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Vicious Fall Bite - S-Waver 168
A few more bites than expected.
Considerable Craw Colors to Contemplate
There are many different species of CrawFish. What do your local MudBugs look like throughout the seasons and what best imitates each phase of their life? Remember fish see colors differently than we do so don't be afraid to try colors that might not make sense. Black & blue and purple are two examples. What other colors can be added to this list?
"You've Been Duplicated" - Swimbait Modifications
"Re-animate dead plastic and piece together a SwimBait monster" Making a quick mold of a new Huddleston 10" tail. Poured with recycled Senko's and attached on an 8" bait to make a Hudd 810? The vortex of a 10" for bigger bites that you can still throw on your 8" SB Rod. The Huddgill 8 is another experiment that looks good in the water and got bit twice the first time out. Brand new baits and tails made from clean plastic are next for a batch of new, one of a kind, (for now) Hudds. Hit me up if you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas regarding the duplication process. Music by Chrome from "Half Machine Lip Moves"
The Fat Ika Alternative
The Yamamoto Fat Ika is a versatile little soft plastic bait that offers a different look and action to your Senko fishing. Good squid! Dobyns FR703SF Daiwa Procyon 2500 Power Pro 20# P-Line Floroclear 10# Gama EWG 4/0 SL Ika Dark Pumpkin/Black Flake Fugazi - Waiting Room - I associate with "The Legend of Christian Hosoi" documentary. His Style and Go Big attitude still inspires me today.
Boca Bearings Demo
Boca Bearings Ceramic Lightning ABEC 5 in Curado 200i Demo. Slight difference between ABEC 5 & 7 (almost non-dicernable) Big difference over stock SS bearings (both) I have both types in Curado reels and can't tell the difference without looking. I love ceramic bearings!
Go To Taco Truck
Dirty Jigs - Go To Sweet Beaver - Taco Truck Dobyns DX784C (ML Jig Rod) Curado 70XG Power Pro 40# Big Game 20# This was for another channel "Bass Fishing with the Anti-Christ" I never got around to working on.
Triple Shad Underspin
UnderSpin's have the tendency to lean with the spin of the blade. Ride strait up with 3 homey's backin' your play and run with the elite. Strait up. You feel me? The Elite Bait Co. Triple Shad Underspin (1/2 oz. ) Keitech Swing Impact Phat 4.3 (Tenn.Shad) Pro Cure (Threadfin Shad) Turf - Almaslayin res.
Dirty Jig Combos
Dirty Jig Combos Dobyns Rods DX 784C = Shimano Curado 70XG (8.2:1) 1) 3/8 Pepper Custom Baits - Pro Football - Delta Magic Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20 Taco Truck. 2) 1/2 Dirty Jigs - Tour Level Finesse Football - Pond Bug. Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20 Oxblood. 3) 1/2 Dirty Jigs - Tour Level Finesse Football - Black n Blue Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20 Hillbilly 4) 3/4 Dirty Jigs - Tour Level No-Jack Punchin' - Okeechobee Craw Yamamoto Cowboy, Black Blue Flake 5) *1/2 Dirty Jigs - Tour Level Finesse Football - Magic Craw Red Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20 Oxblood *Featured in video
Flashy Swimmer/Keitech "Live Performance" From Piazza Lake Park
Incredible performance by Flashy Swimmer/Keitech live from Piazza Lake Park. This supergroup could very well go down in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame as one of the all time greats! Members include, Flashy Swimmer 5/0 @ 1/4 oz. Keitech Swing Impact Fat 4.8" Flash Minnow. You don't want to miss this pairing live, at a lake near you. Tickets on sale now! (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
Dual Hardcore Ninja Twitch'n Glider
Sometimes you need to call a professional. A professional assasin. This Ninja was willing to do a meet n greet skills demo and had a wonderful resume, with good references. He went to work right away and finished the job ahead of schedule. Discreet, clean and zero small talk. (You just can't find that on Craigslist) Anyways, The Dual Hardcore "Ninja" Twitch'n Glider is a Swimbait that seems to be of the same nature. (I wonder if they're related?) (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
Big Crankin' KVD 8.0 Magnum
Sorry about the dirty landing but it was pinned in the lower jaw and those are some big hooks. I've obtained a Rapala fish gripper for a "live clip." This hopefully will enable me to put a fish immediately back into the water to recoup, on a length of paracord till i'm ready with a scale or camera. We'll have to see how well it works.
Double Juke Rig
Fluke Jr. & ProCure X 2
Double your Fluke's, double your fun!
The "Double Fluke Rig" adds a "built in" schooling action, when baitfish are prevalent. It aids the "Baitcaster" in throwing small items like Grub's, Senko's, 2.5 Spro's, even Rapala's. Find the day's color preference. In any case, you just might hook a double.
