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Disturbed - Prayer - Guitar cover by mogul
First single off second Disturbed album, Believe. I've been playing this one in preparation for tomorrow's Disturbed concert here in St Louis. Learned and recorded it pretty quick so some mistakes here and there but decent enough I guess. Gear: Ibanez RG5EX1 guitar, Toneport UX1 recording interface, preset tone Uranium 238 from Gearbox.
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Soda Stereo - De Musica Ligera - Cover guitarra
Tributo en vida a Gustavo Cerati, tocando De Musica Ligera de su ex banda Soda Stereo, con mi guitarra Ibanez RG5EX1. Dificil momento para un musico latino hipertalentoso, que la rompio por decadas con Soda y logrando exito espectacular como solista. Y si, la vida es injusta, de eso no hay duda, pero todavia queda algo de de esperanza para que Gustavo vuelva a disfrutar de su musica.
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La Trampa - cover Caida Libre
Uno de los mejores temas de la banda uruguaya La Trampa, y que tiene un significado muy importante para mi. Recuerdos de amigos, toques, y demas que quedaron en el pasado pero que nunca los voy a olvidar. Ultima vez que los vi en la fiesta de la X en el 2001. En este caso dedicado a mi esposa que tambien le encanta esta banda de mi pais. AGUANTE LA TRAMPA Y EL BOLSO CARAJO.
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Mana - Rayando El Sol - Cover Guitarra
Cover de un muy buen tema de la hiperfamosa banda mexicana Mana, que actualmente esta de vuelta con nuevo disco y de gira hoy mismo por aqui por Miami. Guitarra Ibanez RG5EX1, Toneport UX1 recording interface.
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Papa Roach - Last Resort - Guitar cover by mogul
It's been a decade listening to this cool rock song, and always wanted to play it. This song is the debut single off Papa Roach's album Infest. Gear: Ibanez RG5EX1 guitar, Toneport UX1 recording interface.
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NIN in STL 08/20/08
Nine Inch Nails concert in Saint Louis. Mix of several songs of the concert, approx 10 min total including my final goodbye in spanish from the Scottrade center.
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Metallica - The Unforgiven cover
My second Black album cover is for The Unforgiven, with solo, and almost all guitar parts. Audio and video recorded separately so some parts might be out of sync. Gear used: Toneport UX1 and Ibanez RG5EX1 guitar.
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Powersliding on Powerslides
Short practicing video of my first powersliding on Powerslides Imperial Supercruiser pro 110 triskates. Filmed on a hospital parking lot on a Sunday morning, on the smoothest surface I was able to find.
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Metallica - The Day That Never Comes cover
This is myself covering number one single The Day That Never Comes from latest Metallica release Death Magnetic. Trying my second version of the song, after getting new guitar, POD XT Live, and audio interface. There are plenty of mistakes, anyway this is just for fun. No Solos.
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Uruguayo en Winter park
Paisajes del resort Winter Park en Colorado
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Metallica - Suicide & Redemption - Collaboration cover
Guitar duo video with mpalin11. This is our first collaborative video, where I play the rythm and first solo, while mpalin11 plays rythm and the second solo. This is an excelent example of what you can accomplish with the actual technological advance and internet collaboration, since we the participants are located on very distant places of the globe. Thanks to mpalin11 for making real this idea.
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Rollerblading en el barrio
Rollerblading en el barrio
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Metallica - All Nightmare Long - Cover by Mogul
This is my cover of All Nightmare Long, one of the fastest and amazing songs off Death Magnetic, latest Metallica's release. It was played on drop D tuning, as the original one, and I tried the wah on a couple of riffs. No solos. The video and audio tracks were recorded at the different times, so there might be some parts out of synch. Performed with my Ibanez RG5EX1, POD XT Live, M-audio Fast Track USB audio interface.
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Metallica - Nothing Else Matters guitar cover
Black album was where everything started for me with Metallica, this is my tribute covering Nothing Else Matters. I just changed my equipment, sold the POD XT Live and the M-audio interface, now I use a Toneport UX1 which works awesome. And as always, I play with the Ibanez RG5EX1. Dedicated to my baby girl which falls asleep when I play this ballad.
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Metallica - The End of the Line - Cover by Mogul
This is my cover of Metallica's The End of the Line, second track of their latest release Death Magnetic. No solos. Performed with my Ibanez RG5EX1, POD XT Live, M-audio Fast Track USB audio interface.
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Metallica - Cyanide cover
I am posting Cyanide, my second cover from last Metallica release Death Magnetic. Still some mistakes, but I think is pretty decent anyway, and again this is just for fun. No Solos.
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Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction guitar cover
My first Megadeth's cover, could not be other than Symphony of destruction, yes I know very orginal on the election of the song. This song is pretty easy to play on the rythm parts, but freaking fast on the solo. Probably that is why it turned out kind of sloppy on the solo part, or maybe I should admit it is out of my league :( Gear: Ibanez RG5EX1, POD XT Live, and M-Audio Fast Track USB audio interface.
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The Day That Never Comes Cover
This is myself covering number one single The Day That Never Comes from last Metallica release Death Magnetic. Really happy to play the best thrash metal band in the world and very happy to see them soon in St Louis.
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Inline Skating with triskates on a local Trail
Inline skating at a neighborhood trail with my Powerslide Imperia Supercruiserl Pro 110 triskates, and taped with an SJCAM SJ400. This was a demo to show my daughter how to create a vid with Moviemaker, add a sample mp3 found on my notebook and convert the video to mp4, all in less than an hour.
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Metallica - Suicide And Redemption - Cover by Mogul
My cover of the instrumental song from Death Magnetic , latest Metallica's album. Amazing metal song for listening, and pretty fun for playing. I hope you enjoy listening it, as much as I did playing it. This time I include the first slow solo, no fast solo. Performed with my Ibanez RG5EX1, POD XT Live, M-audio Fast Track USB audio interface.
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Soda Stereo - Juegos de Seduccion - Cover guitarra
Cover de la mitica banda argentina Soda Stereo. Impresionante tema del album Me Veras Volver, y tema de apertura de la ultima gira, la cual pude ver en Miami, USA. Grabado con software Sony Vegas y en base al tema del album (no es igual a la version de la gira) el cual deje de fondo. Mi primer cover de una banda latina, por fin!!!
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Metallica  - One - Cover by Mogul
Cover of Metallica's One off the ... And justice for all album. One of my first favourite songs from Metallica. I had a hard time trying to download a decent tone for the clean part, the one I am using is not very similar to the real one but it does the job. On the other side, this is my first experiment merging different guitar parts, which I did at 6:20. Played with my Ibanez RG5EX1, POD XT Live, and M-Audio Fast Track USB audio interface.
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