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Disturbed - Prayer (guitar cover)

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Me playing prayer by disturbed, enjoy! i do not own the rights to this song.
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Text Comments (41)
james (28 days ago)
nice work kid
craigime (2 years ago)
what guitar is that?
project10bball (3 years ago)
background too high
Sergiotanaz (3 years ago)
cape cod (3 years ago)
whats the tuning ? thanx
Jeroen Jaspers (3 years ago)
drop C# I think but I'm not sure, it is a while ago since I played it
Nine (4 years ago)
Hey man, what settings did you use on your amp if you remember? Any pedals too?
Beta Spring (5 years ago)
sou gay
Rony Peterson (2 months ago)
Ok! kkk
David Christ (5 years ago)
np np np
David Christ (5 years ago)
Tail end of verse, tail end of pre chorus, the "Breakdown" If you will. You are playing 2202 2202 2202 202 2023. When it's 2202 2202 0202 202 2023. Small mistake but that's why I said good job. Don't be defensive, always better to take constructive criticism when it's given and apply it to playing the song more correctly.
David Christ (5 years ago)
A lot played wrong, but good job.
Jeroen Jaspers (5 years ago)
Haha no problem! Yeah it's easy but fun to play! I believe it was a drop c sharp tuning actually!
Peter D'Angelo (5 years ago)
Awesome!! Looks relatively easy. Is that an open D flat or C tuning? 10 years since this song has been out, and NOW I ask this question??? haha ;)
Gilberto D. (5 years ago)
Simon Nicholson (6 years ago)
Great cover man :) love this song. Got the same guitar, such a beautiful guitar to play! Check out a few of my covers, i swapped the bridge pup for a DiMarzio tone zone though, n the neck for the air norton.
Jeroen Jaspers (6 years ago)
Thanks! It's an Ibanez sas32ex, but unfortunately it aint being sold anymore...
Jeroen Jaspers (6 years ago)
en nog n keer, dankje :D
ashi barai (6 years ago)
heerlijk nummer dit he, goede cover man
Bogdan Roanta (6 years ago)
A'right. Thanks anyway. Sounds so badass. :)
Jeroen Jaspers (6 years ago)
I don't remember entirely, but I think it was something I made myself. And the tuning of the song is drop C# I believe.
Bogdan Roanta (6 years ago)
And what tuning did you use in Guitar Rig?
Jeroen Jaspers (6 years ago)
Thank you!
jan erik omdahl (6 years ago)
nice, you are good
Jeroen Jaspers (7 years ago)
I used a behringer guitar link and recorded it with audacity and sounds from guitar rig
Bogdan Roanta (7 years ago)
What gear did you use?
Aletta Struijlaart (7 years ago)
@jerojaspers Dankje. Ik ook van jou hoor hahaha
Jeroen Jaspers (7 years ago)
@xTetje hahahaha wtf, je bent echt helemaal gestoord xD
Aletta Struijlaart (7 years ago)
@jerojaspers Ben ik dat niet dan? Identiteitscrisis!!!!!!!!!! (':
Jeroen Jaspers (7 years ago)
@xTetje dan ben jij een man xD
Aletta Struijlaart (7 years ago)
@jerojaspers Je bent zelf gay hahahahaha
Jeroen Jaspers (7 years ago)
@xTetje or they are not gay, otherwise they'd probably like it xD
Aletta Struijlaart (7 years ago)
3 people are gay.
Jeroen Jaspers (7 years ago)
@cynthia4l actually not =P I would recommend saving some more money and buy the guitar i use in my cover from Atreyu, Honor. I prefer that one because it's sound is way better because of the emg pickups, also it has no floating bridge, so that it doesn't get out of tune alot. Although i like this guitar too, but just not as much as my other one :D
Tyler Farbes (7 years ago)
awesome keep rocking dude
Aletta Struijlaart (7 years ago)
@jerojaspers Ja ik kon niet slapen hahaha. Ja beter doen we dat even! Ik had laatst een mailtje gestuurd, ook naar Mathijs enzo (dat had ik afgesproken haha) maar ik heb jouw mailadres niet... Dus kan je die f sturen ofzo? Dan kunnen we ff een datum afspreken want ik heb echt onwijs veel zin om weer te spelen met z'n allen! =D
Jeroen Jaspers (7 years ago)
@xTetje thx =P nog wakker? xD beter gaan we binnekort een keer weer spele met zn allen =P
Aletta Struijlaart (7 years ago)
Klinkt lekker! X
Jeroen Jaspers (7 years ago)
@thefinaltiger thanks for the information
Jeroen Jaspers (7 years ago)
@MisterDeathPixel thanks!! :D
jordy harhuis (7 years ago)

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