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Kayak and Canoe Safety - Paddling in Low Light
Make sure you have sufficient lighting on your paddle craft to ensure you can be seen in low light or darkness. It is very easy to fit your paddle craft with the correct lighting.
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Rowing Safety and Rowing Capsize
Advice on what to do if you have a single scull capsize or a double scull capsize and some helpful rowing safety tips.
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Fire Safety
Fire and boats don't mix. You hope never to have a blaze on board your boat. However, if it does happen, it pays to be prepared.
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Be Boat Safe Kids
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Kayaks and Canoes - Paddle Safety
New legislation took effect on 1 January 2014 in Tasmania with regards to lightweight craft (kayaks and canoes). See the safety equipment now required for kayaks and canoes.
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Transiting the Tasman Bridge
This MAST TV episode is about responsibilities of recreational craft around larger commercial ships. It also involves aspects of transiting the Tasman Bridge.
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MAST TV Lifejacket Awareness Day
MAST Lifejacket Awareness Day held on 27 February 2015
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Buoyancy in Boats
Does your vessel have enough buoyancy?
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Barway Crossings
Boating and How to safely cross barways
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Anchoring Your Boat
Tips for anchoring your boat
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Man Over Board
This is really important information for all boat owners but especially those cruising larger boats and also those involved in yacht racing. Every crew on every boat should have a Man Overboard procedure which should be discussed throughout the year with in-water practicing.
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Rowing Safety Tasmania-YouTube sharing
Rowing safety
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Boating and Fishing Fun Day Longford 2013
Safety Day at Longford
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Kayaks and Sit-on-Tops
Safe Paddling
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GPS Plotter
Many people have a GPS plotter on their boats however they need to be set to the correct map datum. MAST has set up 17 positions around Tasmania to help you do this.
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Wader Safety
Learn how to use waders safely and turn them into an asset rather than a liability.
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Buying an old or second hand boat
This is a must-watch video for anybody in the market for a second hand boat.
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Update on MAST Moorings, Facilities and GPS
Update on Facilities upgrades, GPS
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Servicing of Inflatable Life Jackets by Manufacturers
Your inflatable life jacket must be serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations
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New Life Jacket Standard
The transition to the AS4758 jacket commenced in 2010. By January 2021 all life jackets will need to adhere to this new Standard.
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Boat Lights at Night
You're the Skipper - You're Responsible - make sure you have the correct lights at night.
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Life Jackets
There is a life jacket to suit everyone. Always wear a life jacket when boating. Always service your life jacket.
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Cold Water Immersion
The effects of falling into cold water can be deadly. MAST TV has gone to the Australian Antarctic Division to look at the impacts of Cold Water Immersion.
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Boat Capsize
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EPIRB Safety advice
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Speed and Wash
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Checking Your Inflatable life Jacket
Inflatable life jackets need checking and servicing.
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Do you know how your life jacket works?
Do you know how your life jacket works? Does your life jacket fit you correctly?
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Keep a Lookout
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MAST TV Winter Edition 2014
Update on new facilities around the state, mooring regulations, paddle safe courses and VHF radio upgrade.
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Boating and Alcohol - Stay Under .05
Boating is a great pastime - but please, be responsible and stay under .05
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Going boating?  Check the weather - BE BOATWISE - There are no second chances
Do you know where the safety gear is stored on your boat? Has your life jacket been serviced? Boating is fun but everyone should come back safely after a day on the water. Don't forget to check the weather before you go boating. Wear you life jacket. Have all the safety gear on board and handy. Remember, there are NO second chances.
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When Navigating - Right is Right
Remember the golden rule when navigating ...... Keep Right.
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