Drop Shot Necessities
Dobyns FR703SF Daiwa Procyon 2500 20 lb Braid 8 lb Mono Gamagatsu 6 DS Hook Round 1/8 oz. DS Weight Tiny Brush Hog (watermelon/red) Pro Cure (shad)
Outcast - PMV
The years not over yet. Get out there and make it happen! (And dress warm)
Try the "Twitch Bar Technique"
You can advance your reel by spinning the drag star with your left middle finger. (RT hand retrieve) It becomes second nature and is a handy trick beyond fishing a rip/jerk bait on a shallow flat.
S-Waver 168
First 2017 S-Waver 168 Fish 6.34 lbs. (on my light scale) (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
One Cast Concept featuring Boca Bearings
Low water levels and winter weather made access to the immediate shoreline a "quick-mud" trap. But a slight breeze, across a lone rock outcropping, provided a reason to plod down the steep bank. The muddy shore added another 15' to the cast but if I could get it out far enough, it would give me the best chance at bringing it by a fish. All I wanted was one good cast.
HuddleBug 411
Another way to rig a dad
Viagra Drop Shot Knot
A different drop shot knot that stands out and demands attention. It might be useful to someone. I just thought I'd pass it on. Warning- if no action lasts more than 4 hours, see your tackle provider for help right away. If it is not treated immediately this can permanently damage your fishing confidence.
Swimmin' a jig
I had just caught a nice 5+ lb bass, so I set up my IPad and bagged another fish on the next cast. I was using a Dirty Jigs, Cal. Swim jig in Alabama Bream with a light green Robo EZ trailer. This combo has proven to be an excellent reaction bait this summer. I'll get a big fish on tape sooner or later.
The Hicks Road Singer in the Woods named "Deaf Naked"
Caught on tape. Please donate to the trapping and relocation project.
Drone-Cloud Automated Airship Surveillance Technology
The clouds have been unreal in the past couple of years, literally. Sometimes they are so low and dense that getting on one and going for a ride seems plausible. New technology's are not always marketable or disclosed to the public. And when our government is doing whatever they want in "your own best interest's", it's "their" own, not you and I. So you heard it here first. Consider yourself "warned." (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
Ca. Finesse - Shakey Head - Flick-Shake - WHACK!
(New Edit) Finesse Fishing a Jackall Flick-Shake Worm on a Shakey Jig Head. NorCal. Clear Deep Water Reservoir. (Bonus tip in comments) Took few cast's this evening to enjoy the cooling sunset temperature. When Swimbaits and Power Techniques failed to deliver any action, I resort to finesse tactics to scare up a hard fighting slab and complete a pleasant summer evening mini-mission. A beautiful Northern with perfect fins. Fish on! Dobyns 805 CBRM (The shore anglers WMD) Curado 200i (Boca Bearings Ceramic Metal Shield ABEC 7) Power Pro 40# Braid Trilene Big Game 20# 7' Leader 1/4oz. Generic Shakey Jig Head Jackall 11.5"? Flick-Shake (black)
Red Ear Slider  Laying Eggs
I came across this former pet turtle layin' eggs in some warm sand. I went back to fishing and the turtle swam by me seemingly proud of what it just did. (Or it drank that beer) Almaden Lake Park Island Beach. Releasing pets is supposed to be bad for the native species. I'd say humans are what's bad for the native species. (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
The rat and the bass
Urban Bass Squad. Fishing a "milk run" through various spots in the "Crime Lab" sector of Almaden. I recruited a Koppers field rat to swim in the community pool. I assured the scared rat that he'd have the water all to himself. Reluctantly he agreed. Three strokes in and wham! (He didn't find it as funny as I) A earlier run in with a skunk proved to be an exciting morn.
Chemtrail Skies
If it was good they'd want all the credit. (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
Testing tackle at lake X.2
Everyone should have a private lake or two just for testing tackle. Swimming is overrated. You should see our house over looking lake #1. Its not too shabby.
Go To Taco Truck - They Will Come
Dirty Jigs Flippin' (Go To) Reaction Innovations Sweat Beaver (Taco Truck) Big Girls cannot resist Taco's. (It was proven by Taco Bell) Go To Taco Truck and they will come out of the woodwork. This beautifully robust Girl was obviously on a pre-spawn taco binge when she gobbled up my offering. She was pushing ten but a quick release would help her possibly make it to her teens plus she still needed to spawn and pass and down those genes. So I'll weigh her the next time.
