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MYSTIC ASMR (feat. The Auracle) ✰ Whispering ✰ Layered Sounds ✰ Hand Movements ✰ Light Trigger
Please check out The Auracle and subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWTxtx3WtnGKLP89DmGOwVw This ASMR collaboration video is a mystic dream within a dream and features a ton of triggers: male and female whispering, partly inaudible, experimental layered sounds, tingly hand movements, light trigger and many more! Get ready for INTENSE TINGLES! Lean back and relax! Put your headphones on to enjoy the binaural sounds and whispers in full quality! ___________ YOU LIKE THIS CHANNEL? SHOW SOME LOVE: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/asmrzeitgeist PayPal: https://goo.gl/HDKb0R Your support allows me not only to improve the quality of my content, but the quality of YOUR experience! _______________ LET'S GET IN TOUCH: Facebook: https://goo.gl/sChyE1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asmrzeitgeist/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AsmrZeitgeist Email: [email protected] _______________ CHECK OUT MY MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/asmr-zeitgeist _______________ MY OTHER VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzGEGjOCbgv9z9SF71QyI7g/videos?view_as=subscriber _______________ MY PLAYLISTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzGEGjOCbgv9z9SF71QyI7g/playlists?view_as=subscriber _______________ ASMR ZEITGEIST IN YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE: Feel free to contribute translations of titles and descriptions as well as subtitles in your native language for my videos. Your help is highly appreciated! Here's the list of the videos for which you can add translations: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCzGEGjOCbgv9z9SF71QyI7g&tab=2 _______________ THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEET INSOMNIACS! C U SOON! :) HUGS, ASMR ZEITGEIST
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Beat Saber - Freaks - Timmy Trumpet & Savage (custom song) | FC
I was super happy to 100% this one, took me very a long time! The part from 1:17 to 1:33 always got me, it was the hardest part to get through. And yes... I tried to imitate a trombone at 1:35 xP Mapped by Invidia Snow Get the chart here: https://beatsaver.com/browse/detail/818-540 Twitter: https://twitter.com/xTempex Discord server! https://discord.gg/kfv3Ka8
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Oracle Open UI Mobile - English Version
It is the next generation of mobile applications - Markus Schneeweis, ec4u expert consulting ag together witth Oracle Germany.
Vision Picking at DHL - Augmented Reality in Logistics
DHL, the world’s leading logistics company, has successfully carried out a pilot project testing smart glasses in a warehouse in the Netherlands as a first step in their Augmented Reality journey. In cooperation with DHL customer Ricoh and leading wearable computing solutions expert Ubimax, the technology was used to implement ‘vision picking’ in warehousing operations. For more information on the application of Augmented Reality technology in logistics, download our trend report at http://www.dhl.com/augmentedreality
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Expert One on One Oracle
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PL/SQL tutorial 5: PL/SQL Constants in Oracle Database  By Manish Sharma RebellionRider.com
Constant is a user defined identifier whose value remains unchanged throughout the program. Watch and learn proper way of initializing and declaring a constant in PL/SQL by Manish Sharma in PL/SQL Tutorial 5 for beginners. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ►►►LINKS◄◄◄ Blog : http://bit.ly/constants-in-pl-sql Previous Tutorial ► Anchored Datatype (%type) https://youtu.be/Zt0vlmTqhP4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►►►Let's Get Free Uber Cab◄◄◄ Use Referral Code UberRebellionRider and get $20 free for your first ride. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and be the 1st one to see my videos! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ►►►Find me on Social Media◄◄◄ Follow What I am up to as it happens on https://twitter.com/rebellionrider https://www.facebook.com/imthebhardwaj http://instagram.com/rebellionrider https://plus.google.com/+Rebellionrider http://in.linkedin.com/in/mannbhardwaj/ http://rebellionrider.tumblr.com/ http://www.pinterest.com/rebellionrider/ You can also Email me at for E-mail address please check About section Please please LIKE and SHARE my videos it makes me happy. Thanks for liking, commenting, sharing and watching more of our videos This is Manish from RebellionRider.com ♥ I LOVE ALL MY VIEWERS AND SUBSCRIBERS
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Oracle Certification Paths / Categories - Part 1 of 2
http://zerotoprotraining.com This video explains different Oracle Certification paths & categories available. You will understand the difference between Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Oracle Certified Master (OCM), Oracle Certified Expert, and Oracle Certified Specialist
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Expert Insights: Learn About Oracle Net Service Name Resolution
Watch "Why It's Time to Get Rid of Your Oracle tnsnames.ora File! " with Pythian Principle Consultant, Simon Pane. Discover more about Simon: http://www.pythian.com/experts/simon-pane/
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This is how hackers hack you using simple social engineering
Simple Social Engineering Trick with a phone call and crying baby
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Create a Dialogue with the Universe (Using Oracle Cards) — Tammy Mastroberte
If you struggle to get the answers you need or recognize the signs and synchronicities around you, there is a really easy way to open the lines of communication to let the messages in, and that is oracle cards! Elevated Existence founder, Tammy Mastroberte, shares how to start and one of her favorite decks from oracle card expert and bestselling author Colette Baron-Reid. Subscribe to Elevated Existence Magazine FREE here: https://www.elevatedexistence.com/subscribe
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Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers
Interview Questions and Answers for Technical Support Positions. Suitable for candidates at both executive and managerial levels.
