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Considerable Craw Colors to Contemplate

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There are many different species of CrawFish. What do your local MudBugs look like throughout the seasons and what best imitates each phase of their life? Remember fish see colors differently than we do so don't be afraid to try colors that might not make sense. Black & blue and purple are two examples. What other colors can be added to this list?
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Brandon Roberts (11 months ago)
I had a pair of purple crawfish and a native crawfish from a creek.i live in Minnesota plenty of crawfish and bass love them here.anyways pinchy and snappy had babies.they turned out pretty cool maintained purple shell red and green pincers and reddish tail with whitish bumps on his claws.i never seen one like these.im sure they ain't rare but to the right collector it could b priceless.ok enough flapping my gums I'm giving the female purple crawmamma away.i am using the tank for live plants and African clawed dwarf frogs and Bolivian rams.and she keeps making a nest out of my plants.she has a plastic bowl I cut a entrance in to.and for whatever reason plant by plant she pulls them in the bowl.i don't get why she can't move at all in the bowl lol. must really hate plants just the site pisses her off lol.i watch her grab my jungle Val with one claw pull it out the gravel and clean cut all the leaves of one by one.never eats them sometimes the roots but that's it.but she is free to a good home.WARNINING she will destroy live plants and will eat fish up to three inches.very aggressive ambusher.it sucks I can't keep her with my fish but it ain't happening.maybe if she was in a larger tank like over a hundred gallon terrarium or something.she is in a 75 gallon terrarium hexagon with newts and frogs and ain't aggressive to them.and they are easy to catch if she wanted to.but I'm in Minnesota Bloomington to b exact.so happen to b close she is yours
Mikaelah Pham (1 year ago)
My colour crayfish has a little blue and then it’s like clear
your addicted (1 year ago)
Outcast Outdoors I have a peppermint looking crawfish, I live in florida and I caught it with my net at a canal.
Mikaelah Pham (1 year ago)
Ok thanks for the information love the channel btw
Mikaelah Pham - Oh, so its daytime for you right now? "Good on you!" (Me Speaking Australian) I have heard that there can be many different species within a pond. Here where I am, in California, crawfish are usually either red or a light brown with orange tipped pinchers. Here is a typical red. https://youtu.be/PHcp65q0rC4
Mikaelah Pham (1 year ago)
Outcast Outdoors it’s molten about has jolted but the colouration has been like that even before it had, as far as I know of it’s never bred. As for the species I’m not quite sure as we caught it from a pond. It’s most likely that it’s a common breed from Australia.
Mikaelah Pham - Sounds like a good lookin' Crayfish! Is the blue/clear because of molting? Do you know if it's a CrawDad or CrawMom? And does this crustacean have a name?

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