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How-To Hand-make Your Own Stretch Bracelets
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Christine White of Christine White Style wants you to see how easy stretchy bracelets can be with this follow-along tutorial. Gain some insight into elastic style and fashionable stacking while learning how to prevent breakage in stretch cord. Making Stretchy Bracelets using elastic cord. A simple jewelry-making technique that is quick and easy to learn! Materials: -Stretch Magic: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/stretch-magic-clear-1mm-5-meter-spool -Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads -Super New Glue: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/adhesives/products/super-new-glue -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -Design Board: https://christinewhitestyle.com/products/bracelet-board º º º FIND & FOLLOW Christine White º º º WEBSITE: https://christinewhitestyle.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/christinewhitestyle/ PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/christinewhitestyle/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Christinewhitestyle/ º º º THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING º º º
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How to Make your Own Tassel Fan Earrings: A Tutorial
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Get statement earring styles with this easy step-by-step craft tutorial. Tassels are so on-trend and create and simple, fashion forward craft using wire and kidney earring hooks. Materials: -Gold Wavy Disks: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/pendants-charms-and-connectors/products/gold-wavy-disk-large-4-pieces -Tassels: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/pendants-charms-and-connectors/products/small-tassel-pack -Kidney Earring Wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/products/kidney-earring-wires -22 gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-22-gauge-wire -3-Piece Tool Kit: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/3-piece-tool-set
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Beaded Memory Wire Stacking Bracelet Tutorial
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Learn to make quick and easy stacking bracelets with coiled memory wire and assorted beads. Get the glam look you love without investing in tons of jewelry pliers and accessories. A great project for beginners or on-the-go! Materials: -Memory wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/products/bracelet-size-memory-wire -Bead Strands: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/bead-strands -Jumprings: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/6mm-open-jump-ring-brushed-gold-20-pieces -Round Nose pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/round-nose-pliers-zebra-handle
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How to Hand-Make Wire-Wrapped Bangle Bracelets with Beads
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Make a stylish wire wrapped bangle using 20 gauge Non-Tarnish wire and a common household item like a soda can! Materials: -20gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-20-gauge-wire -Wire cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -Flat nose pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/flat-nose-pliers-zebra-grip -Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads
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Easy Beaded Tassel Jewelry Tutorial
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** A simple technique for creating luxe beaded tassels using silk cord and faceted crystals. I'll show you everything you need for this skill and stylish variations. Materials: -Bead Strands: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/bead-strands -Silk Cord: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/white-knotting-silk-cord -Caps: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/cones-and-caps -20 gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-20-gauge-wire -Super New Glue: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/adhesives/products/super-new-glue -Jumprings: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/6mm-soldered-jump-ring-brushed-gold-20-pieces -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -Round Nose Plier: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/round-nose-pliers-zebra-handle
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Fashion-Forward Suede & Leather Necklace Tutorial
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Christine White of Christine White Style shows you how to hand-craft leather and suede material into eye-pleasing, modern and comfortable jewelry pieces. Jewelry making tutorial for making suede and leather straps to use as the back portion of necklaces. See how easy, comfortable and stylish it can be to create necklaces with this technique using rings and wire. In addition, I will show you how to complete a necklace using Beadalon, crimps and frenchwire. Materials: -Suede: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/leather-and-suede -Jumprings: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/12mm-heavy-duty-open-jump-ring-brushed-gold-20-pieces -Flat Nose Pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/flat-nose-pliers-zebra-grip -Super New Glue: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/adhesives/products/super-new-glue -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -22 gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-22-gauge-wire º º º FIND & FOLLOW Christine White º º º WEBSITE: https://christinewhitestyle.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/christinewhitestyle/ PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/christinewhitestyle/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Christinewhitestyle/ º º º THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING º º º
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Teardrop Cluster Necklace: Briolettes on Leather Wire Working Tutorial
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Using gold or silver craft wire and top-drilled briolette beads or stones, we will create a rich pendant cluster that is easy and fun to wear. Materials: -Leather: https://christinewhitestyle.com/products/ultra-suede -Briolettes: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads/products/pink-opal-teardrops-pack-of-30 -Jumprings: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/12mm-heavy-duty-open-jump-ring-brushed-gold-20-pieces-24 gauge wire: -Flat nose pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/flat-nose-pliers-zebra-grip -3-Piece Tool Kit: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/3-piece-tool-set
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Handcrafted Jewelry using Crimp Beads and Wire
