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Voices From The Fuselage – Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds (2015) Full Album
Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds FULL ALBUM 1.- Ortus (00:00) 2.- Inner Child (03:43) 3 .- Fenestra (09:34) 4.- Meteorites (14:33) 5.- Anew (22:19) 6.- Epicinium (28:30) 7.- A Principle God (32:16) 8.- Devil's Advocate (38:54) 9.- Astral Existence (45:50) 10.- Departure (50:26) Band Voices From The Fuselage are a very melodic take on progressive metal, with experimentation in time signatures and melodramatic key changes/chord sequences. It's hard to claim originality in such a vast sea of artists & music, but there is such originality in this music & it is constantly challenging itself to transcend. (Information: https://voicesfromthefuselage.bandcamp.com/) Members: Ashe O'Hara - Vocals | Mitch Ramsay - Guitar | Josh Galloway - Guitar | Scott Lockhart - Drums | Dale Gorham - Bass | Music Style: Alternative | Cinematic | Progressive | Post-Rock | Metal Origin: Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds was released on June 22 of 2015 Lyrics by Ashe Austin O'Hara Music by Voices From The Fuselage Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by John Mitchell All Rights Reserved to Voices From The Fuselage
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Elevator Pitch "SoundProtector" Inacap Temuco 2016
Mucha congestión vehicular genera largas esperas en tu vehiculo. Esas esperas pueden derivar en una sensación de inseguridad, o un posible asalto y que roben tus pertenencias dentro de tu auto. Nosotros tenemos la solución... Soundprotector, el nuevo e innovador producto para la seguridad de tu vehiculo. Como mecanismo de defensa, utiliza el sonido dirigido de hasta 130 dB que puede aturdir al asaltante, entregandonos un tiempo preciso para reaccionar ante cualquier eventualidad perjudicial No quedes expuesto a que te roben o asalten mientras estas en tu automovil. Ignacio Díaz Rodolfo Iturriaga Carlo Rocco
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Caminos - Iturriaga / Matus
Canción base. Mucho que arreglar!
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through struggle cover por Itu
----------- At last my first video!. Pretty home haha, is the first time I play a cover. It is a song by As I Lay Dying, from the album "An Ocean Between Us" For me is a classic song, of this band, very metalcore and power I Simply use a IBANEZ GRX20 (guitar very veery basic that even sounds), an AMP LANEY LX35R and CIBERSHOT SONY 7.2 Camara for film Hope you like it, sorry if the audio is bad because I don´t edited the video and also for errors when I play. Honestly is dificult to play perfectly after a break(about 3 months cuz i have to study a lot!) haha thanks and comment positive things. see ya ^^ __________________________________________________________ Al fin mi primer video !. Bastante casero jaja, es la primera ves que subo un video propio tocando este tema. Es un tema del grupo As I Lay Dying, del disco "an ocean between us" Para mi un clasico de este grupo muy metalcore y power, para agitar mucho la cabeza. Simplemente uso una IBANEZ GRX20( guitarra muy muuy basica que aun suena ), AMP LANEY LX35R y la Camara SONY CIBERSHOT 7.2 Espero que les guste, lamento si el audio es malo ya que lo grabe sin editar nada y tambien por si hay errores cuando toco. Honestamente cuesta tocar perfecto despues de dejar de tocar por 3 meses ya que tenia mucho q estudiar ... jaja gracias y comenten cosas positivas.
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as i lay dying parallels (official video).avi.flv
"PARALLELS" AS I LAY DYING (The poweless rise)2010 Me gusta este video!!. Muy buenos los cambios de velocidad en las imagenes ,bastante limpio y power.
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Disturbed - Prayer (cover) :)
IBANEZ GIO GRX20 Behringer V-AMP III AURAX SB4200 Temuco,Chile
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An Ocean Between Us Cover GIBSONITU
AN OCEAN BETWEEN US(cover) As I lay Dying ---------------------- hOPE you like it GEAR : IBANEZ GRX20 AMP LANEY LX35R
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At the End of August 36 Crazyfists Cover!. Testing my new Camera DSLR Nikon D5300 sorry for the mistakes, a lot of time without playing. All the rights reserves to the owners of the song.
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Down With The Sickness - Itu  (cover)
cover of the song "Down with the Sickness" (DISTURBED) enjoy. all rights reserved.
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My Damnation(preview cover)
Testing my GoPro Hero 3 with normal recording. Playing a little bit of Chelsea Grin cover of "My Damnation" All rights reserve.
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My Damnation(cover) - Chelsea Grin
Chelsea Grin cover of the song "My Damnation". My apologizes for the mistakes!. Im just testing my new GPH 3 =) Gear: - Ibanez RG7321 - Behringer VAMP3 - Aurax SB2400 - GoPro Hero 3(direct sound)
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Volumes and pisco
Buenas Noches
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Take a Look Around - Limp Bizkit(cover)
Take a Look Around Limp Bizkit(cover) Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavores Water - Guitar Ibanez RG7321 - Behringer V-AMP III - Aurax SB4200 via YouTube Capture
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