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How to tie the Dolly Llama Fly
The Dolly Llama. The one fly that every angler in Alaska needs in their box whether you are fishing for trout, steelhead or salmon.
How to Cast the Dolly Llama
The Dolly Llama. AKA the state bird of Alaska. Although this beast is an effective fly, it is a difficult one to cast. Here, we walk you through how to productively cast the Dolly Llama fly. Watch as Kayla Roys walks you through how to cast the Dolly Llama.
Rio Switch  Vs Switch Chucker Fly Lines with George Cook
In the ever changing world of switch lines, we consulted with the expert, George Cook, of Rio Products to give us the run down on the Rio Switch line vs. the Switch Chucker. For more videos and information, check out www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com
DIY: Small Stream Bead & Streamer Fishing
Follow the Alaska Fly Fishing Goods crew for a day on the water as they walk you through how to bead and streamer fish on small rivers and streams. www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com
Comparing Rio Fly Lines with George Cook
Interested in purchasing a new weight forward fly line, but unsure about which to purchase? We tried to simplify things for you by going straight to the expert, George Cook. In this video he explains the difference between the Rio Powerfly, Rio Grand, and Rio Gold fly lines. Look no further than Alaska Fly Fishing Goods for all your angling needs! www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com
Situk River Spring Steelhead Fishing
This spring, Gavin Blood hit one of our favorite Southeast Alaska steelhead watersheds. In typical steelheading form, the group experienced all sorts of weather, low water conditions, cold nights, and some sticky fishing conditions. That's alright though... Steelheading wouldn't be the same without a few snags, right?! For more information on spring steelheading on the Situk River, go to: https://www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com/alaska-fish-a-fishing/situk-river
Wrapping Marabou
Wrapping Marabou
How to tie a Hareball Leech
How to tie one of the best all-Alaska flies for salmon and steelhead
How to Find the Perfect Fitting Wader - For Men
Are you in the market for a new pair of waders, but you are not sure what size you will need? Don't worry, with this step by step tutorial we've got you covered.
Let's talk about the Sage Pulse with George Cook
Looking for a new rod, made in the US, ready for the extremes of Alaska angling? The Sage Pulse is here for you. Explore the Sage Pulse with George Cook, of the Sage Fly Fishing crew. Visit www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com for a full list of Sage products.
The Alaska Gurgler in Action!
Watch the Alaskan Gurgler fly in action as it drifts, gurgles, and hooks a bunch of fish!
Rio Single Hand Spey Line with George Cook
Fall 2015 Rio Products introduced the Single Hand Spey Line. George Cook talks about the pros and cons to this awesome new fly line.
Faux Bucktail - What it is and How to use it
With so many new fly tying products on the market, it is hard to know what to use them all for. One of our new favorite materials is Faux Bucktail, by Flymen Co. The material is a scentless, practically weightless, tapered fly tying synthetic that is great for tying flies such as the clouser minnow, building brushes, and building large streamers. Watch as we show you the Faux Bucktail material, tie a fly with it, and show you how it swims!
How to Use the whip-finish tool
How to use the Whip-Finish tool to create uniform and durable heads for your flies.
Beach Fishing for Pink Salmon 101
Learn how to beach fish for Pink Salmon. We go over tackle, flies, and techniques that will help you on your next fishing trip.
Tying the Glo-Bug
www.alaskaflyfishinggods.com shows you a quick and easy way to tie perfectly round Glo-Bugs ever time.
4 ways to peg beads
4 ways to peg beads for fishing, from www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com Visit us for all of your fishing bead needs!
Plan D Fly Boxes: Best Streamer Box Around
The Plan D is the ideal box to keep your articulated and strung out flies neat and organized. Gone are the days of the tangle of Dolly Llamas in your box! Simply slip the eye of the hook over one of the stainless steel hooks in the box and then insert the hook bend in the slotted foam. https://www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com/shop/tools-accessories/fly-boxes
The String Leech, Demystified
www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com shows you how to tie the string leech in under 5 minutes
Tying the Liquid Wrench Fly - The Traditional Way
The Liquid Wrench fly is an Alaska Fly Fishing Goods exclusive pattern that is tied specifically to target steelhead. Tied on a 90* jig hook, with a heavy tungsten bead head, and flashy dubbing all the way through, it's no wonder a steelhead would fall for this fly! Swing it, strip it or dead drift it. A small stream pocket-water killer! For more info on the fly and materials to tie it, check out: https://www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com/component/triprec/recommends/635?lang=en
MOAL 'Rhoid.f4v
The MOAL (Mother Of All Leeches) 'Rhoid (think Prep H) - a great fly for fall rainbows and dollies.Tied in different color schemes, it is a great salmon and steelhead fly as well. Let the alaskaflyfishinggoods.com team show you how to tie it for your next adventure.
Straight-tie vs snelled bead rigs
A short clip from www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com showing some of the advantages and disadvantages of both straight-eye and up-eye (octopus) style hooks.
Rockfish on the Fly
The state of Alaska presents us with an array of weird fishing that you can catch on the fly. Although, as fly anglers we typically think of big rainbow trout, arctic char, and salmon... There is a whole ocean full of fish to catch out there. Follow Gavin Blood and Tyler Mann for a day in Prince William Sound throwing baitfish patterns to Rockfish.
