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How to Create a Multi-Strand Necklace with Caps or Cones

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**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** A go-to design for so many jewelry makers. Let me show you how simple it can be to gather multiple strands of beads into one cap or cone for a polished look! Variations include crimp beads and stringing wire AND chain with wire-wrapped loops. For more on crimp bead techniques: https://youtu.be/8A1Syvi0xOk Materials: -Bead Strands: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/bead-strands -Beading Wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/beadalon-stringing-wire-19-strand-018-diameter-30-foot-spool-bright -Caps: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/cones-and-caps -Crimps: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/gold-filled-crimp-tubes-package-of-30 -Crimping Plier: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/crimping-plier -3-Piece Tool Kit: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/3-piece-tool-set -20 gauge craft wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-20-gauge-wire -Chain: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/chains
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Text Comments (66)
chloe grl (1 month ago)
wow sooooo very easy and very pretty!!!
christine white (1 month ago)
Thank you!! And thank you for watching!! 🤗📿
marlene quigley (2 months ago)
christine white (2 months ago)
marlene quigley thank you for watching!! 🤗🌸
brittney trayah (2 months ago)
Checking out the tutorials from your webpage and they are great! Christine has the best store in Charlotte. Beads Inc always has stones and crystals you can’t find in your average craft store. I got those really nice copper looking kinda floral bead caps that were in the very front of the store in the glass cabinet and I think the three strand would be better than a beaded tassel cap so thanks Christine for the inspiration!
christine white (2 months ago)
brittney trayah thank you for your kind words and feedback! I so appreciate you watching and sharing your experiences! 😘💕📿
Jane A. Thomas (6 months ago)
I just found your channel, Christine. Very nicely done. Is there a description for how the strands are created?
christine white (6 months ago)
Jane Thomas thank you! And thank you for watching! The strands are made using crimp tubes and beading wire. Please let me know if I can be more specific 🤗
Coleen Taylor (7 months ago)
Don't mean to be pushy or a know-it-all but if you're trying to teach people how to do this please at least tell him the proper way to use crimping pliers because you are not cramping properly
christine white (7 months ago)
Coleen Taylor thank you so much for your feedback! I encourage you to visit the tutorial linked in the description section which is my first ever tutorial. We go over the use of crimping pliers and the difference between flat crimping and folded crimping. I like jewelry makers to use whatever technique feels most comfortable to them- as long as they know their options. 🤗🌸
Margaret Gray (9 months ago)
This technique is awesome! I FINALLY DID IT, CHRISTINE! After Anne showed me! Finally, on the running at the last minute! Thanks, #sistersister !!!
christine white (9 months ago)
Margaret Gray yay! Great job!! Thanks so much!
Krista Beattie (9 months ago)
So very pretty!!! Love your videos. They are so easy to follow!
christine white (9 months ago)
Krista Beattie thank you!
hmkoelder (9 months ago)
Adriana Camacaro (9 months ago)
Can’t wait to make my own!! Thanks. 💗
christine white (9 months ago)
Thank you for watching!
Catheryn Dallenbach (9 months ago)
I love this channel! I just found it and I love it! Great tutorials and designs. ❤️
christine white (8 months ago)
Catheryn Dallenbach thank you for watching! 😊🌸
Mishele Smoak (9 months ago)
You make it look so easy.
christine white (9 months ago)
Mishele Smoak thank you! It is!
paulette smith (9 months ago)
Love your tutorials.. Very easy to follow and understand! Thank you
christine white (9 months ago)
trouble smith thank you for watching!
Chrissy Heitman (9 months ago)
Love it.
Zoskia Ayala (9 months ago)
Love it. Your tutorials are very helpful
Alyssa Price (9 months ago)
This is a fantastic tutorial! I'm always afraid to use bigger caps because I think they make necklaces look bulky. But these are super cute, I will have to branch out.
christine white (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for watching! yes! give it a try- it's always fun to try a new technique!
Emily McIsaac (9 months ago)
Beautiful! A great tutorial :)
christine white (9 months ago)
Emily McIsaac thank you!
