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NEW YORK vlogg

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Text Comments (55)
dry skin gal (2 days ago)
If your 14 now that means you were 12 or 13 when this came out...i- i just dont understand
Holly Macpherson (9 days ago)
I could hardly understand anything you were saying but still watched the whole video! Swedish is such a beautiful language!
A s h l y n Dummerth (3 months ago)
I’m pretty sure she was 12 in this
Alex m (4 months ago)
Zelda S (5 months ago)
The way it is "Bruce Hornsby" from the beginning of the 80's 💋
Sini Pajunen (5 months ago)
I'm having Ezzie maraton so I'm watching all your videos mayde in a row 😂❤️❤️❤️ You're my fav youtuber! I love 80s & 90s aesthetic too! 😍 (Sorry about my bad English)
Jossan LS (5 months ago)
Sini Pajunen :3 me too😂👌
Gabby Horn Pub (6 months ago)
im not bothered by the fact she isnt speaking english i kinda like it..
Oh yeah yeah Me (6 months ago)
Snälla fortsätt prata svenska du suger på engelska
zzumie m (10 months ago)
what a cuuuuuteeee💕💘💖💓💞💝
Sasha’s Klebold (11 months ago)
Lovely ♥️
•honeybee• (1 year ago)
oh my god the neighbourhood in the intro <3 (sorry for my english, I'm from brazil and I'm in love with your videos)
•honeybee• (9 months ago)
@olive i don't really know what you want to say with that but i'm really from brazil dkdkkd
•honeybee• (9 months ago)
@olive ugh sorry, i'm just scared of writing something wrong dkskdk And i'm pretty sure that your english is waaayy better than mine:)
olive (9 months ago)
Bel war usually people say they from a different country cause they like attention
olive (9 months ago)
Bel war I hate when people said ,y English is bad. Ur English is better then mine and I’m American
Aitnys (1 year ago)
Omg The Nbhd 💚
Valirya rira (1 year ago)
I love this song
ja vf (1 year ago)
The neighbourhood 😍
VictoriaMary (1 year ago)
OMG. i'm Polish and when you say something i'm terrified :') But ok, i'm happy, because your channel is more english now. BTW you're beauty and i love tour channel :>
Maddie ' (10 months ago)
VictoriaMary jaaj ktos z polski
Beryl Luna (1 year ago)
I can't understand what are you saying but I love watching your videos. You're so pretty ❤
AllThingsEmma (1 year ago)
Is she speaking German or something else? Just curious love the way it sounds.
Gothic Punk Bae (5 months ago)
AllThingsEmma dumb american
g.rabia (1 year ago)
Samy :D ich kann deutsch, haha xD
samira (1 year ago)
German sounds so different hahah example: Das ist Deutsch, denke jetzt nicht das du mich verstehst, wenn wer Deutsch kann, antwortet darauf! (hoffe niemand kann deutsch)
Beryl Luna (1 year ago)
She is speaking swedish
Lola Max (1 year ago)
I wish I could understand you! I’m watching it anyways because the language your speaking (is it Swedish??) is so cool. :)
Moa Girl (1 year ago)
Ah, New York. Jag har varit där två gånger och det är helt fantastiskt. Omgivningen, maten, människorna mm. Du har verkligen tur som får åka till ett sånt ställe Elsa!❤
Kenta (2 years ago)
Kroatien vlogg?
Zahra Al-bayati (2 years ago)
Gör gärna en haul, denna videon är så GRYYYYM😍
Kasia P (2 years ago)
You are so beautiful💓 Great video 💕
Matilda Iisala (2 years ago)
I love you sm!! Maybe you know me from musical.ly, my musical.ly is @matildaottiliana I always like and comment on your vids😍😍
Isabella Millheim (2 years ago)
Undebara du<333
Julis L (2 years ago)
Vilket program redigerar du dina videos?💗
Hevin Melissa Mavi (2 years ago)
Vad filmar du me?
Antonia (2 years ago)
Antonia (2 years ago)
How u are so perfect?
Clara Lindborg (2 years ago)
Ja ha en haul!😻
regina phalange (2 years ago)
Omg du är så bra att göra videor , det här är min förstä video sett av dig ^^
Maja Ivarsson (2 years ago)
Va inte du dör typ på sportlovet elr ngt??
Ezzie (2 years ago)
Majsan Jag var där på påsklovet❤️
Courtney (2 years ago)
Har du inte instagram?😢
Gothic Punk Bae (5 months ago)
Iza Norström Johansson ezzie har instagram @callmeezzie
Edith Fall (2 years ago)
Skitbra video Elsa! Btw ilysm!!!
Lotta Långström (2 years ago)
Can you do a video in English, please? :))
Şevval Erdem (10 months ago)
+Simge Gönen bu kızı izleyen türk de varmış.herkes başka bi ülkeden bi ben türküm saniyodum
a n g e l ! (1 year ago)
Samy :D she is 13,almost 14
elefteria jones (1 year ago)
Samy :D i asked first hahahah
samira (1 year ago)
Simge Gönen how old is she
elefteria jones (1 year ago)
Lotta Långström do you know how old is she?
Greta Pehrson (2 years ago)
Gör en haaaul!! gryym vlogg😍
Du vet Signe (2 years ago)
Tilda Wahlstedt (2 years ago)
Gud va grym Elsa! Så coolt redigerad ❤️❤️

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