The Big Nasty
George Cook joined us for the day and we asked him everything we wanted to know about Rio's Big Nasty fly line. Made for casting big flies to big fish.
How to snell a hook
A short clip from www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com showing you how to tie a snell knot on an upturned-eye (or octopus) hook. This knot is great for bead rigs because it is extremely solid and does not foul often.
Alaska Fly Tying Kit
Are you interested in learning how to tie flies? We have put together a simple to use kit for our customers to learn to tie in the comfort of your own home! www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com
How to Peg Soft Beads
We have been working with BNR Tackle, creating the best sizes and colors of Soft Beads to fish in and around Alaska. Here is a quick 'down and dirty' way to peg your soft bead to your leader.
How to Tie the CH Alaskabou
A great pattern for steelhead and salmon, the Alaskabou fly can be tied in a variety of different colors. Here, we teach you how to tie the Conehead Alaskabou Popcicle. To check out all the materials we use in this fly, go here: https://www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com/component/triprec/recommends/329?lang=en
Mr Bodangles
Learn how to tie an Alaska Fly Fishing Goods exclusive fly pattern that has proved itself over the years to be a wicked King and Coho fly. View the Mr. Bodangles fly and the Tie-A-Dozen Kits at http://www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com/shop/fly-tying/tie-a-dozen-kits
Faux Fox Tails: What it is and how to use it
Faux Fox Tails are a great product by Cascade Crest Tools. The Faux Tails are perfect for tying large bait fish, salmon and steeljead patterns as well as crab and other streamers. The tail itself is built with a 0.50 stainless wire, and spun with bits of flash fibers, creating a super flashy, vibrant brush. Two 18” tails come per pack. The material sinks quickly, and can be tied without any added weight. It undulates well in the water, but also sheds water, thus false casts well. The Faux Fox tail is a great material for tying flies for a variety of species such as trout, pike, salmon, steelhead, bonefish, tarpon, GT's and other species. View the product here: https://www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com/component/hikashop/product/1055-faux-foxtail
How To Tie a Starlite Leech
Tying instructions for a UV Polar Starlite Leech. Great silver salmon and steelhead fly.
Bears of Katmai
During the summer of 2018, Bristol Bay saw the largest return of sockeye salmon recorded in history. Over 63 million sockeye returned to the rivers of Bristol Bay. And, in Alaska, lots of salmon means lots of bears...
Tying the Liquid Wrench Fly - The Easy Way
The Liquid Wrench fly is an Alaska Fly Fishing Goods exclusive pattern that is tied specifically to target steelhead. Traditionally tied on a 90* jig hook, with a heavy tungsten bead head, and flashy dubbing all the way through, this fly is wicked. However, if you're not a fan of dubbing, or just short on time, the Faux Foxtail Brush ties a fantastic Liquid Wrench pattern with much less fuss! Swing it, strip it or dead drift it. A small stream pocket-water killer! For more information on tying and products check out: https://www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com/component/triprec/recommends/637?lang=en
Tying a Clouser Minnow
A how to video from www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com about tying a Clouser Minnow for salmon fishing.
Making trailer-hook rigs with uncoated spectra
Using uncoated spectra to make trailer-hook rigs, the foundation for great patterns like the steelhead string leech - let www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com show you how.
Let's talk about the Sage Motive with George Cook
The Motive. New Fall 2015 rod by Sage Fishing. George Cook gives us the run down on how the rod works, and why you need it in your arsenal. Check out the full line up of Sage Rods at www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com!
Lead-eyed Egg-sucking leech.f4v
Voted one of the All-Time top flies by Alaska's steelhead and salmon, the Lead-eyed egg-sucking leech is a great fly to have in your arsenal. Let the alaskaflyfishinggoods.com team show you how to tie it for your next adventure.
Switch Casting - What You Can Do
Want to see a few of the things a switch rod can do? This short video will show you how versatile and useful a switch can be.
Tying the Sockeye Lightning
Another "how-to" video from www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com showing you how to tie one of Alaska's top Sockeye salmon patterns
Finishing a conehead fly
Adding color, contrast and flash to a conehead fly with just a little bit of dubbing
Deep Six Video
Tying the Deep Six fly for silver salmon.
How to Find the Perfect Fitting Wader - Women's Edition
Alright, ladies... are you in the market for a new pair of waders, but you are not sure what size you will need? Don't worry, with this step by step tutorial we've got you covered.
Swinging Flies to Trout in Bristol Bay
Often times people think they have to fish a bead behind spawning salmon to catch trout. But, one of our favorite methods is swinging streamers.
How to mount hourglass eyes on a hook
www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com shows you a bomb-proof method of mounting hourglass or dazl-eyes on your flies.
Blood Quill VS Spey Blood Quill Marabou
Ever wondered what the differen Blood Quill Marabou and Spey Blood Quill Marabou is? Or, how to use them while tying flies? All questions answered here.
Beadhead Wooly Bugger
Learn to tie a basic Bead Head Wooly Bugger with this video.
George Cook, what Silver flies should I use?
Gearing up to Silver fish in Alaska? We sat down with George Cook and asked him exactly what Silver flies he doesn't leave home without.
Making collars with schlappen
How to add color and contrast to your flies with a schlappen collar, from www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com
Switch Casting with a Sustained Anchor
Watch how a switch rod works with a sustained anchor cast. More traditional Spey-style casts such as Single Speys and and the Single Spey to Overhead are shown.