Fishing Karma
Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). After seeing what fishing line does to wildlife, I will always pick up any spent line I come across and dispose of it properly. Wrap it around your hand with your fingers spread apart. Pull it off your hand and cut it with your EDC knife. This should leave you with a fist full of 8" pieces of line to throw in the garbage can. Yes, it ends up in my van, clothes pockets, washer & dryer, everywhere. But at least I know it won't end up wrapped around wildlife appendages. It's the least I can do for the places that have given me so many great memories. (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
Still In Pursuit Of Giant Bass 04/04/17
We expect fishing to blow up this year, so we've been hitting it hard and seeking new water, before it explodes. (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
Public Service Announcement
Mercury Poisoning effects us all. Please practice catch & release. Please, I beg you. (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
Bushido Bassin' 2
Bushido Bassin' is a code of conduct and a way of life that gives great importance to certain virtues like Mastery of the Art, Proper Handling & Documentation Practices, Respect for Life, Care for the Environment, Etiquette, Frugality, Loyalty & Honour, until voluntary death. Go Pro Hero 4 silver (Effect- Video into still photos, still photos back into video)
Finesse - The Last Resort
Sometimes it takes a little finesse.
Sometimes "Ruck" is not on your side. Sometimes we "Ruck" ourselves. The thin wire stand up jig head used caused me to ease up on the hook set & drag. (Type 2) Note- Hook penetration is a pre-requisite to hook straitening. Suspect Tackle requires a Suspect User.
SwimBait Bass in Chocolate Lake
Nice chunky guy on a Keitech 5.8 SB jig head. The back creek cleared enough brown water for lane to cast. This place produced fish for a week when everything else was blown.
Crow Commander
Bring me the ruby slippers!
Happy Trails
I feel funny....What are they spraying???
Another version of the Replay app. It cuts automatically so you sort of see what you got after. Some things line up well and some don't. Hoping to get lots of good footage this year and a double or two finally. I can get more into the editing stuff and choose real music. Possibly the best fishing video ending, to be continued.
The thing's we do for Hudd's
Hey, it was cold! I'm too poor to just let it go. I've done this many times, even at night. Dare to be stupid!
Power through the dog days
7/17 The Swimbait bite fell off as the heat went up. Grinding away with SKT Mag MR, Swim jigs, Square Bills, 6XD's, and Lipless Cranks has been getting them to go, though not spectacular. Recent 6.5, 5.8, and some 3's keep me going. With all the water drying up, I'm fishing hard till the last drop.
Lure Retriever made from lake litter
This practice transpired from fishing a lot Rip Rap and the abundance of fishing litter carelessly tossed about. With a little practice, this has a good retrieval percentage. The key is knowing not to force a snag deep when it happens. You're trying to pull your line in the opposite direction enough to free the snag. Surprisingly it doesn't seem to bother the fish too much and It's back to business as usual once things quiet down.
Persistent Jet Contrails My Ass - Geo-Engineering
"Change in the Weather." Something fishy is going on in the sky and if it was good, the Government would be taking the credit. Whatever they're not doing, can completely overcast the sky in hours. It sure makes for some interesting skies. Ten years ago, you didn't see this anomaly happening. Question authority. Investigate. Be aware of what's happening around you. Is it incomprehensible for the US government to do harm for financial gain? It's what they do. For more info - https://youtu.be/DTxvWLrUeE8
So close, yet so far. 9.3 lbs. 11/07/14 11am
Thought maybe a double d. Maybe next time. Beautiful fish! 6" Smith Bait (blue ghost) Swimbait. Wind blown, main lake, point/ledge. (SB LG @ Y) Start of peak activity moon phase 11/07/14 11ish am. Dobyns 805 CB RM, Curado 200i, 40# PP, Mustad KVD #1 speed clip, 6" Smith Bait (blue ghost) Note: Clip/Stringer idea (Mike Long) keeps fish in the water breathing while you ready scale and camera when fishing alone. (Need a bigger clip)
Smallmouth Bass in Almaden
I was surprised to catch a Smallmouth in the former Piazza Rock Quarry . But considering the fact that I've personally caught Florida, Northern, Spotted, and Rock Bass as well as Steelhead, Rainbow Trout, Perch, Smelt, and seeing Salmon, funky carp, Goliath Goldfish, and a few fish I couldn't identify. the only surprise is in how long it took to do so. The variety has shown what a special lake this is. I've seen a giant LM bass 3 times but can't seem to get a hook into it. Now, I've caught 3 Smallmouth to date and others have shown me pix as well. All have been around 2 - 2 1/2 lbs. Is there a population or just one? I hope to bag a bigger one soon. Who else has seen the monster bass? (Looks 20-30 lbs) Anyone hooked it? Are my eyes deceiving me? Comment.
Outcast's Night Life
Trying out a free app with old vids and pics. I could get into this. I do most of my fishing at night, all year-round. It's just better in so many ways. Tried to go with the night theme for this video using black n white. Neat effect.
Mutilated Lips #3 80's version
The 80's were awesome! totally awesome! I'd go back in a second...with a few Hudds, S-Waver 200's and a BBZ1 Floater. Imagine the looks (and hits) you'd get throwing those back then.
Mutilated Lips #2
Yeah, I need some new footage. This year hasn't been the greatest for big-uns but it ain't over yet.
Outcast Outdoors 17'
Still in pursuit of giant bass.....