Darla Catalano (9 months ago)
Great tutorial! Love your instruction and coming in to the beautiful bead store
christine white (9 months ago)
Darla Catalano thank you for watching! I hope to see you again soon! 😊💕
Maryellen Siegel (9 months ago)
Beautiful video! I can't wait to try this!
christine white (9 months ago)
Thank you for watching!
Sonia Silva (9 months ago)
Its great to lear with you.. I love you videos😊😃
christine white (9 months ago)
Sonia Silva thank you for watching! 😊
Sonia Silva (9 months ago)
Learn with you. Auto correct 💆🏻‍♀️
James Browning (9 months ago)
wonderful tutorial! thank you for sharing!
christine white (8 months ago)
James Browning thank you for watching! 😊
Tonya Brice (9 months ago)
I love watching your tutorials! You are an awesome teacher. I am definitely going to try this style! Thank you for sharing!😊
christine white (9 months ago)
Thank you! And thank you so much for watching!
wenmela (9 months ago)
I have always admired your Multi-Strand necklaces and you're right they can be heavy and also expensive to make.
christine white (9 months ago)
wenmela thank you! 😊💕🌸
Samantha Reid (9 months ago)
This one is a bit of a challenge for me because I think I pull the wire to tight.  I'll keep watching though until I perfect it..lol! Oh and I love the colors....can wear with just about anything.  Thanks again for sharing! :)
christine white (9 months ago)
Thank you for watching! Don't be afraid to really tug that wire! you won't hurt it. Also check out my video on crimping!
Ashley Long (9 months ago)
You make this look so easy! Thank you 😊
christine white (9 months ago)
Ashley Long thank you for watching!
Melody Baldwin (9 months ago)
I love coming to Beads Inc. and enjoy watching your videos.
christine white (9 months ago)
Melody Baldwin thank you! 😊🌸
michelle nguyen (9 months ago)
I just started to bead recently, I have only been making bracelets! I don’t make them just for fashion, I love the fact that there are natural stones that give you all kind of energy :) But since I have been following you and beads in charlotte, I can’t wait to learn how to make necklaces and other new things! hope to join you guys a class soon and will be visiting beads in charlotte soon too! #giveaway
christine white (9 months ago)
michelle nguyen thank you for watching and following along! We would love to meet you! 😊 Best of luck with your jewelry making. The possibilities are endless!
Wendy Kornegay (9 months ago)
Great tutorial!..one of my favorites to make!
christine white (9 months ago)
Wendy Kornegay thank you!! 💕
Meghan McCue (9 months ago)
I’ve always wondered how you made these! Thank you for making this tutorial and love your store!
christine white (9 months ago)
Meghan McCue thank you for watching! I look forward to seeing you again soon! 😊💕
Jessica Easley (9 months ago)
Love this one! Have made so many good simple ones with these!
christine white (9 months ago)
Jessica Easley thank you! 🤗💕
Donita Stoehr (9 months ago)
Thank you for this tutorial! I enjoy your videos and your store.
christine white (9 months ago)
Thank you for watching! I look forward to seeing you again soon!
Carol Smith (9 months ago)
Great video! Love your style! Is there anyway that you would consider putting names and links to where we could purchase the same size and style beads, bicones, end caps etc.?
Amanda Partin (9 months ago)
How exciting! I love the technique in this video but I really love the bead style and color combination - so subtle and soft and just perfect! Looking forward to your direct links!
Carol Smith (9 months ago)
christine white, thank you very much for the quick response. I looked you up and see that you are a bead store. That is exciting! Can't wait to shop your online store when you get set up! ♥️
christine white (9 months ago)
Carol Smith absolutely! I’m working on that right now. Soon you’ll be able to link directly to it. Thank you as always for watching! 😊
Julie Botkis (9 months ago)
Great tutorial as usual!
christine white (9 months ago)
Julie Botkis thank you for watching!
Sarah Pettijohn (9 months ago)
Christine, are all your bead strands the same length? I finally tried the bigger beads (8 and 10mm), and I see why people like them!!!!
christine white (9 months ago)
Sarah Pettijohn yes, these are all about the same. But you could certainly graduate your lengths for a different look! 😊 Thank you for watching!

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