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AskTOM Office Hours: Gaining Insights with Graph Analytics
In this session, we revealed the magic of graphs. Graph analysis can answer questions like detecting patterns of fraud or identifying influential customers, quickly and efficiently. With our 50+ prebuilt graph analytics, you can easily add graphs to your Oracle application, without being a graph expert. Albert showed the Java API for graph analytics, and tools and code to invoke them (including Groovy shell and Zeppelin notebooks). Zhe then showed these in practice with 2 use case examples: a retail product recommender system, and a finance fraud detection system to identify circular payments. Slides are available here: https://www.slideshare.net/JeanIhm/gain-insights-with-graph-analytics This is the 3rd video in a series. Watch the previous sessions here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3ZqpALcm8HNVrhEE2j6m-hTCv4zbdFwa Highlights: 00:00 – Welcome, the story so far. Jean recaps previous sessions (graph intro, architecture, use cases) 07:40 - APIs for graph analytics. Albert shows the “how”: tools/code to invoke graph analytic functions, including how to access the Java API from: 09:10 - Groovy shell 11:20 - Zeppelin notebooks 25:55 - PGQL query language 25:14 - List of the 50+ prebuilt graph analytic functions in Oracle Spatial and Graph, and their applications 28:20 - Graph Analytics in practice. Zhe shows the “what”: use cases and demos. Which graph analytics should we use, how do we invoke them, and what do the results look like? The use cases: 28:30 - Build a recommender system for retail, to recommend products that specific customers are likely to want 46:36 - Circular payment fraud detection – a real world finance use case from a Chinese tax authority 54:40 – Resources and wrapup https://developer.oracle.com/ https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/tryit music: bensound.com
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Setting Up Basic Intents with Oracle Intelligent Bots
Using a chatbot he built for this Tech Tip, Matt Hornung demonstrates how to set up basic intents using the Oracle Intelligent Bots platform in Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise. https://developer.oracle.com/ https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/tryit
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Persuasion expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares the power of persuasive voice - Sales skills training
Persuasion experts can help you know how to get your sales message correctly delivered to your client or potential client. In a sales call salespeople have a limited amount of time to make the right impression. Sales training does not always include the persuasive power of voice and it costs in making sales. Learning how to increase your sales requires that you influence the right way and that leads to making more sales. Some salespeople add problems to their sales call and build in objections. Learning how to control your voice and the way you project can make the difference between making a sale and not making a sale. This video was filmed in Sacramento California: Read the article here: http://scottbellconsultant.com/persuasionofvoice/ Learn about body language from an expert: http://readingbodylanguagenow.com Connect on twitter: @scottsbell
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Building IoT Applications in the Cloud - Webinar by Cloud expert Janakiram MSV
In this session, Janakiram shows how to deploy an open source IoT stack on DigitalOcean and walk you through all the steps required for configuring an end-to-end connected devices application. The session also includes a demo that features real, physical devices connected to the Cloud. You will learn how to setup an MQTT Broker, Time-Series Database, Rules Engine and a Dashboard. For learning more, you can follow our step-by-step tutorials below: How to install and configure Node-RED - https://do.co/2pvTNQh How to Install and Secure the Mosquitto MQTT Messaging Broker - https://do.co/2p4H3MY How To Monitor System Metrics with the TICK Stack - https://do.co/2pEka54 To learn more about DigitalOcean: https://www.digitalocean.com/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/digitalocean Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalOcean Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedigitalocean We're hiring: http://grnh.se/aicoph1
