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How-To Hand-make Your Own Stretch Bracelets

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**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Christine White of Christine White Style wants you to see how easy stretchy bracelets can be with this follow-along tutorial. Gain some insight into elastic style and fashionable stacking while learning how to prevent breakage in stretch cord. Making Stretchy Bracelets using elastic cord. A simple jewelry-making technique that is quick and easy to learn! Materials: -Stretch Magic: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/stretch-magic-clear-1mm-5-meter-spool -Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads -Super New Glue: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/adhesives/products/super-new-glue -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -Design Board: https://christinewhitestyle.com/products/bracelet-board º º º FIND & FOLLOW Christine White º º º WEBSITE: https://christinewhitestyle.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/christinewhitestyle/ PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/christinewhitestyle/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Christinewhitestyle/ º º º THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING º º º
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Text Comments (53)
Joy Parker (24 days ago)
I love your beads! Where do you purchase them? Online?
Shannon Federer (2 months ago)
Absolutely love your work! Love your store! So clean and very professional. I do have a question, what size beads do you typically migrate to when making necklaces and bracelets? Also when you make a video will you please tell what size beads you use. Keep up the good work. Thanks!!
Shannon Federer (2 months ago)
Thank you ma'am!! I truly appreciate it! Have a wonderfully blessed day!! ♥️🤗
christine white (2 months ago)
Shannon Federer thankbyou so much for watching and your kind feedback! I love all sizes of beads! But I would say most typically 6mm-10mm. I’ll try to point out the sizes better from now on! 🤗📿
Shawanda Williams (3 months ago)
Can you please do a video on pricing your jewelry ?🤗
Bag Bling Couture (4 months ago)
I know
rhondathrift (4 months ago)
Do you sell this design board?
christine white (4 months ago)
rhondathrift unfortunately I don’t. Our manufacturers stopped producing it but I believe some of the craft stores do have it! It’s very handy! 🤗
rhondathrift (4 months ago)
Where can I purchase the bracelet board?
Christina Stark (6 months ago)
Where can I purchase the braclets tray you use?
beading and crafts (8 months ago)
christine white (8 months ago)
beading and crafts thank you!! Thank you so much for watching!
Emily Clark (9 months ago)
Easy & stylish!
Anna G (9 months ago)
I didn't know there was a bead board specifically for bracelets. Thanks, Christine!
Jessica Knight (9 months ago)
This is so simple! And a nice way to make gifts!
christine white (9 months ago)
Jessica Knight great for gifts, indeed! 😊
Mishele Smoak (9 months ago)
I'm inspired all over again! Christine makes it all look so simple '
Linda Gross (9 months ago)
New to your tutorials! Awesome thanks for sharing your talents!
christine white (9 months ago)
Linda Gross thank you for watching!
Jessica Cruz (9 months ago)
Love how easy and versatile this is!!
christine white (9 months ago)
Jessica Cruz thank you!
Monica Mcbee (9 months ago)
Great Video, love these bracelets
icyeyes1971 (9 months ago)
I always have a problem getting the knots to stay and the glue not getting everywhere.
christine white (8 months ago)
icyeyes1971 Super New Glue is my glue of choice. Try using just a small amount on the knot and pulling the knot gently into the hole beside it. Hope this helps. Also consider different sizes of stretch string 😊 Thanks for watching!
Kariston McPherson (9 months ago)
Love this tutorial!
Amanda Partin (9 months ago)
That design board is just too cool! I'm always struggling with sizing of bracelets - that's such a nifty trick!
Jane McLean (9 months ago)
Great video! These would be great gifts for friends, teachers, etc.
Amy Smythe (9 months ago)
Love my stretchy bracelets! Thanks for The best tutorial!
Faulkner (9 months ago)
Great instructions!! One of my favorite styles.
clworrall (9 months ago)
Thanks for another great tutorial!
paulette smith (9 months ago)
I love making stretch bracelets for my grand daughters. Love your tuts!!
Sophie Bass (9 months ago)
Paulette Smith
Amy Mangus (9 months ago)
What a quick and easy way to dress up any outfit!
christine white (9 months ago)
Amy Mangus so easy! Thank you for watching and following along!
Karen Waters (9 months ago)
Thank you for the inspiration and hints.
christine white (9 months ago)
Karen Waters my pleasure! Thank you for watching.
Diane Murphy (9 months ago)
Wonderful video! Great instruction!
christine white (9 months ago)
Diane Murphy thank you for watching! 😊🌸
Zoskia Ayala (9 months ago)
Your explanations are very clear and you make it look very easy. Love your style. ❤
christine white (9 months ago)
Zoskia Ayala thank you for watching! 😊🌸
Butterflys Calm (9 months ago)
Love this. Now I know what I did wrong. Thank you!
christine white (9 months ago)
Butterflys Calm thank you for watching!
Great tutorial and clearly explained! Getting out my supplies! Thank you!
christine white (9 months ago)
Rebecca Walker thank you for watching! 😊
blue1007 (11 months ago)
What a beautiful place! And I love the beads combos, especially those from the beginning of the video.
blue1007 (11 months ago)
You're welcome :) <3!
christine white (11 months ago)
bluecat1007 thank you! And thank you for watching!
Laurie E (1 year ago)
Can't wait for more of your videos!!!!! Any upcoming topics you can tell us about?? There's one I especially hope you cover!!!
christine white (9 months ago)
Laurie E yes, 9 more are filmed and are to be released shortly! I’m always open to suggestions. Thank you for watching and following along! 😊💕
JoanaValente_1992 (1 year ago)
I didn’t even know this sort of service existed. Great concept!
Our neighbor is one of their techs out here in California. He loves his business.
Been a loyal client for years of them.
Patrick Hadley (1 year ago)
Really cool idea.. Wish I had thought of it.

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