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Steel Banglez – Fashion Week feat. AJ Tracey & MoStack [Official Video]

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Steel Banglez new single ‘Fashion Week (feat. AJ Tracey & MoStack)’ is out now! You can stream and download it here: https://wbr.ec/fashionweek Produced by Steel Banglez and theElements @theelementsmusiq Subscribe to Steel Banglez' Youtube channel: https://wbr.ec/sb_youtube You can also follow Steel Banglez on: Spotify https://wbr.ec/sb_spotify Facebook https://wbr.ec/sb_facebook Twitter https://wbr.ec/sb_twitter Instagram https://wbr.ec/sb_instagram #SteelBanglez #FashionWeek
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Text Comments (1949)
Jimmy K (21 hours ago)
Brendan Macsweeney (1 day ago)
banger still lets go bredrins
Roza Florianowicz (1 day ago)
Shaneisha Clarke (1 day ago)
My jam
Mr Juslin (1 day ago)
Nah but Steel Banglez what inspired this one? Beat is something else. MoStack & AJ y’all made me look up the lyrics! That’s how it should be
Azeez Osinowo (2 days ago)
How can you dislike this
kao380 (2 days ago)
I deadass cant take british rappers serious......except Skepta
paki m (2 days ago)
2 months, still listening.
Hype Gaming (3 days ago)
i love these kind of English rap songs (i’m from australia) anyone else have songs recommendations that have this vibe? thanks in advanced
RZ (3 days ago)
2:38 part so dope
R4IN MAN (3 days ago)
1:29 this part gets me gaasssssed stylll
Tashiya Milkshake (4 days ago)
Butterflies used to be my favourite song of yours AJ but now its this one
Tashiya Milkshake (4 days ago)
I don't trust girls that end with a y .... But why lol
Bubu Bang (4 days ago)
Only here for Mo’s intro into the song 😫🙌🏾
TheLoneWanderer (4 days ago)
I usually am sceptical of new songs like this but the beat is the best I've heard in a long time. His hook is really nice.
Ciida Osca (4 days ago)
Michael stevenson (4 days ago)
BiG TuNe!
Boss T (5 days ago)
Punjabi take over 🤜🏻💯
North DON (5 days ago)
Bruh this tune is a banger fam 💣
JawZz (5 days ago)
I think she smells like Yves Saint Laurent
Arjun Bal (5 days ago)
Aj going har and mo stack flows with the bars.Steel bangelz producing bangers as beats.keep it up
Northseason (6 days ago)
Monni K. (6 days ago)
😍😍😍 Why am I only listening to your music now?? Stay on it!!! I can bump to this!! 👊💯 I'm nobody special but it takes a stand out music artist(s) to have me comment!! Hold tight to your dreams, you're gonna go places!!
Fred Rey (6 days ago)
AJ came through on this one 💥
Duncan Mwaura (6 days ago)
Who heard the Indian drums 2:30 mad ting.
Jayan Gorasia (6 days ago)
Hardest line: I only trust girls on days that don’t end with a Y Stupidest line: Fucked her with the blindfold, she ugly like me
Debbie Hilliard (6 days ago)
This is some tune 💕
Kerry Thornton (6 days ago)
I like how they were drinking beer for a 3 minute video
Ben Russell (7 days ago)
Mostacks verse is fire styll
A fat Paki bastard (7 days ago)
How can man fit 3 sponsorships in one video 😂
ELIT3_OP (7 days ago)
The way they used SPM luxury car hire for their music video
Santu Rajpoot (7 days ago)
Santu Rajpoot
ke Vin Smith (7 days ago)
Fucked her with a blindfold cuz she ugly like me🔥🔥🤙🏻
Paz Bassra (7 days ago)
AJ is the hook king, our Drake
Buali Chaudhry (7 days ago)
Steel banglez could have got a trim 🤦‍♂️✂️
Ben Muganda (7 days ago)
This sound will be on my playlist forever 🔥🔥🔥
MR CEO Manyama (9 days ago)
Dont trust cause you dont see trust
Ting Ling (9 days ago)
When you really check it this is one of the best songs ever made! Sun out, Drinks flowing, This playing 👌
Sivuyile Mavovana (9 days ago)
Much love...4rm South Africa
Joban.k (9 days ago)
One of the beat tunes ever made🥶
ceylon (9 days ago)
the one with a nipple sticker wooo!
superharm12345 (9 days ago)
Chris Brown x AJ Tracey collab needs to happen!