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Introducing Oracle Database 12c Release 1
Introducing Oracle Database 12c Release 1 video (from June 2013)
Evan Carmichael - Canadian Entrepreneur, Author and Social Media Expert Talks about Success Mindset
Today’s Success Mentor: Evan Carmichael Evan Carmichael is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, speaker and business consultant At age 19, Evan founded a biotechnology software company and later pursued his journey as a venture capitalist He is the founder of Evan Carmichael Communications Group, which specializes in coaching and social media strategy for entrepreneurs In 2014, Carmichael was recognized by Forbes as one of the world's top 40 social marketing talent Inc. listed Carmichael among their top 100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference and  25 Social Media Keynote Speakers You Need to Know He published an amazing business book called Your One Word in 2016. (Must Read) Reach him at http://www.evancarmichael.com/ Dev Gadhvi Author | Speaker | Sales Expert | Social Media Expert| Success Coach Dev has worked with multinational companies like Oracle, Wipro, Markets and Markets and others in last 15+ years. He is an author of the book called 80% Mindset 20% Skills – Life Changing Formula to Become Unstoppable in 9 days! Dev's Story: Ø Born and raised in a lower middleclass family. Father a truck driver, Mother Housemaker Ø Dev went from being very poor in English to becoming the Successful Coach Ø From reporting to lots of managers to managing a team of 50+ people, Ø From making Rupees 30K annually to half crore! Ø From not knowing his life’s purpose to having a goal of inspiring 10 million (1 Crore) people Dev has built a community called CareNation who’s only purpose is help people realize their true potential and help them become unstoppable. CareNation inspires people to care for their future but more importantly care of others. Give to Get! Mission is to help and inspire 10 million people to: 1) Give up Middle-class Mindset and Gain Millionaire Mindset 2) Realize their true potential and become UNSTOPPABLE 3) Get what they want in life More details on Dev life – Video – Why I Care for Others Article - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/journey-10-million-dev-gadhvi For more Exciting Interviews with Millionaires and Super Successful videos: Evan Carmichael - Canadian Entrepreneur, Author and Social Media Expert Talks about Success Mindset Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbs6_I9FofE Make Money Online - Multi Millionaire Giancarlo Barazza Live with Dev Gadhvi Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCRxULB0rOs How to Kill Comfort with Stacy Cross from USA - Dev Gadhvi Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt7jmjrh7sQ Tony J Hughes - Build Unstoppable Sales Mindset - Sales Tips Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8feLt0s01s&t=4s LikeDream Big CareNation is on a mission to inspire 10 million people to come out of their comfort zones and live their greatness. Dev meets people who have achieved success and share their learnings with the world! About Dev Gadhvi: Dev is a Sales Leader, Author, Speaker and a Peak Performance Coach. His book ‘80% Mindset 20% Skills- Life Changing Formula to Become Unstoppable in 9 days!’
Oracle Internals  A Close Look at the CBO Trace
Oracle 10053 Trace, Cost-based Optimizer Trace Review
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3PL: Expert in handling B2C Logistics operations
- We are the expert in handling B2C Logistics operations: http://www.orientallogistics.com - Advanced Oracle 11g ERP as workflow management, back up for B2C Supply Chain Management (SCM) - Fully automated pick-to-light for low cost,high efficient picking operation - Zero discrepancy operation is the service commitment - One stop service distribute goods worldwide - Intermodal with land, sea or air-freight for international distribution
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Why Would I Want To Work For Oracle?
This is Andrew Engdahl's video submission to the Oracle Sales Academy Pitch Competition Prompt- "Why Oracle: Pitch us on why you've chosen Oracle to start your career" New Sales Hire @ Oracle Direct: Andrew Engdahl Music: Dirty South and Michael Brun "Rift"
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Dana Carvey Is A Presidential Impersonation Machine - CONAN on TBS
Watch out Presidents of the United States, Dana Carvey has got your number.
