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Exploring with Nora-Episode 1
Hey guys! This is going to be my version of vlogging for this channel and I’m going to call it: Exploring with Nora. Today we are exploring Clyde Warren park a local park that is over a highway! Hope you enjoy. Keep on Explorers
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Exploring with Nora-Episode 2
Hey guys! I’m s Exploring with Nora and today we are exploring Sweat, I’ll explain in the video. I hope you guys enjoy. Keep on Explorers!
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Hey Guys!
Hey I’m Nora and welcome to my channel. I hope you enjoy this little thing I put together here. I know it’s not perfect and I could have changed some things but I’ll get better I promise! Ok enjoy. Keep on Explorers!
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How The Salem Witch Trials Started and Ended
Hello explorers! Very long time no see! I'll explain why I haven't posted in a while in another video but for now just enjoy this one! This is a project that I did for school and I thought I would share it with you!! Give me your thoughts in the comments. Keep On Explorers!
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Cleaning Up My Life: Episode 1
Hey explorers! Lets fined out how stereotypical I am. I'm hoping to turn this into a series, let's see how that turns out. Hope you enjoy! Keep On Explorers!
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Public Girl in a Private World Intro!!
Hello peoples! Nora here after being gone for forever. This is a new segment that I'm calling: Public Girl in a Private World. I recently moved to a private school after going to public school my whole life so I thought I'd document it. *No promises on a regular upload schedule*
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