Christine White of Christine White Style gives the delicate techniques that make crimp beads and wire-working the backbone of beaded jewelry design. Follow along with Christine with your own gray board and added personal touches along the way. A Jewelry making tutorial using crimp beads and wire as well as crimping pliers and wire cutters. Learn how easy it can be to design your own necklaces and bracelets with this simple beading technique! º º º FIND & FOLLOW Christine White º º º WEBSITE: https://christinewhitestyle.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/christinewhitestyle/ PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/christinewhitestyle/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Christinewhitestyle/ º º º THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING º º º
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Embellished Chain Tassel Tutorial
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Texture abounds in this simple statement pendant. Using chain remnants or scraps and cut lengths of leather, crystals, charms and more, I'll show you how to create a stunning piece of jewelry with tons of movement! Wear it on a simple cord or design a necklace or earrings around this style. Materials: -chain: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/chains -beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads -caps: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/cones-and-caps -22 gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-22-gauge-wire -headpins: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/24-gauge-headpins-gold-color-package-of-144-pieces -3-Piece Tool Kit: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/3-piece-tool-set
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Handcrafted Earrings with Headpins and Wire
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Christine White of Christine White Style brings simplicity to beginner and advanced jewelry designers with this earring tutorial that makes headpins and wire-wrapping make sense! Follow along and make these earrings your own through Christine’s design tips and instructions. Jewelry Making Tutorial using headpins to create earring, pendants and more! Learn how easy it can be to create designs of your very own with this wire wrapping technique! PRODUCTS FOR THIS TUTORIAL: -Headpins: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/24-gauge-headpins-gold-color-package-of-144-pieces -Beads of Your Choice: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads -Gold or Silver Seed Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/products/seed-beads-size-11-0 -Round Nose Pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/round-nose-pliers-zebra-handle -Wire Cutter: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -Earring Wires: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/goldfill-simple-french-earring-hook-pack-of-6-3-pairs -3 Piece Tool Set: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/3-piece-tool-set º º º FIND & FOLLOW Christine White º º º WEBSITE: https://christinewhitestyle.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/christinewhitestyle/ PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/christinewhitestyle/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Christinewhitestyle/ º º º THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING º º º
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Chain Linking, Wire Working and Beaded Beauty
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Christine White of Christine White Style enhances your knowledge of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of diy jewelry making with chain linking and wire sectioning. Jewelry making tutorial using wire sections and beads to create linked sections. Learn how easy it can be to create beautiful chains of your own, and embellish chains that you love! Materials: -Round nose pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/round-nose-pliers-zebra-handle -Wire cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -24 gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-24-gauge-wire -Chain: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/chains -Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/bead-strands º º º FIND & FOLLOW Christine White º º º WEBSITE: https://christinewhitestyle.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/christinewhitestyle/ PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/christinewhitestyle/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Christinewhitestyle/ º º º THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING º º º
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Setting Up and Selling For Jewelry Designers
Ready to take your jewelry making to the next level? I'm visiting an outdoor craft market to show you my keys to success for makers, hobbyists and designers wishing to sell their products for a profit or for fun! I've got some no-fail advice for you, after 17 years in the business.
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Textured Bead Cluster Tutorial For Jewelry Making
**SHOP TUTORIAL MATERIALS BELOW** Learn to make the quintessential statement piece for one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets using headpins, beads and chain to create texture and movement for your jewelry pieces. A fun technique for bead stringers who are ready to take their skills to the next level. For more about headpins: https://youtu.be/j-PHT2eMEMI Materials: -Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/bead-strands -Headpins: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/24-gauge-headpins-gold-color-package-of-144-pieces -Round Nose Pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/round-nose-pliers-zebra-handle -Chain: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/chains/products/brushed-gold-round-chain -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter
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Leather Wrapped Bracelet
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Using soft, bohemian leather or deerskin, I'm creating a look for people who love jewelry but aren't into lots of beads and sparkle. This technique is so simple and gives you a one of a kind look. Materials: -Leather/Deerskin: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/leather-and-suede -Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -24 gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-24-gauge-wire -Flat Nose pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/flat-nose-pliers-zebra-grip
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How to Create a Multi-Strand Necklace with Caps or Cones
