little better about it. #RIPWALLET
Middle Finger Technology (7 months ago)
Myth bustin 101
BENJAMIN DOWELL (7 months ago)
Dixie Duck Hunter (7 months ago)
Quack heads are crazy! 👍
James Settles (7 months ago)
Damn Straight

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