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Ableton, Push 2, and Expert Sleepers ES-1 sending CV to modular Synth
This tutorial shows how to route Expert Sleepers Trigger plugins that are embeded in Ableton Drum racks to a modular so that you can create beats on the Push but still get the sounds of the modular.
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The Future of Voice Biometrics
Public and private sector organisations from all over the world gathered at Opus' Voice Biometrics Conference 2013 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. We interviewed a cross-section of them to find out their views on the best applications of voice biometrics and how they see them evolving in the future. Interviews include Nuance's own voice biometrics expert, Brett Beranek and Dan Miller, principal analyst at Opus - along with representatives from the Australian Tax Office, ING Bank Romania, Standard Chartered Bank and Vodafone to DBS Bank in Singapore, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, NICE and Aite Group. For more information, visit: www.nuance.com/voice-biometrics Twitter: @NuanceEnt
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OPN: Oracle OpenWorld Sneak Peek
Kelly Greenly, Oracle Direcotr of Partner Marketing, gives you a sneak peek into what's in store for Oracle partners at this year's Partner Experience at Oracle OpenWorld 2018.
Capgemini, Sogeti and Oracle Testing: Your High-speed Journey to Quality Applications
Are you implementing a new business application that will make a critical difference to your organization? Testing and validating the quality of key business applications is imperative for enterprise agility. Without reliable systems, companies cannot respond quickly to customer needs or competitive pressure. But what testing approach will help get you to your destination on time and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality for speed? Find out how Capgemini, Sogeti and Oracle Testing can put you on the right track on your high-speed Journey to Quality Applications. http://www.capgemini.com/services-and-solutions/technology/oracle/solutions/oracle-testing/
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Life at Oracle: Madeline Hearst−Singletrack of Success
Oracle employee Madeline Hearst, graduate of Oracle’s Class Of program and mountain bike enthusiast, chose Oracle to build her career at a place that would allow her to pave her path, learn new skills, and enjoy her career. #lifeatOracle
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The Next Wave in Technology From HCM Expert Brian Sommer
Learn how machine-organized work and the “pre-crime” of sci-fi movie Minority Report are changing the workplace already! Connect with Bill Kutik on: Columns: http://hrexecutive.com/author/bill-kutik/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/billkutik LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/billkutik Radio Show: http://bit.ly/KutikRadio
Timmy Trumpet - Freaks (Snooki Launchpad Cover)
Hey guys! Today I played Freaks by Timmy Trumpet. It was fun! :) Thanks for the project file to Toxim! Follow Toxim on: YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtpkFuLODHdaZJ8ZL3Ixeog Follow Timmy Trumpet on: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/timmytrumpet Twitter:https://twitter.com/timmytrumpet Project File by Toxim: http://youtu.be/ksa9IQD9p-s 'Spinnin is my old producer name. If you see the name on a thumbnail, it's probably an old video.
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Exclusive first look at Venus by Diana Cooper, angel expert
Diana Cooper, angel expert and animal lover, speaks about her amazing new book Venus: The Diary of a Puppy and Her Angel, including the miraculous experiences that led her to finding Venus. To find out more, visit http://venusthedog.com/ or to buy a copy of the book http://www.hayhouse.co.uk/books/1781803854/venus.
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Breathe Post Blood Moon Eclipse Effects- Baby Oracle Takes The Mic
nubiannewz.net paypal.me/nubiandivine Music: Quest For Identity Records Artist: Nubian Divine & Jordynn Saadarii Look under our Playlist section for all music or Just Google me see
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Rush - 2112 Pt. 5 - Oracle The Dream - Drumless
Rush - 2112 Pt. 5 - Oracle The Dream - Drumless
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Oracle Clauses in telugu | WHERE | AND | OR | ORDER BY
#KOTHA_ABHISHEK http://htmlintelugu1.blogspot.com http://cssintelugu1.blogspot.com http://javascriptintelugu1.blogspot.com http://sqlintelugu1.blogspot.com http://javaintelugu1.blogspot.com