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** A go-to design for so many jewelry makers. Let me show you how simple it can be to gather multiple strands of beads into one cap or cone for a polished look! Variations include crimp beads and stringing wire AND chain with wire-wrapped loops. For more on crimp bead techniques: https://youtu.be/8A1Syvi0xOk Materials: -Bead Strands: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/bead-strands -Beading Wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/beadalon-stringing-wire-19-strand-018-diameter-30-foot-spool-bright -Caps: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/cones-and-caps -Crimps: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/gold-filled-crimp-tubes-package-of-30 -Crimping Plier: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/crimping-plier -3-Piece Tool Kit: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/3-piece-tool-set -20 gauge craft wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-20-gauge-wire -Chain: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/chains
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Wire-Wrapped Cocktail Ring Tutorial
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Make a statement with this quick and easy cocktail ring using one or two beautiful beads and 20-gauge wire. This will change the way you look at gorgeous DIY jewelry for your fingers. Shop wire and beads here: https://christinewhitestyle.com/shop/ Materials: -Mandrel: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/mandrel -Loose Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads -20 gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-20-gauge-wire -Flat Nose Pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/flat-nose-pliers-zebra-grip -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter
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All About Jump Rings and Easy Jump Ring Jewelry Projects
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** I'll walk you through the different types of jump rings used in jewelry making and when to use them. Afterwards, we will make two simple and stylish projects using open jump rings, pliers, and chain. Materials: -Jumprings: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/6mm-open-jump-ring-brushed-gold-20-pieces -Flat Nose Pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/flat-nose-pliers-zebra-grip -Chain: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/chains -Charms: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/pendants-charms-and-connectors -Lobster Claws:https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/small-electroplated-lobster-claws-brushed-gold-4
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Simple Choker Necklace With Charm Tutorial
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** One of the hottest trends in necklaces! No need to spend big at your favorite boutique when it can be so simple to create the style you love with beautiful crystal beads and stunning charms. I'll show you the tricks to stringing and finishing in a matter of minutes. see more on crimping here: https://youtu.be/8A1Syvi0xOk Materials: -Stringing Wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/beadalon-stringing-wire-19-strand-018-diameter-30-foot-spool-bright -Charms: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/pendants-charms-and-connectors -Lobster Claw: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/small-electroplated-lobster-claws-brushed-gold-4 -Jump Ring: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/6mm-open-jump-ring-brushed-gold-20-pieces -Bead Strands: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/bead-strands -Crimps: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/gold-filled-crimp-tubes-package-of-30 -Crimping Plier: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/crimping-plier -Wire Cutter: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter
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Fancy Double Wire-Wrapped Bead Cage Tutorial for Jewelry Making
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Take your average beads from zero to hero with this easy technique using pliable craft wire and pliers. Perfect for necklaces, bracelets or earrings, and easily linked with jump rings. Make this style truly your own with crystals, metal colors, accents and more! shop for supplies here: https://christinewhitestyle.com/shop/ Follow Christine on Instagram: @ChristineWhiteStyle Materials: -20 gauge wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/non-tarnish-20-gauge-wire -Round Nose Pliers: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/round-nose-pliers-zebra-handle -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -Beads of your choice: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads -Open Jump Rings: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/6mm-open-jump-ring-shiny-gold-20-pieces
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I’m Interviewing My Sister!
Find out what it’s like to run a bead store together, and get to know my big sister, Anne! Get a sense of our day-to-day lives both personally and professionally and take a look back at how we get started. For more info check out @beadsinccharlotte on Instagram or our website https://beadsinc.com/
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Simple Silk Knotting Techniques for Necklaces and Bracelets Using a Knotting Tool
**SHOP TUTORIAL PRODUCTS BELOW** Using a knotting tool and silk cord, I'll teach you the simple and easy fundamentals of knotting pearl and stone beads for a polished and sophisticated look. Perfect for necklaces and bracelets! Materials: -Silk Cord: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/wire-and-stringing-materials/products/white-knotting-silk-cord -Knotting Tool: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/knotting-tool -French Wire: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/gold-color-french-wire -Wire Cutters: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/tools/products/designer-wire-cutter -Super New Glue: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/adhesives/products/super-new-glue -Beads: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/loose-beads -Lobster Claw: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/small-electroplated-lobster-claws-brushed-gold-4 -Jumpring: https://christinewhitestyle.com/collections/findings/products/6mm-soldered-jump-ring-brushed-gold-20-pieces
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Christine White's Holiday Home Tour
Take a look inside my home during the holiday season! It's my favorite time of the year for decorating, and I'm excited to share some of my favorite parts of our house. You'll get to meet my husband, David and my dog, Mary Katherine. We hope to make you feel right at home with a pinch of Southern hospitality.
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At Beads, Inc. | A glimpse inside
A brief look inside my bead store, Beads Incorporated- located in Charlotte, NC. A quick overview of inventory, custom work, my retail showroom, my filming space and more! visit Beadsinc.com 339 Circle Ave. Chartlotte, NC 28207
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Giveaway Winner!
Thank you to all who entered my deluxe giveaway! Don't forget to follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to find out about other great opportunities like this. More tutorials are coming your way in just days!
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