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Disturbed - Serpentine Vocal Cover
Me singing "Serpentine" off of Disturbed's newest album, "Asylum"
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Godsmack - I Am (Vocal Cover)
Me singing "I Am" by Godsmack. The music is low so you can't here Sully at all. I have no need to cheat. XD.
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Disturbed - Prayer (Vocal Cover)
Me singing Prayer by Disturbed. It's not as good as some of my other covers, (it's a VERY difficult song to sing) Since I'm still learning as a singer though, I see no reason not to post it. That way, later, when I sing it better, the two can be compared. Anyway, tell me what you think. Be honest. I already have an ego about my singing so there is no need for undue praise or holding back on the criticism.
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Godsmack - Whatever (Vocal Cover)
Me singing, "Whatever" by Godsmack off of their first album. I think I did a pretty good job. Leave me comments.
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Godsmack - Voodoo (Vocal Cover)
Another layered song. I sang it through once with the lead vocals and then recorded myself singing the backup vocals and put them together.
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Down with the Sickness Vocal Cover
Me singing Down with the Sickness. Embarassing...but whatever.
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Staind - For You (Vocal Cover)
Me singing, "For You" by Staind. I wasn't planning on posting it when I sang it but I liked the way it came out. Plus it's about time I posted something other than Godsmack or Disturbed. Let me know what you think.
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Disturbed The Animal Vocal Cover
Ok...this time I nailed it. No one is gonna top this unless David Draiman decides to post a youtube video himself.
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Goo Goo Dolls - Iris (Vocal Cover)
Me singing Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. I think it's decent, but no great. If I'd just done the "Yea ya bleed just to know your alive" part better I think I'd be content but that mess up takes it from like a B+ to C in my opinion. Let me know what you think.
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Down with the Sickness - Vocal Cover
My fourth and final upload of me singing Down with the Sickness by Disturbed. It's better sound quality than all of my other videos because I recorded it in my dad's sound studio. There is no video, just a picture of the album cover. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.
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5 Questions Every Atheist Must Answer Philos 71.wmv
Part one of TylerMcCail making fun of Philos
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Disturbed - The Animal (Vocal Cover)
It's already the best and I'm about to get a better mic. It isn't perfect, but I've yet to find a better one.
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Godsmack - Saints and Sinners (Vocal Cover)
Me singing Saints and Sinners by Godsmack off of The Oracle album. This is my second cover of this song in the 4 days that I've known of it's existence. It's awesome. I did it a lot better this time because I actually knew it and didn't have to read off the lyrics while singing. XD. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.
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Disturbed - Down with the Sickness (Vocal Cover) My Best DwtS
My 3rd Down with the Sickness. The first one was done well but the mic quality was poor. The second one had too much echo. This one is basically perfect except that there is a popping noise from time to time. That happened because in order to layer an instrumental version on top of the original I had to cut tiny bits out of the video because it stalled by a few milliseconds here and there and threw off the timing. Without the instrumental on top it would be all vocals like my second cover and that just doesn't sound right with a song as amped up as Down with the Sickness. Hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think.
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Godsmack - Voodoo (Cartman Edition)
Me singing Voodoo by Godsmack in a very....unique way.
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All That Remains - Two Weeks (Vocal Cover)
Me singing, Two Weeks by All That Remains. I think it's pretty good. I feel I went too hard on some if not all of the "Swear I never gave up on YOU!" screams but other than that I'm pretty content. I did some back up vocals for this one too. It sounded fine without them but I thought they made it sound cooler. Leave comments, tell me what you think.
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5 Questions for atheists
Video response for Veritas48 5 Questions for Atheists
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Credence Clearwater Revival - Have you ever seen the rain? (Vocal Cover)
I just did this to see how it would come out. (I was expecting it to be horrible) When I realized it was a actually pretty good I decided to post it. Tell me what you think of my cover of this classic song.
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Staind - It's Been A While (Vocal Cover)
Me singing, "It's Been A While" by Staind. I sang it through once and kept with the low tone for the "Gone and fucked things up just like I always do" and then layered the higher octave on top so it sounds like the album version. It really loses a lot without the low octave to support the high one. In fact it's really just not doable because the melody for the high octave is different and if I tried to do it without the low octave behind it, it would throw off the melody of the song. So I cheated...oh well. It's just one sentence.
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Disturbed The Animal Cover
The same video as before but with and instrumental version of the song layered on top so it sounds a lot better.
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Godsmack - Serenity (Vocal Cover 2)
I recorded it one time through going with the low octave during the chorus and then recorded myself singing it in the high octave and layered it on top of the original. Then I went back again and recorded the repeating, "I need serenity" part at the end.
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Godmsack - I Am Vocal Cover 2
The same video as the older one but you can hear Sully and the music is louder. It sounds better and you can see how closely I match Sully and where I mess up.
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Drum Solo
The drummer for my band showing off.
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Respect Creationism!
Evolution vs Creationism, Is Creationism True, Is Evolution True, What is Creationism, Theory, Science, Religion, Here is a link to my blog. It's the best blog ever! http://theendoftheworld-the7begin.blogspot.com/
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Disturbed - Down with the Sickness (Vocal Cover)
The last time I did Down with the Sickness I was drunk and smoking a cigarette while singing. This time I'm sober, it's to an instrumental version and the music is low. I tried to layer the instrumental version on top of the original video so that the music would match the volume of my voice but the recording must get slowed down a hair somewhere because the timing gets thrown off. So I scratched that Idea. Hope you like it anyway. Plus this time I do the screaming part. Last time I didn't.
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Movie Reviews - Titanic.wmv
Tyler McCails Movie Reviews. Titanic. I am the number one authority when it comes to movies.
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Staind - Epiphany (Vocal Cover)
Me singing Epiphany by Staind. Some silly girl wanted me to do it so I did. XD. Let me know what you guys think.
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Movie Review - Avatar
Welcome to Tyler McCails Movie Reviews. I am the number one athority when it comes to movies.
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Movie Reviews - The Terminator.wmv
Tyler McCails Movie Reviews Episode 2, The Terminator. I am the number one athority when it comes to movies.
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Movie Reviews - Mortal Kombat.wmv
Tyler McCails Movie Reviews Episode 3, Mortal Kombat. I am the number one athority when it comes to movies.
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Gun Control Simple
Gun control is counter productive because it only stops law abiding citezens from owning guns.
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Godsmack - Serenity - Vocal Cover
Me singing Serenity by Godsmack from their Faceless album
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Godsmack - Saints and Sinners (Vocal Cover)
I just heard this song for the first time the day before I made this video and I loved it. So i listened to it and tried singing it a bunch of times until I got it to this point. It's not perfect but It's pretty good I think. I'll probably post another version of this song when I know it a little better. Tell me what you think. Subscribe, friend, thumb up and all that. Check out my other videos too.
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