KRTV (9 days ago)
MoStack's flow is too much
W I L L O W ‘ (10 days ago)
*I have that show spray too.*
Cold ce (10 days ago)
Amina Abdulle (10 days ago)
Nice song
imthatguy (11 days ago)
"I only trust girls on days that don't end with a Y" should have been the hook NGL
Yiannis Gaming (12 days ago)
AJ will definitely blow up this year
Spencer Orourke (12 days ago)
Just listen to this when ur bored or mardy
Daniel Ewenkhare (12 days ago)
Fredy (13 days ago)
Tatar David (13 days ago)
Banger omds I be playing this all day shotting 😂
Dillon Jones (13 days ago)
Such a good song
Jake Dunleavy (13 days ago)
HypeXTekkerZ Z (13 days ago)
nice video
bobby wasabii (13 days ago)
This is the my first time listening to this
Nat (14 days ago)
Kathum (14 days ago)
i swear banglez didnt say a word in this
Alex Macdonald (15 days ago)
Lewis Fraser (15 days ago)
Shout Mist 💪
just do nothing (15 days ago)
Killer instrumental
Shadow ツ (15 days ago)
I only trust girl on days that don't end with a Y they all do so you dont trust girls??
prince khan (16 days ago)
AF 2000 (16 days ago)
Steel loves the camera
T Dilla (16 days ago)
Sick tune!!!🔥🔥🔥....but where the chicks at?
Lee chid (17 days ago)
Man like steel banglez on every banger
Gucci_Gang_Kam (17 days ago)
every song that starts with steel banglez is automatically a banger
ByRWZY (17 days ago)
🇮🇳 🇮🇳
money tyreace (17 days ago)
What jumper is aj tracey wearing at the start I really want it
Jonathan Mupini (17 days ago)
AJ Tracey: How exactly did you say i should swing my legs? Steel Banglez: Yes
Jay 1x (18 days ago)
“Fuck with a blindfold she ugly like me she don’t say nothing she just thought I was a freak” 0:52 that’s sad imagine you were that girl
Khimji Parmar (18 days ago)
Aye ye listening in may don’t care innit
Khimji Parmar (18 days ago)
What a tune g ja keep slayin my guy 😍😍
Chandni (18 days ago)
AJ Tracey smashed it. Steel Banglez did justice on the beat and Mo Stack, well he had me laughing
ZZZ XD (18 days ago)
steel banglez is bare close to mist hes always mentioned in every tune
grace foler (18 days ago)
love ittttttt know all the lyrics
Halima Begum (19 days ago)
This is ard
London Talent (19 days ago)
I only trust No.1 #Trustsno1 www.theno1face.co.uk
Itz_jxsh 1 (19 days ago)
What a tune
CharlieMJMolloy (20 days ago)
everyone: how many girls do you trust? Mostack: Yes
HypeXTekkerZ Z (20 days ago)
nice video
Lee Hitchman (20 days ago)
Who are the REAL ILLUMINATI? @ Lee marvin hitchman 🤳 @ Instagram ( you know that they catch and they kill momma )
Sarah Smyth (20 days ago)
I love this tuneee can't stop playing it over and over again 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤na it's real badddd can't stop y loool
HyperUnicornPlayz x (21 days ago)
Andrey Abramovich (21 days ago)
That woman 😍
Fire In The Whipp (21 days ago)
J2K crep protect everywhere
#DIY (21 days ago)
Mad song
snoopture ramz (21 days ago)
Yr aj tracy is good like always but mo stack i thought he was shit from him copy jay hus but i heard this wow hes good best english man to sound like vybz kartell his flow and his lines hard keep it up keep it up
Sandile Kaunda (21 days ago)
This video had me flippling my screen all sorts of ways.
Sandile Kaunda (21 days ago)
This song is sick🔥. Love from South Africa
Floss g (21 days ago)
Wavey trus
Jnxza (21 days ago)
this ong is a tune
Emma Wharton (22 days ago)
Love this track! One of my all time favourites :)
ja vla (22 days ago)
aj murked this
Calem Ammarin (22 days ago)
Who the girl doe😂
Veronika Hudi (22 days ago)
Fire 🔥 🔥 🔥
Deviantsole 802 (22 days ago)
ShutUpTails (22 days ago)
this song is soo.....im just speechless
Always Humble (22 days ago)
just added this to my music shopping playlist.. fire fam
Ammar Sheraz (20 days ago)

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